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Is Ultimate Online Success Plan a Scam? It Sure Is & I’ll Prove It

By Kyle / February 9, 2017

If you are looking to make money online you might have come across Ultimate Online Success Plan. But is this place legit? Is Ultimate Online Success Plan a scam? To make a long story short, YES it is a scam. And in this review I will be proving it to you.

ultimate online success plan reviewUltimate Online Success Plan Review

  • Website: ultimateonlinesuccessplan.com
  • Creator: Jordan Daniels
  • Price: $97
  • Rating: Revealed at the end

When I first came across Ultimate Online Success Plan, I knew something looked familiar. And what I found out was that I had seen this scam before. It turns out that this scam used to go by the name My AE Success. Other than the name, everything is virtually the same.

Jordan tells you that your millionaire website has been created and it is all set up and ready to generate truck loads of cash into your bank account around the clock.

He also tells you that you are guaranteed a minimum of $500 just for registering for this program.

But if I were you I would read this review before making a decision, because signing up for this program is a mistake. They don’t tell you what you are really buying into here, but I will.

Lies, Lies, Lies

You really cannot trust this place. They just tell you too many lies and lose all credibility.

The reason that they changed their name from My AE Success to Ultimate Online Success Plan in the first place was probably because there were too many people that caught on to the scam and it got a bad reputation. Now that it has a new name they can carry on with this very misleading business.

You Get Lee Milteer’s Product??!!

Lee Milteer is no joke. She holds retreats, speeches, has been on TV and more. She makes a lot of money and the services and products she provides cost a lot of money.

My AE Success Lee MilteerIn the sales video he shows this product by Lee Milteer that he claims to be giving you for FREE, called Successful Life Strategies.

This really would be an incredible value, and getting a product like this by Lee Milteer alone would be worth the $97 of this Ultimate Online Success Plan.

The problem here is that this product does not exist. They made it up to try to sucker you into this scam.

Its not difficult to prove this one. All you have to do is go to Lee Milteer’s official website, milteer.com, and you can see her full list of products, with Successful Life Strategies nowhere to be found.

The Testimonials Are Fake

When you are on the checkout page you will see a bunch of testimonials on the right side of the page. They are all My AE Success Fake Testimonialspeople claiming that My AE Success changed their life and its so easy to make tons of money and what not.

The problem is that these are all fake and nothing more than a bunch of lies.

From the screenshot on the right that I took you can see a testimonial from “Beau R” from Arkansas.

How do I know this is fake??


google-search-google-chrome-2016-10-22-09-35-45Well what I did to find out is a reverse image search on Google of their picture and what I found was pretty strange.

Take a look at all of the results for this image on Google. There are about 12 or so different MySpace pages with this image and they are all under different names, none of them being Beau R.

I don’t know where this image comes from but there is no doubt in my mind that it is fake.

And this means that all of the testimonials are likely fake.






Look At The Earnings Disclaimer!

My AE Success Earnings Disclaimer

Are they joking? “No income claims are made, implied or guaranteed”.

This is ridiculous to say when the entire sales video was talking about all of the money you will be making with this system. At the very least there are definitely income claims implied here.

This is exactly how scammers can legally get away with things like this. They can tell you all the lies in the world in the sales video. As long as they have a disclaimer like this that basically says “hey I was lying”, they can get away with this.

Their Location Is Very Suspicious

If you look on the “terms of service” page, you will see that they list their address. 

If you Google this address you will find that it is the same address as another scam called Countdown To Profits.

I have actually already reviewed this scam and it is without a doubt a scam. They also promise you $500 just for trying out the system and it is similar in other ways as well.

Anyways, just thought that was interesting.

What This Program Really Is

The truth is that this program is just a way to funnel people into another program called MOBE or My Own Business Education.

MOBE is a very shady program that I have already written reviews on. If you google MOBE complaints you will see a very long list.

This place sells extremely high priced training, some of which is priced over $10,000.

There have been loads of people to lose money with MOBE and it is due to their very misleading sales tactics where they sucker people into thinking they are going to be making tons of money if they buy into it. But the truth is that the average person isn’t going to succeed and they know that darn well.

Ultimate Online Success Plan Rating


Overall, this whole thing is horrible. Jordan tells you lie after lie without even giving you any information on the actual product. If you buy into this program for $97, you won’t even know that it is the MOBE program that you just bought into until after the fact.

Lots of misleading information here and this definitely isn’t going to make you rich. You will more likely lose money.

What do you think about Ultimate Online Success Plan? Do you have anything to add to this review? Comments, questions, concerns? Leave them below…

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