Is Visalus a Pyramid Scheme? What You Should Know

If you are looking to capitalize on the Visalus business opportunity there are definitely some things that you should know about first… things that the company nor other distributors are going to tell you. Things that I am going to tell you.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding Visalus, mainly because of its recruitment style business. I have been getting questions on whether or not it is a scam and even some people asking is Visalus a pyramid scheme. I finally got around to reviewing this business opportunity and in this short review I’ll be going over what you need to know.

VisalusVisalus Business Opportunity Review

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  • Recommended?: Not really, more on this

Visalus is a company that sells nutrition kits. They are most well known for their weight loss kits but also sell kits for fitness and more. These kits are just a bunch of meal replacements, shakes, bars, and other healthy nutritional items.

This company offers under a direct sales business model. What this means is that anyone can sign up to become a distributor and go around selling Visalus kits to people and make money. Visalus also has what you call a mlm business model. And this means that distributors can go around and recruit other distributors into the business and make money off of them. This is the “pyramid scheme” part of it all.

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How Visalus Could Be a Pyramid Scheme

Product based pyramid schemes are focused more on recruitment than they are selling products to the general public. They use their product line as more of a cover up to help cloak their true purpose, which is to recruit as many people in as possible and make money off of them.

To determine if Visalus is a pyramid scheme you have to take a look at the compensation plan that they have in place and that is what I will be going over next.

Compensation Plan

The comp plan for ViSalus is pretty insane. There are all sorts of bonuses and ways to make money. Its confusing so I’m only going to go over the important parts of it all.

The first thing that you must know is that there are different ranks that members can achieve. These ranks are very important for making money. The higher ranked you are, the more money you will make. Moving up these ranks is all about increasing your group qualifying volume of sales (GQV). And pretty much what this means is that its all about recruiting other people into the business.

The ranks and what it takes to get to these ranks are as follows…

  • Active Promoter
    • 125 PQV
  • Director
    • 2,000 GQV
    • 3 active lines
  • Area Director
    • 6,000 GQV
    • 3 active lines
  • Regional Director
    • 12,500 GQV
    • 3 active lines
  • National Director
    • 25,000 GQV
    • 3 active lines
  • Executive Director
    • 50,000 GQV
    • 3 active lines
  • Presidential Director
    • 100,000 GQV
    • 3 active lines
  • Ambassador
    • 150,000 GQV
    • 3 active lines
  • 1 – Star Ambassador
  • 2 – Star Ambassador
  • 3 – Star Ambassador
  • Diamond Ambassador
  • Royal Ambassador
  • Crown Ambassador
  • Global Ambassador

As you can see above, none of the ranks require you to have more than 3 active lines, meaning for you to recruit more than 3 people. So they don’t really force you to recruit people to move up the ranks.

But the problem here is that NO ONE is going to be able to move up the ranks without doing so. You have to increase your GQV for every rank and the easiest way to do so is to go out and recruit like crazy and let them do the hard work.

So although you aren’t force to recruit to move up, that is what is going to happen anyway because they are indirectly “forcing” you to do so in order to achieve very high GQV’s.

Commission Structure

The commission structure is uni-level and you can earn commissions up to 8 levels deep. There can be unlimited number of recruits on each level. The diagram to the right shows only 2 levels.

You will earn 5% commissions on every level that you have “unlocked”.

The amount of levels of your downline that you will earn from directly relates to your rank as follows…

  • Active Promoter – 2 levels
  • Director – 4 levels
  • Area Director – 4 levels
  • Regional Director – 6 levels
  • National Director – 7 levels
  • Executive Director – 7 levels
  • Presidential Director – 8 levels
  • Ambassador – 8 levels
  • 8 levels for every other rank going forward

So Is This a Pyramid Scheme?

In addition to the compensation plan discussed above, which really does make this seem like a pyramid scheme, there is yet another aspect of the business that makes this whole thing lean toward the illegal pyramid scheme side of things. And this thing that I am talking about is a requirement where in order to stay an active distributor you have to subscribe to a monthly autoship of orders. This autoship ranges in price from $49 and $299.

So is it a pyramid scheme?

With all the bad things that I went over that really make this seem like a pyramid scheme it is still not a full-blown pyramid scheme. ViSalus does have legitimate products that they do make money off of. Their entire compensation plan is focused on GQV, which comes from the volume of products sold.

So its all about selling products. Which obviously makes it not a “full blown” pyramid scheme. However, many of the products sold come from distributors being forced to subscribe to the monthly autoship. So many of the products sold are not being sold to the general public. This is a problem.

Answering whether or not its a pyramid scheme is a tricky questions to answer. I would consider it a very shady mlm, but still wouldn’t call it a pyramid scheme.

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

Although I do not consider Visalus to be a full-blown pyramid scheme, it is still not a business opportunity that I would recommend. The bottom line here is that recruitment is where the money is at. The entire compensation plan is all about getting your group sales volume up and the way to do that is to recruit like crazy.

With a mlm like this only the top 1-3% or so will actually make good money. These are the people that recruited tons of people beneath them and have massive downlines in which they are earning commissions from. That is how it works. Those at the top reap the rewards while those at the bottom slave away for low earnings.

I couldn’t find an official income disclosure from Visalus but I have reviewed enough mlm’s to know this.

Most people just aren’t going to make it. It seems that the only people that do really good in mlm’s are those that have that natural salesperson type of personality and can sell anyone on anything.

This is a quality that most people just don’t have and the statistics prove it. Personally, I don’t have anything even close to the personality it takes to make it here.  I just wouldn’t be any good at recruiting. If you are like me then I would recommend you take a peek at how I make money online.

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