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Is The Easy Marketers Club a Scam? What You Need To Know

By Kyle / June 15, 2017

If you are looking to sign up for The Easy Marketers Club then you are going to want to read this. This program is NOT what they claim it is. They really hype it up but much of what they tell you are flat out lies.

If you are wondering is The Easy Marketers Club a scam then you are in the right place. I have looked into this program and I can assure you that it is not what it seems. I’m sure you are already suspicious of its insane claims and that is why you are looking more into it in the first place.

The Easy Marketers ClubThe Easy Marketers Club Review

  • Name: The Easy Marketers Club (aka The Easy Marketers Society)
  • Website: theeasymarketersclub.biz
  • Price: $97
  • Recommended?: No, more on this

There a lot of bold claims made in the sales video and unfortunately they simply are not true.

One of the first lies that I came across was that I was “lucky to qualify”. The guy in the sales video claims that less than 2% of all applications are approved. This is such a lie. Literally anyone can go to this site and watch the sales video and buy into the system if they want to.

This is just a way to try to get you to feel lucky and make you think that you should jump on this opportunity right away.

Anyway, to start out this review I’m first going to be going over some red-flags I came across that scream out “scam”.

Red Flags

Testimonials Don’t Make Sense

It is common for scams like this to re-hash old testimonial videos from other scams. The testimonial videos that they show you are completely fake and have been used in numerous other scams in the past.

They don’t even make any sense. At one point, the one guy that is ranting and raving about how great this system is calls it “Instant Income Producer”. This is an old scam and they really messed up with this one.

Flashing Bank Statements in Your Face

One thing that I have picked up on over the years of reviewing scams is that they love to flash big bank account numbers in your face.

In the sales video here they show you a bunch of PayPal accounts with thousands of dollars in them that they claim was made in short periods of time.

The problem here is that you just can’t trust what you see. The PayPal statement that I took a screenshot of above could easily have been faked. I could throw together a fake statement like that in 30 minutes if I wanted to.

You just cannot trust things like this.

Read The Fine Print!

One of the things that you should know about scams like this one is that they often say that they are scams if you read the disclaimer. The disclaimer is usually found at the bottom of the sales page.

If you take a look at the disclaimer for this program it literally says that “they typical purchaser does not make any money using this system”

It pretty much flat out says that its a scam.

This is how scams like this can operate. They can tell you all the BS they want to in the sales video of how easy this is and how you are going to be making all sorts of money, but as long as they have a disclaimer that says “hey, all of that was a lie” then they can get away with it. It is sad but this seems to be how it works.

Don’t Count on That Refund

The guy speaking in the video claims that there is a 60 day money back guarantee but I definitely wouldn’t count on getting your money back if you buy into it.

He claims that all you have to do is email them or call-in and they will refund you.

I have seen claims like this a million times and I always get comments on my reviews from people saying that they can’t get their money back.

This is nothing more than a false claim more than likely.

The Cost

Of course the cost is massively discounted and the guy is covering 90% of the cost, which equals $900. Yes that is right he claims to be paying $900 to get you started.

All you have to pay is $97. What a great deal! Lol

This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Why would this man be paying $900 to strangers that he has never met to get them onboard this system?

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

Ok, so obviously I’m not going to be recommending this system to anyone. Its nothing more than a scam that is made up of re-hashed scam tactics that I have seen a hundred times before.

The most convincing evidence that I was able to find that this was a scam was the disclaimer at the bottom of the page that literally tells you that the typical purchaser makes NO money with this.

Its terrible that these scams operate online all the time but that is just the way things are. There are scams coming out every day and I review them all the time. By the way, some other recent scams to be aware of include Extreme Home Paycheck and Online Profits Shortcut. There are legitimate ways to make money online, this just isn’t one of them.

If you want to legitimately learn how to start making money online then what I would suggest is that you take a peek at how I make money online. I make a living working online for myself and its a pretty good job that I enjoy.

You can read a post I wrote about how I make money online by clicking the link below. In this post I go over what it is that I do, how it all works, and how others can get started doing the same.

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I’m not going to BS you. This is how it is done. I don’t sugar coat anything.

Comments, questions, concerns??? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon ?

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