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Is The Ethereum Code a Scam System? – My Honest Review

By Kyle / October 3, 2017

The Ethereum Code guarantees its users will make $10,000 or more per week. This is quite a bold claim to make and to be honest this smells like a scam… but is it? Is The Ethereum Code a scam or is this possibly the life-changing system that you have been waiting to get your hands on?

I came across this program and knew that I had to look into it more. I have reviewed systems like this in the past and they usually turn out to be scams. But there are some legitimate ones out there so I had to give it the benefit of the doubt and do a little investigating. In this review I’ll be going over what you absolutely need to know about this place beforehand.

The Ethereum Code Review

The Ethereum Code is a very untrustworthy trading software. There are 2 different systems going around, one that was created by a man that claims to have the name of Jad Baker and the other by a Mark Weston. The 2 versions of the system vary a bit in the claims that they make, but they both say that members are guaranteed to make thousands. The one claims

Overall I definitely would not invest with this software and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. If you are wondering why I am saying this you will understand after reading this review… believe me.

How It Makes You Money

So they Jad from the one video tells you that he used to work at a private bank in Switzerland (LGT) where he invested clients’ money in “cutting edge” strategies that normal people have no idea even exist. And this software that he developed is created around these “secret” strategies.

What he claims it does is accurately predicts prices of Ethereum, which is a great cryptocurrency that I actually expect to outperform Bitcoin in the future. I, myself invest in Ethereum, usually through CoinBase, and consider it to be a good investment.

But anyways… back to this system. He claims that the software uses a complex algorithm which identifies the best time to buy for max earning potential. It tells you what to do and then all you have to do is click a few buttons to invest your money at the right time.

Simple as that and you make $10,000+ per week…. can you really trust this??? The answer is no and I’ll show you why the Ethereum Code cannot be trusted at all.

You Just Can’t Trust This Place

Just about everything that Jad tells you is a lie. Everything about this program is a lie other than Ethereum being a good investment… just not through this website. Some of the many lies that there are include…

#1 – Fake News!

They tell you that this software has been featured on Forbes, CNN, and other bit time media outlets. This is just a lie though… sadly. And if it is ever featured on any of these outlets it is going to be with the word “SCAM” next to it.

#2 – Jad Baker Has Been on Forbes, Money Magazine, etc……. LIES

Jad Baker has never been on any of the magazines that he claims to have been. I took the liberty of searching for him on Forbes and as expected nothing came up. This guy has never been on the covers nor has he ever been featured in them in any way…. which brings me to my next point…

#3 – Jad Baker & Mark Weston ….. Probably Don’t Exist

There are people with the name Jad Baker, but the Jad Baker that we are talking about here more than likely does not exist. I couldn’t find any information on him dealing with this all. And from the many other similar scams I have looked into in the past it would be nothing out of the ordinary for the scammers to completely make up people like this.

As for Mark Weston, he is a proven fake. There are other reviews out there that show his picture to be that of a stock photo, which anyone can purchase online and use as they wish.

#4 – There Are More Than 20 Positions Left

Jed claims that this system is only being opened up for 20 lucky people. Just about every scam out there makes claims like this to try to get people to buy in as soon as possible. This scam will be open to as many people that want to buy in as possible.

#5 – Fake Testimonials

The testimonials of people that claim to have tried the system out are fake. I recognized this as soon as I saw them because I remembered seeing the one guy from another scam. The man below is a paid actor that they hired from Fiverr as you can see…

How You Will End Up Losing Money

Scams like this usually let you use their systems for free to make it seem more legitimate and less likely a scam. And you may be wondering…. well how can it possibly be a scam if you don’t have to pay any money for it.

Well they scam you because it may be free to use but you will have to invest money to start trading and potentially earning money. The minimum amount is usually set at $250. So you can pretty much count on losing $250 if you buy into this mess.

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

The Euthereum Code is a scam with no doubt in my mind. It is filled with lies and vague information. There is nothing about this program that makes me event think that it is real. All this scam is doing is exploiting the newfound fascination and excitement in cryptocurrencies. Euthereum is getting a lot of attention recently as being a good investment and this scam is doing its best to exploit this and to scam people that are looking to make money with it.

If you are looking to make money online then this is a horrible route to take. You will just end up with less money than when you started.

What I would recommend is that you take a look at how I make money online. I make a living working online and enjoy what I do. You can read this post that I wrote where I explain what I do, how it all works, and how others can do the same if you wish.

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Questions or comments? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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