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Is Tutor.com a Scam? – My Review

By Kyle / July 21, 2017

There are a fair amount of mixed reviews out there as to whether or not Tutor.com is a scam or not. Its hard to know from reading the reviews what to believe. Should you believe the former tutor that claims the pay stinks and doesn’t recommend this place to anyone? Or should you believe the current tutor that praises the company left and right?

In this review I put together I hope to clear some of this confusion up. I’ll be going over how it all works, the pay, requirements, some complaints, and ultimately whether or not I think its a good place to make money tutoring online.

tutor.comTutor.com Review

  • Website: tutor.com
  • Type: Online tutoring platform
  • Legit?: Yes


Tutor.com is an online tutoring platform where students can sign up to get help with different subjects around the clock.

This place also offers a job opportunity where educated individuals can apply to become tutors. Some of the benefits include: a flexible schedule, ability to work from home, and the satisfaction of helping others learn and better their lives.

Tutor.com is one of the more professional tutoring sites out there. This means that they are more strict when it comes to the requirements for the job and more picky with who they accept. If you don’t meet these requirements you might want to look into ESL online tutoring places like Cambly and TutorABC.

This place seems to be particularly popular for work among teachers, professors, and college students… but it is not limited to such.

How It Works

In order to become a tutor you must have a college degree or be in the process of getting one. The application process is pretty length and can take around a week.

In order to be qualified to tutor in specific subjects and difficulty levels you will have to pass qualification exams.

When you are a tutor you can choose when you want to work. You will set your schedule throughout the week for when you are available. Tutors here typically schedule part-time hours ranging from 5-25 per week. The amount of hours you can schedule will also depend on the demand that Tutor.com has at the time.

But just because you are available doesn’t necessarily mean you will be actively tutoring that whole time.

Students that need help tutoring can log onto the platform and get tutoring service at any time they want. What Tutor.com does is matches tutors with students looking for help. So whether or not your tutoring service is need is largely dependent on the demand at that specific time which can be somewhat of a guessing game.

When you are connected to a student you will be interacting with them through Tutor.com’s classroom. This includes a whiteboard, chat area, a web browser that you and the student can view simultaneously, and a bunch more tools. You will not be on webcam or anything like that in case you were wondering.

The time each tutoring sessions takes will vary greatly and is completely dependent on the situation. It could take a couple of minutes or it could take a half hour, this just depends.

After the session is over the student will be able to rate the session. These ratings are important so make sure to do a good job!

What A Tutoring Session Is Like

There is no “normal” session and every one is different in its own way. In each session you will interact 1 on 1 with a student that could be in 1st grade or they could be a college grad.

Because this service is an on-demand service most of the tutoring sessions you receive will be for help with a specific problem. There is no need to prepare any material because you will never know what exactly to expect.

Based on your expertise, could be going through a geometry equation, drawing and explaining shapes to a student on the other side, or you could be answering a simple history question that takes a quick 1 minute explanation.

As I mentioned above, you will not be on webcam. This gives you a little more privacy then some other online tutoring services which many people like.

The Pay

There is no solid number I can give you for the amount of money you will make because this depends on your skills and at what level you are tutoring on. But what I can say is that from all the tutor reviews I have read through it seems that most people are making from$10 – $12 per hour.

One good thing about the pay is that there is room for advancement. You will start out as a “probationary” tutor and be able to advance to Level 1 Tutor, Level 2, etc.

But still, overall the pay isn’t anything great by any means and you can definitely make more money being a private tutor, but working online like this has its benefits, which I’m sure is the reason you are here reading this.

It is also important to note that you only get paid for the time you are actively tutoring. You might be available for a 5 hour window but only be actively tutoring for 2 of those 5 hours. This unreliability and inconsistency is a reason that this job is best looked at as a side gig.

You will get paid a small wage for when you are scheduled to tutor but don’t have any work available, but its nothing great.


Low Pay

Low pay is one of the main complaints I came across from other tutors. You can’t expect to make much with this job. If you go in expecting a lot you will probably be disappointed.

Lack of Work

Many tutors find it very difficult to pick up many hours. This is largely dependent on the time you are available, the subjects that you tutor in, the competition from other tutors in that area, and more.

Some tutors find it easy to pick up 25 hours a week while others can’t get even close to that.

One thing is for sure though, you cannot expect to be able to do this full time.

Flexible Schedule Isn’t So Flexible

Although you are able to make your available hours pretty much whenever you want it doesn’t make much sense to do so. The peak tutoring times occur after school lets out and that is when there is the most opportunity. You could try to tutor from 2am to 4am but that just wouldn’t make much sense.

No Relationships

If you are looking into this more for the satisfaction of helping others rather than the money then this may be a little disappointing.

You won’t be able to build relationships with students and see how they progress. Its more like you answer a question and help a student out one time and then you might never see them again and even if you do you probably won’t remember.

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

Overall I like what I see here with Tutor.com. They keep it very professional and are in no way a scam. There are some legitimate complaints but its nothing that would make this a scam.

I would recommend this opportunity to anyone that would like to help out others as a way to make supplemental income.

If you are looking for a steady stream of income and for something more than just part-time then this just isn’t what you are looking for. But if you go in with the right expectations then there is a good chance you will like this job.

Anyway. That is it for my review. I hope I answered some of your questions and gave you a better idea of whether or not this is something you should pursue.

Feel free to ask me questions or leave comments below in the comment section. I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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