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Is Traffic Monsoon a Ponzi Scheme? Here is my review

By Kyle / March 17, 2016


  • Name: Traffic Monsoon
  • Website: trafficmonsoon.com
  • Owner: Charles Scoville
  • Rating: 1/10 (Some money can be made, more than likely a SCAM)

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Traffic Monsoon is receiving a lot of attention, both good and bad. One popular questions is whether Traffic Monsoon is a Ponzi Scheme? It sure seems like it in some aspects but this doesn’t necessarily mean it is. In this review I’ll be going over Traffic Monsoon and whether or not its a scam.

To begin…

What is Traffic Monsoon?

You could say that it is a traffic exchange site mixed with a PTC (paid to click) site.

The traffic exchange part of it

Its one of those sites where you do something and get something in return.

In this case, you surf someone’s website and earn a credit. Then you are able to spend that credit to get someone else to surf your site.

It can be done completely free, or you can purchase “ad packs” in which you will buy website traffic.

I have tried sites like this out before and they are not worth it (hit 4 hit sucks). First off, it takes forever to visit other people’s sites because you have to be redirected of course and its just annoying. And the traffic that you do receive is going to be random and NOT targeted. This means a lot of the people visiting will not be interested in whatever your site is about.

Also, you will find that people don’t actually “surf” your site. They just visit it for a second to gain credit and then they leave. This serves no purpose and does not benefit you.

I spent hours on these types of sites when I first started my affiliate marketing business and I don’t think I gained even 1 sale out of it.

The PTC (Paid To Click) Part of Traffic Monsoon

This is where you click and earn money and you get clicks on your banner advertisement (if you have one).

This is what it looks like at Traffic Monsoon. There is just a bunch of buttons with different prices on them that you can click. You click them and you get paid for it.traffic-monsoon-ptc

All you do is click and get paid, thats it. And as you can see most of them pay 1 cent or less.

But visiting other websites takes WAY too long and the PTC part only pays out pennies…

How the HECK do you earn good money with Traffic Monsoon?

Buy adpacks. Adpacks for sale. Get your adpacks here. Buy adpacks now before they run out!

This is what you will see from people referring others and this is what you are lead to do at Traffic Monsoon.

These “adpacks” can be purchased to increase your income on Traffic Monsoon as well as to get website traffic and clicks.

One adpack costs $55 and this is how they works (from trafficmonsoon.com)traffic-monsoon-ptc

And of course the more adpacks you buy the better.

As you see at the bottom of that screenshot “by clicking a minimum of 10 ads in a day, you qualify to recieve share in the revenues generated from sales and services”.

What this means is that you click 10 ads per day and you get paid. For every 10 ads you click you get $1 if you have just 1 adpack.

But if you have more than one adpack here is how it works:

  • 10 adpacks – you click 10 ads per day – you get $10/day
  • 100 adpacks – you click 10 ads per day – you get $100/day
  • 1000 adpacks – you click 10 ads per day – you get $1,000/day

And as you can see, no matter how many adpacks you buy, you still only click 10 ads per day.

Seems easy and like the GREATEST DEAL EVER right?? Well just keep reading.

Where is the VALUE in this?

For a business to be legitimate and keep in business it has to give something of value. And I fail to see what exactly Traffic Monsoon does that is of value.

Here is basically what it does:

  • gives you crap visitors that don’t benefit your site at all
  • gives your banners clicks from people that are not interested and this also has no benefit

Besides these two things all Traffic Monsoon does is give you some “share” money from clicking on 10 ads per day.

So I just don’t see how this benefits anyone. And this next point really arises suspicion about Traffic Monsoon.

Refer People, and more people, and more people

They really try to get you to go out and refer people at Traffic Monsoon. They tell you how this is the best way to earn money and its what you need to be doing.

Here is an answer to a FAQ right on their website:


With each person you refer you receive 10% commission on each adpack that they purchase.simple-home-profit-system-referrals

Traffic Monsoon is starting to look like a Ponzi Scheme, isn’t it. But still, you cannot conclude this yet.

Is Traffic Monsoon a Ponzi Scheme or not?

There is not enough information open to the public for me to answer this question. But in my opinion, its a scam.

I am still trying to find the value that Traffic Monsoon provides. And if anyone can help me with this let me know in the comment section below.

Basically you only can make money by purchasing “adpacks” and referring other people to purchase adpacks. Then you gain commissions from all of the people that you refer.

And they really try to push the whole “you need adpacks and referrals” thing on you.

I definitely would NOT trust this place.

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One more thing about Traffic Monsoon

The owner doesn’t exactly have a good reputation. His name is Charles Scoville and he is known for running scams online.

PTC Central is a website that reviews Paid To Click websites and this is what they have to say about him:traffic-monsoon-scam

So just going by this alone I wouldn’t even trust this site.

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