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Is Too Damn Easy a Scam? What You Should Know

By Kyle / June 19, 2017

This Too Damn Easy cash gifting program is definitely not all its hyped up to be. There are some serious downsides to this and in this review I’m going to be telling you what you really need to know, which people promoting this program won’t tell you.

What am I talking about? Is Too Damn Easy a scam or something? The word “scam” could be used appropriately to describe this type of program. But I’m not saying you can’t make money with it. You can definitely make money following program but I still don’t recommend it and I’ll be going over why.

Too Damn EasyToo Damn Easy Review

  • Name: Too Damn Easy (aka TDE)
  • Website: toodamneasy.com
  • Founder: Q
  • Price: $2,000 minimum buy-in
  • Recommended?: No, more on this

Ok, so first off… what is Too Damn Easy and how does it all work.

Well, Too Damn Easy is what you call cash gifting. And by the way many programs like this will cover up what they are doing and try to act as if they aren’t a cash gifting scheme, but TDE doesn’t even bother. They tell you outright that they are a cash gifting scheme.

But anyways…. cash gifting is when you give some one money as a gift. In this case, members of TDE go out and recruit other people into the program. And in order to enter in you must give a cash gift to that person who recruited you. And then of course once you get into the program you are going to go out and do the same darn thing, recruit other people in and receive cash gifts from them. This is the same thing as the Cash Tracking System and Easy 1 Up if you have ever heard of these programs.

Cash gifting technically isn’t a scam because it is legal to give gifts in the form of cash. This is a very shady business practice however and programs like these have to stay on their toes to make sure the government doesn’t step in and shut them down. I will get more into the legality of this soon.

TDE is doing pretty darn good though. I was surprised to find out that this program has actually been around since 1998! Very surprising.

The Man Behind It All

The guy that created this program goes by the name of Q. Yep, just one letter. That’s all I can find on him. He never shows his face, he never gives any other information on himself or anything.

So pretty much I have no idea who the heck this guy is. All I know is that he calls himself the cash gifting expert and that he runs this program.

The Cost

Buying into this cash gifting scheme is no small price. Their are 4 different buy in options, the cheapest of which is $2,000. You can see the different options below…

That picture is small and you might not be able to read those numbers. But the prices are as follows…

  • Red – $2,000
  • Green – $6,000
  • Black – $18,000
  • Purple – $100,000 (this is a new option)

There Is a Think Line Between Legal & Illegal Here

As I mentioned, there is no problem with giving someone a cash gift. People do this all the time. Whether it be for someone’s birthday, Christmas, or any occasion… it doesn’t really matter. This is legal and you can do this without getting in trouble.

However…. when people buy into TDE and give their cash gift to their sponsor, they are doing so not out of the kindness of their heart, but because they expect to be able to replicate what just happened. They do so with the belief that they will make money doing the same.

So if you look at it this way the money that people are paying really isn’t a “gift”. Instead, its just the buy-in price that is needed to get into this system.

Honestly, I have no idea how this scheme hasn’t been shut down yet and I think its only a matter of time before it does get shut down.

There is a good article on Wikihow about ways to determine if cash gifting is legal here.

The Reality of Cash Gifting

The reality here is that not many people actually make money with cash gifting schemes like this. The majority of people that buy into them never recoup their investment and lose money.

This is because this program provides no value whatsoever. There are no real products and no sales to the general public. All of the revenue comes from people buying into it. This type of program will never be able to work out and unfortunately only the top few will make money with it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you can’t make good money with this. I actually believe Q when he talks about people that have made over $100,000 in just a month. I believe that. But this is definitely not to be expected and I sure as heck would’t count on it.

The reality is as I stated above. Most people lose money.

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

So is Too Damn Easy a scam? The answer to this depends on how you look at it. I would say that it is a scam for sure in the way that it is represented by Q. He just makes it seem like its your one way ticket to financial freedom when in reality the typical customer is going to come out of this program having lost money.

So I am obviously not going to recommend this program. Not only is it not a smart choice but I also do not find this to be an ethical business. There is no value being added by it and it is all just a big transfer of money for nothing.

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