Is VIP Voice a Scam? Here is the truth

vip-voice-reviewOk, I’m going to keep it real with this VIP Voice review. Is VIP Voice a scam? Well it definitely sucks and that is what I’m going to tell you about my experience here.

But first, if you don’t already know, VIP Voice is a little different from most other paid survey sites.

How VIP Voice is different

You can’t just go and redeem your points for cash and then cash out at VIP Voice. Everything that is redeemable is a contest.

The 2 main ways to get rewards is by entering in sweepstakes and by bidding on

Its ridiculous because it seems like there is a VERY VERY small amount of people winning. I’m pretty sure that VIP Voice is saving a lot of money by only allowing people to win via contests.

Anyway, you can already see that VIP Voice is somewhat of a rip off and probably not worth your time. But I also want to share with you my bad experience that will keep me from ever coming back.

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My Bad Experience With VIP Voice

To start, it takes too long in my opinion for me to earn the points to be able to enter to win a prize.

Getting disqualified from surveys, earning low points, frustration, etc. Its a common theme among survey sites and VIP is no exception.

But after a long time of earning up points, entering to win, bidding, and losing, it finally happened. I won!

I won a $25 gift card!

I was pretty excited because I $25 isn’t too bad. It was to a restaurant, which I was also excited about. But the excitement was short-lived.

Its wasn’t a normal giftcard, which is basically free money. It was one of those dumb ones where you have to pay a certain amount before you actually can used the money one the gift card.

In my case I had to to spend at least $50 to be able to get the $25 out of the gift card. So this was disappointing. In no place on VIP Voice did I read any of this information.

Its still $25 off, so I used the gift card, but it was just disappointing.

Other people experienced the same thing as me

So I decided to look online for complains about VIP Voice and what did I find?? I literally came across a complaint from someone who had the same exact experience as me.

Its one of the first reviews on Survey Police right now and they too had a gift card where they had to spend $50 in order to use the $25 gift

My guess is that this person “Stephen” that, commented at Survey police, received the same $25 gift card that I did.

Pros vs Cons of VIP Voice


  • Free
  • The contests add a casino type atmosphere (fun)
  • Can win all sorts of prizes from gift cards, to iPods, to vacations, to furniture and more


  • You can’t just cash out your points
  • Many of your points will be wasted from losing bids and sweep entries
  • You will waste time on surveys which you will find you are not qualified for
  • Takes too long for the points to add up

My Final Thoughts on VIP Voice, Is it a scam?

In a sense I think that you could say that VIP Voice is a scam. Because the whole sweepstakes/bidding thing isn’t really fair.

There is no doubt that VIP Voice is saving a lot of money by only allowing its members to enter in these contests. This way, they get to control how many people win and how much money they have to give away very easity.

Due to the fact that you can’t just go redeem your points for cash and cash out, I would NOT recommend this survey site (and thats not even considering my bad experience). I actually don’t really recommend any survey sites out there. I just think that your time could be better spend elsewhere online. The money made from paid survey sites is ridiculous.

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