Is Treasure Trooper a Scam?

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  • Rating: 4.5/10 (doesn’t pay well, but its more enjoyable and fun than most other survey sites)

Treasure Trooper is one of many paid survey sites online. But is Treasure Trooper a scam? Is it worth your time? In this review I’ll be going over exactly this so that you know if you should join or not.

One of the first strange things that I came across when researching Treasure Trooper is the lack of reviews. Treasure Trooper has been around since 2006 yet there not many reviews at all.

On Surveypolice, which is a great survey review site where anyone can leave their own reviews, there are only 3 total! For some paid survey sites there are thousands.

Besides that, I checked in with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and there is nothing on Treasure Trooper there either. They are not accredited by BBB and they don’t even have a rating. The reason they don’t have a rating is because their haven’t been any complaints about them.treasure-trooper-bbb

This seems strange. 6 years in business with VERY little complaints/reviews.

How you earn money with Treasure Trooper

There are many ways to earn on this site, the main ways being completing offers, tasks, & surveys, using their search engine, shopping and getting cashback, and referring other people to Treasure Trooper.

None of  these ways will earn you very much. Its just not going to happen. I’ll go through each of these ways to earn just to give you an idea of what you are looking at.

Taking Surveys

The good thing about the surveys on this site is that there are A LOT available. But of course that doesn’t mean you will qualify for all of them.

There 8 daily surveys that are pretty short and if you complete them all you get $5.50. And you can do these 8 surveys each day so its a guaranteed $5.50 per day.

Other than the daily surveys there are plenty others. At Treasure Trooper they host surveys from an organization called Study Storm and there are around 1,000 surveys available through them alone.

The surveys at Study Storm I would say actually pay decent compared to other survey sites. Here are the surveys available to me right now, and as you can see they vary in the payout amount a lot. There is one here that is 13 minutes and pays $2.80, and then there is one that is 15 minutes and only pays $0.35, thats quite a difference.treasure-trooper-surveys

Completing Offers

The offers vary greatly. You never know what to expect here. But most of them have to do with signing up for something, maybe a trial, an email list, signing up to receive free samples.

Here are offers that I have available to metreasure-trooper-offers

None of the offers are that great. And you will end up getting a ton of spam if you go around signing up for stuff. So if you do make sure you use an email that you don’t really care about.

Completing Tasks

I’m not even going to go over the tasks because they are a complete waste of time. For each task you can expect to earn anywhere from 1-5 cents.

Using the Treasure Trooper Search

This search is not as good as the one at Swagbucks. And even that one isn’t very good. I wouldn’t bother with this.

If you are looking to earn cash from simply searching online then I suggest you check out my review of Bing Rewards here. Bing Rewards is better and you get to use the Bing Search engine which is better.

Referring Other People

Referring other people always seems to be one of the best ways to earn money one these types of sites. But in order for that to work out good you need a lot of traffic to a website or a social media account so that you can promote.

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If you have a good way to promote online then this referral system is great. Its a 4 tiered system where you get money from the people below you. Take a look below.treasure-trooper-referral

Cashing Out

I think this might be one of the reasons that Treasure Trooper isn’t all that popular. Because they don’t offer PayPal cash or checks. Thats what everyone wants, just plain old money.

But they do offer a Visa gift card, so that is close enough for me. I mean you can spend it anywhere you want.

They offer all kinds of redeemable valuables. Gift cards, ipods, X-box’s, etc. They range in the amount they cost.

What I like about Treasure Trooper

Treasure Trooper is unique from other paid survey websites. Their site is very “friendly” and fun in my opinion. There are a lot of cool games and things to do.

You can earn gold, silver, pearls, dragon eggs, and a bunch of other weird things that are redeemable for different rewards.treasure-trooper-valuables

Overall I really like this about Treasure Trooper. Its a site that you can enjoy a little more.

Is Treasure Trooper a scam?

No its not. Its legit and I think I’m going to stick around with it for a while, just because it is more interesting and fun than most other survey sites.

Just know that you won’t be making much money at all. And that goes for all paid survey sites like this one. There is a common theme with them that they are all going downhill. And what I mean by that is that they are paying less and less. The reason for this is because they don’t need to pay as much anymore. Its easy for them to get peoples opinions.

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