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Is Top Tier Side Income a Scam? – Yep, and I’ll show you why

By Kyle / October 25, 2016

is Top Tier Side Income a scamBefore signing up for this 21 step program that promises you riches its important to know one thing… Is Top Tier Side Income a scam? My simple answer is YES, and I will go over exactly why in this review.

Top Tier Side Income is marketed as being the “easiest way to make money in the history of the internet”. And they assure you that its not a MLM program or shady marketing scheme. Both of these statements are lies.

They go on to give you a brief and very misleading sales pitch in the sales video, saying that all you have to do is one simple thing, which is post ads online. But its so easy because they give you the ads to post and tell you where to post them.

The fact of the matter is that what they are telling you on the sales page, and the reality of this program are 2 very different things. They are telling you exactly what anyone would want to hear, that it’s a super easy way to make tons of cash online. But this just isn’t true.

Anyway, let me get on to the review and explain to you what this program really is…

Top Tier Side Income Review

  • Top Tier Side Income reviewWebsite: toptiersideincome.com
  • Creator: Matt Lloyd
  • Price: $7 to get started (+ some serious upsells)
  • Rating: 2.5/10 (They mislead you WAY TO MUCH. You can make money but not like they lead you to believe)

Top Tier Side Income is just a new name for a scam that has been around for a while. The underlying scam here is a product called MOBE. MOBE has had many different names over the years. First it was My Online Business Empire, then it was My Online Business Education, and now it seems to be called My Own Business Education. But they all are the same 21 step program.

In the sales video at TopTierSideIncome they tell you all about how simple this process is. They say that all you have to do is post ads that they give you and they will tell you where to. Then they say that they will follow up on your referral leads. They will close the sale for you. Then they will assign a 1 on 1 coach to that person. They will then upsell that person with higher ticket products and you will get the commissions.

The problem here is that THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO DO TO YOU. If you pay the $7 and sign up now you will be assigned a 1 on 1 coach who will then try to upsell the heck out of you and the person that referred you will be making all the commissions.

But anyway, thats just the beginning of what you need to know about this scam. Let me get into the meat of this review…

MOBE’s 21 Step System & Why Its A Scam

Top Tier Side Income 21 stepsIn the 21 step system you might think that you will receive a good deal of training on materializing your own ideas and building your own online business. But if you think this, if you think that the training at MOBE is going to help you build your own brand, YOU THOUGHT WRONG.

MOBE’s training is focused on 1 thing… and that is to get you to promote MOBE to other people. Their entire 21 step system is overwhelmingly focused on this.

In the sales video for Top Tier Side Income you might remember how they said that all they want you to do is to refer the people to MOBE. All you have to do is place ads and they will give you the ads to place and tell you where to place them.

Once you refer people the team at MOBE will sell them on one of thier introductory educational products.  AND THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO YOU RIGHT NOW WITH Top Tier Side Income. They are trying to get you to buy into this 21 step program for just $7.

This IS their introductory education product that they are trying to sell you. They are trying to get you to buy into exactly the same thing that they want you to go out and try to get others to buy into.

Paying $7 Is Just The Beginning

Like I said, the $7 product that includes their 21 step program that they are trying to sell you at Top Tier Side Income is just an introductory educational product. There is MUCH MORE to come.

This first product is just to sucker you into buying into this. They tell you just what you want to hear. That you can make a ton of money and that its super cheap to get started. I mean who wouldn’t want to sign up to that for just $7.

But the fact of the matter is that this $7 isn’t going to be enought for you to make a lot of money online. You are going to pretty much be forced to by more of their products in order to make any solid income with this program.

And the cost of these products might scare you. Try not to scream  when I show you how much these upsells costs..

Sales Page Is Very Misleading

try-out-top-tier-side-income-21-steps-for-7-days-for-7-google-chrome-2016-10-25-16-15-32As if it weren’t already misleading enough, I want to bring your attention to one specific thing that they say… In step 2 of the 21 step program that is being promoted they tell you that you can make up to $49,850 for just one sale! That is insane. And the even more insane part of it is that it is true.

But…….. you won’t be able to with the introductory product that they are trying to get you to buy for $7. Nope. The only way you can earn money like that is by doing 2 things….

  1. You will have to upgrade to the highest membership that MOBE offers. This is the Platinum Membership and it is priced at $29,997. Yes you heard me right, that is $29,997.
  2. Any MOBE product that you want to sell you must first purchase. When you buy a product you also buy the resell rights to that product. So in order to make $49,850 off of just one referral commission you are looking to pay anywhere from $55,000 to $100,000, depending on the commission percentage for that product.

So you must first buy a membership that costs $29,997 and then buy the product that you are going to make that huge commission off of, which would cost you another $55,000 at the least.

The reason I say $55,000 at the least is because MOBE’s commission structure ranges from 50-90%. So the $49,850 at a 50% commission rate would mean that the product was priced at $100,000, and $49,859 at a 90% commission rate would mean it was $55,000.

They mislead you so much when they tell you that you can make that much with MOBE. You have to buy so much more from them to be able to do that.

microsoft-word-mobe-compensation-plan-21092016-docx-google-chrome-2016-10-25-16-40-18MOBE Has Upsells Galore

They don’t tell you a damn thing about the upsells they are about to get you with. The truth is that they lure you in with a small price that seems great, but you soon find that its not that great. You WILL feel forced into buying into the upsells. You pretty much have to in order to have any chance of making money with this program.

With MOBE you can only promote and earn commissions from products that you have bought. This is one way that they force you into buying from them. A lot of people find themselves buying MOBE products just for the purpose of resale. They don’t want it they just want to sell it.

The number of products that MOBE offers is many. As you can see on the right there are some products that are fairly priced. These will be easier to sell but you won’t make as much in commissions.

And these are just SOME of the products. There get very pricey and the highest priced product that MOBE has is the $100K mentorship program. And yes I spelled that correctly.

The Truth About People Who Make Money With MOBE

You can make money with MOBE, I want to make that clear. There are people that make tons of money with it, hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. There is no doubt that you can make money.

The thing is that you won’t go out and read about people making money using MOBE training and applying it to their own interest and niche. They don’t use it to create their own unique business.

The people that you here and read about that are making a ton of money using MOBE are doing so by promoting MOBE. That seems to be the common theme here. They talk about all the money that they make when really all they are doing is making money by telling people about all of the money they can make if they sign up.

So its mostly a bunch of people making money off of others signing up but not actually making money venturing out with their own business.

They Say Its Not An MLM Scheme…Lol

This is a shady MLM scheme at its best. The overwhelming majority of the focus with the MOBE program is put on getting the members to go out there and recruit more members. And like I said above, members are taught to go out and recruit new members by talking about all of the money they can make, mostly by promoting the same damn product to other people.

And the specifically tell you in the sales video for Top Tier Side Income that it is NOT a MLM. What a bunch of liars.

Is Top Tier Side Income a Scam? Final Thoughts

It is definitely a scam the way I see it. Sure you can make money with MOBE but they mislead you so much into thinking that you will be able to make money off of the $7 product you are buying into. Little do you know that you will have to buy a ton of upsells.

The $49,850 commission that they boast of and try to lure you in with is only possible if you pay over $80,000 at the MOBE scamminimum in membership and product costs. And that is ridiculous.

If you don’t want to take my word for it then take a look at Ripoff Report and all the MOBE complaints there. There are people who have lost thousands of dollars to this.

And by the way look out for other programs that do nothing more than promote MOBE. Some others that I have reviewed include My Millionaire Mentor by Ryan Mathews, Automated Daily Income, My Online Business Machine and Cash With Matt.

Just do yourself a favor and stay away from MOBE.

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