Is Trunited a Scam or a Good Way to Make Money Online? – [Honest Review]

TrunitedTrunited claims to be the next big thing. You can earn money back with them and you can make money getting other people to join. I have even seen ads for this place that claim you can make over $100k a year. But is all of this hype really true? Or is Trunited a scam possibly that is just going to be a waste of your time?

I know there is a lot of suspicion surrounding this program. With it sounding so amazing this is natural. In this review I’ll be giving the answers you need. I’ll be going over what you really need to know about this place beforehand.

Trunited Review

Trunited calls itself a “socialized commerce” platform. The reason they use this phrase is because what they are doing is distributing money back to consumers from purchases they make online.

If you have ever been involved with cashback sites then you already know how this all works. Trunited offers cash back if you purchase products at online stores through them. The reason they are able to do this is because they get paid commissions from these stores for referring buyers to them. So they get paid and then you get paid.

They claim to pay more than other cashback sites but I will go over whether this is true or not in a minute.

Also, what really seems to be attracting people to this place is their referral system where you can make money by referring other members to join. They are what you call a network marketing company and what this means is that you can refer other members in beneath you and make money off of what they earn. This is where the real money comes into play.

How You Make Money

Ok, so there are 2 basic ways you are going to be able to make money here at Trunited. You will be able to earn from your own purchases of products through the Trunited platform and you will be able to earn from what others do below you in your downline, which is the product of recruitment.

Earning Cashback

On the Trunited platform they host products that you can buy directly from them and they also refer members to big brand stores, both ways you can earn money back by shopping.

You can shop all of the big brands like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Staples, Vitamin Shop, etc. here. When you shop global brands like this you will simply click a “shop now” button that they provide you with on Trunited and you will be redirected to the actual online store.

For example: If you are on Trunited and want to earn cashback shopping at Walmart then you will find Walmart on their list of brands and click “shop now”. You will then be redirected to to complete your purchase.

If you shop their “direct to consumer” products then you will buy the products directly on the Trunited platform.

With each purchase you make you will earn what they call “Profit Points”. And just to give you an example, as you can see below they are offering 6% profit points at Petsmart, 4% at Walmart, and 5% at Target. Of course you are wondering how much a profit point is worth.. but I’ll get into this in a minute.

Earning Money From Referrals

This is also a multi-level marketing opportunity, or mlm. This means that you can refer others beneath you to become members and make money off of them.

The goal here is to become what they call a PaceSetter. This rank is achieved when you personally refer 3 members in beneath you, those 3 members each refer in 2 members, and all of those members refer in 1 member. This is the minimum number of referrals required to reach this PaceSetter rank and would mean you have a downline of 15 members.

The reason you want to reach this rank is because you will then be able to earn not only from your direct referrals but also from referral beneath them.

You also want those beneath you to become PaceSetters as well. This will allow you to earn much deeper in the downline.

How Much Money Can You Make?

The point system here (profit points) may get a little confusing. Actually it can get very confusing.

The amount a point is worth is not a set amount, it depends on the amount of money that Trunited makes for that month. You see, all of Trunited’s profits (after expenses of course) go into a pay pool. And this pay pool is then distributed to the members based on how many points they have. So it all depends on how much money they actually make for the month.

How You Really Make Money

The reality here is that you will not make much if you are just earning from your own cashback purchases. With mlm’s like this you need to recruit in new members beneath you to really make money. You need to take advantage of the compensation plan and earn from those beneath you.

An example I saw online from Trunited is that you can make $500 a month if you are a PaceSetter and each of the 15 people in your downline purchase $200-$300 of goods through Trunited per month. So if you really want to make a lot of money with this then you are really going to have to expand your downline to much more than just 15 people.

A Reality of This Business

One thing that I think is worth mentioning is that mlm businesses like this are difficult to make money with. It is necessary to build up a downline to be able to make money from it if you want to make substantial money by any means.

The reason is because you just cannot make much on your own. This is due to the company paying money that you could potentially be making to people in your upline, just as you get paid from people in your downline. So it rewards those at the top but takes away from those at the bottom.

This is the reason most people in the mlm business fail.

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

Honestly I like what I see here with Trunited. They are free to join and don’t make you buy any unnecessary products, unlike most mlm’s out there. I really don’t see many people making much money with this but at least it is a free extra income opportunity. You can still make money back just from doing your normal shopping online through them.

While it is possible to make a lot here the average person will not have the means to do so. You will have to have the ability to recruit in mass amounts of people and failure rates in this industry show most people do not have these means. Its a hard business to make it in.

But like I said, it still might be worth joining just to earn cashback on your shopping although it won’t be much. You could also join cashback sites like BeFrugal and TopCashBack, which are strictly cashback sites and not mlm business opportunities.

Conclusion: Trunited is a good site but making a lot of money will be very difficult and unlikely. If you have the means to recruit mass amounts of people then go for it and if not then you will mostly benefit just from your own cashback shopping.

Something else you might be interested in is this program. I make a living with it and enjoy what I do.

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