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Is the Chris Farrell Membership a Scam? Here’s my review

By Kyle / March 1, 2016
  • chris-farrell-membershipChris Farrell Membership
  • Owner: Chris Farrell
  • Website: chrisfarrellmembership.com
  • Price: $4.95 (for the first week), $37 per month thereafter + upsells (which I’ll go over)
  • Rating: 7/10 (Great for beginners, but lacks more advanced training. Also a lack of community support.)

The Chris Farrell Membership is one of many online affiliate marketing training platforms that teaches you how to get started in affliate marketing. But is the Chris Farrell Membership a scam? Well let me go through what this program has to offer and you will see.

But first, who is Chris Farrell?

Chris Farrell is 44 year old British man who happens to be a very successful affiliate marketer. He began affiliate marketing back in 2008 and has been doing so since. He claims to have made over 1 million dollars in 24 hours before, which is absolutely insane.

Do I believe him? Well I do know this is possible (although EXTREMELY rare), and he definitely knows what he is talking about, so I can believe it.

He has a great reputation online and seems like an honest man that wouldn’t be into scamming people. But lets take a look at his program to see about this.

First, and most importantly, What is the Training like?

The training offered at Chris Farrell Membership would best suit people that are just getting their feet wet in affiliate marketing. It is mostly focused on the beginner steps but lacks more advanced information.

21 Day Training Program

The core of the training is broken down into a 21 day program. Each day of this training comes with a detailed video lesson, which outlines the steps you need to do. And along side this is a written guide to provide you with additional details that are not covered in the videos.

This 21 day training will go over how to:

  • set up your website domain along with hosting
  • create your own website in a very simple process
  • write quality content that will help in sales
  • set up an email marketing list
  • create your own online products, such as ebooks
  • leverage social media to increase your sales

The training here is very good. It goes through step by step and helps you create your own affiliate marketing business. And all of the ways that are taught are legitimate. These are credible ways to build a sustainable online business.

Money Making Labs

This is another feature which is nice about the Chris Farrell Membership. In these “labs” you can join Chris Farrell in a live webinar and learn about all sorts of topics. The webinar could be focused on any topic that has to do with affiliate marketing. These live webinars are a nice touch and you can learn new things that might not be taught in the core training.

Like I said, the training is good, but my overall complaint about this training is just that it lacks more advanced information, as I said above. There are better programs out there for both beginners and people advanced in affiliate marketing.

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How is the support at Chris Farrell Membership?

There are 2 ways you can get help here, by their support number (phone number) and by the community forum.

Support Number

The support phone number that they provide you with could be better. You know how it works when you have to call over the phone. It usually doesn’t work out good. Getting support here is a hit or miss. Just don’t expect it to work out for you all the time.

Community Forum

The community forum is probably better than their support number, but is still lacking. Here you can ask questions and get answers about anything you want from other members of Chris Farrell Membership. A lot of these members are knowledgeable in affiliate marketing and there is no better way to learn something than from someone who has already done it (most of the time).

The problem here is that the forum is a mess. The overall layout is not very organized and its very hard to get answers to your questions. Here is what it looks likechris-farrell-membership-forum

As you can see the troubleshooting sub-forum is insane. It has WAY too many posts. Finding what you are looking for is going to be hard.

It would be a lot better if the different sub-forums were broken down into smaller groups (sub-sub-forums).

Because the forum is not organized well, it makes it harder for you to find what you are looking for, and you are less likely to get answers to questions because other people won’t find your post so easily also.

When it comes to support at Chris Farrell Membership its not that good. But at least there is support right? Β It could be worse.

How much does Chris Farrell Membership cost?

The cost of Chris Farrell Membership isn’t overly expensive. When you first sign up you start out with a 7 day trial that costs you $4.95. Then if you choose not to cancel your membership the price goes up to $37 a month.

With the $37 a month membership you will have access to just about every thing there is on Chris Farrell Membership. Take note that I said “just about” every thing there is. Thats because…

There is a massive upsell πŸ™

In order to access Chris Farrell’s Mentor Me program you have to pay another $997. With this program you can get help directly form Farrell himself.

Please understand that you DON’T need this additional program. But I just don’t like how its not talked about when buy your membership. Its thrown in after and its surprising in a bad way. This Mentor Me programs is also “in your face” a bunch to try to make you sign up.

Is Chris Farrell Membership a Scam?

No its not a scam. It will provide you with quality information and is not overly priced.

The only thing that is “scammy” is what I just mentioned above, the Mentor Me program for $997 that is not mentioned at all. Then after you buy your membership its all over the place begging you to sign up.

Up-sells are always somewhat scammy in nature. If this high cost program was shown upfront I would not have any problem with it, because I’m sure it is very helpful. But its the fact that Chris Farrell Membership is not transparent here, and is sneaky that I DON’T like.

Is Chris Farrell Membership Worth it?

Its definitely a good program that will get you going in the affiliate marketing world, but there are better.

My number 1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate without a doubt. The training, support, and price at Wealthy Affiliate are all better. You can actually start for completely free there, but not here at Chris Farrell Membership.

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