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Is Vector Marketing a Scam? A Possible Pyramid Scheme?

By Kyle / June 1, 2017

The work from home business opportunity that Vector Marketing offers may sound amazing, but is it really all that? Or is Vector Marketing a scam company that is going to be a waste of your time? This is the question everyone needs to have answered before they get involved and this is exactly what I will be answering.

There are a lot of scam stories out there and I have been getting a steady number of questions about this company recently so I decided to finally take a dive into it to see what they are all about and if its a legit opportunity that I would recommend.

Disclosure: I am in no way affiliated with Vector Marketing. This is a 3rd party review and because of this it is as unbiased as it gets.

Vector-MarketingVector Marketing Business Opportunity Review

  • Company: Vector Marketing
  • Website: vectormarketing.com
  • Recommended?: For some, more on this


Vector Marketing is the sales arm of the Cutco knife brand. They use a direct sales business model where just about anyone can join in on the opportunity and go around selling knives directly to customers, whether it be virtually or physically.

When you think of Vector Marketing you probably think of college students going around with a demo kit of knives trying to get people to order them. This is usually how it is because doing this job is flexible and you can work it around other priorities, which is what students need.

The compensation plan that VM has in place is probably different than what you have been hearing. When I was Googling information on this company I found that a lot of people are calling this company a MLM and a pyramid scheme. There is a lot I need to clear up in this area and I will go over this shortly.

The Pay

They usually promote this job opportunity as paying between $15 – $18/hr, but this is somewhat misleading. You won’t necessarily make that much per hour and I’ll go over why.

The amount of money you will receive is based off of 2 things: your base pay and commissions.

Your base pay is the $15/hr or $18/hr, or whatever they told you. The thing is though… you won’t get your base pay unless you are meeting with potential clients and doing presentations. You won’t get paid at all for the time you spend trying to find potential clients.

The commission side of this all is that if you earn more commissions per hour than your base pay, you will only get those commissions and not the base pay. These commissions will start out at 10% but as you increase sales you can make up to 25%.

So when you actually have presentations and demos scheduled you will earn a minimum of your base pay/hr. If your commissions exceed that base pay you will earn more than that. If you don’t have any presentations or demos scheduled you won’t earn anything.

The MLM Compensation Structure

Ok, so there are a lot of people talking about Vector Marketing being a mlm (multi-level marketing) business, which basically means that you could go out and recruit other members into the business and make money off of their efforts.

Because of this there are have been people asking is Vector Marketing a pyramid scheme?

The reality is that they are not anything even close to a mlm or a pyramid scheme. I have no idea how all this misinformation got started but there is nothing to back it up.

There are no levels in this compensation structure. You earn commissions off of what you sell, not from anyone else’s sales. This business model literally has nothing to do with mlm.

Pros V Cons

  • Flexible schedule
  • Could potentially earn a lot
  • You are the boss
  • The knifes are great!

  • Could potentially earn nothing
  • Have to purchase a demo knife set
  • Have to cover costs of driving around, etc

The Scam Part of VM

Vector Marketing is a fairly reputable company and the Cutco knives are great. You won’t find many complaints about the quality of the product.

The scam part of it all is how they mislead potential representatives. They specifically target college students and really mislead them by telling them how much they will make.

They tell you $15-$18/hr but really what they should be saying is $15-$18/hr THAT YOU HAVE AN APPOINTMENT. Because remember, if you don’t have an appointment to present/demo the knives to potential customers then you aren’t getting paid!

This misleading information has been a problem for years and has even been the cause of lawsuits filed against VM.

The Reality of It All

The truth is that there are people that work for Vector Marketing selling knives that make some seriously good money. The truth also is that there are people that make darn near nothing and end up quitting because its just not a good job for them.

This job opportunity is straight up sales. If you don’t have the salesperson type of personality then this might not be the job for you. You are going to have to demo knives and give people a reason to purchase these knives over ones they could buy for a lot less at Walmart.

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

Ok, so VM is kind of a scam in the way that they misrepresent the job opportunities pay, but its not entirely a scam.

I would only recommend this opportunity to those who think they have what it takes. If you are unsure if you will make a good salesperson then you probably won’t. But if you do then go for it. One of my friends that worked for VM did pretty well for himself,.. and again, he had that salesy personality.

Personally, I don’t have anything close to the type of personality needed for this job. I’m decent when it comes to talking online like this, but if I had to make a pitch to buy knives with someone face to face that would never work out.

If you are like me then what I would suggest to you is to take a peek at how I make money online. Why? Well because what I do is flexible, even more so than working for VM, and you can make good money.

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Comments, questions, concerns??? Leave them in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you ?

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