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Is Team Mansell a Scam? – What You Should Know

Is Team Mansell a ScamTeam Mansell appears to be a good opportunity if you’re looking to make money online and don’t have any experience, but things aren’t always what they seem. Is joining this guy’s team really a good idea or is this something you should be avoiding? Is Team Mansell a scam that is just going to leave you broke at the end of the day?

There are a lot of questions that should be answered here before joining his team or deciding not to, which I’ll be doing my best to answer for you. In this review I’ll be going over what Team Mansell it is, how it works, what’s in it for him (the creator), downsides and more.

Team Mansell Review

Team Mansell is the creation of a guy named Michael Mansell, who is an online marketer that has been around for years and years. He is very successful and with this team he is building he claims that it is all about helping other people succeed in online marketing… The goal is to get as many other people to make money online as possible.

But, like I said, you can always hear what you believe and it’s not like I had heard scammers say something along these lines 100 times before.

That said, Michael does seem to be speaking honestly when he says he wants to help people and I did a little digging around into his background and found that he actually went to school to be a pastor, which never panned out… But still it shows his desire to help others.

Michael Mansell Team Mansell

How Team Mansell Works

Team Mansell works by providing people with marketing materials to make it easier for them to recruit others into high ticket MLM type programs/systems. When you joined the team, it’s not like you are making money from Michael or anything like that. You are joining and then will have to join one of the program/systems that Michael is a part of, which is where the opportunity lies.

Michael is a member of many different high ticket programs. The programs that he promotes ones that people buy into it and then make money by selling them to other people. So you buy in to make money online and then make money online by recruiting others into the program.

Some of the program/systems that he is currently promoting and that he has promoted in the past included…

One thing that you may notice is the program  Digital Altitude… Which is no longer around. This high ticket pyramid-scheme -like program actually got shut down by the FTC for being a scam. Tons and tons of people lost money with this system and the scary thing is that most of the other systems that he is promoting are very similar, meaning they stand a good chance of being shut down in the future.

What You Get

By joining Team Mansell you are provided with guidance and marketing materials to make it easier for you to go out and recruit other people into the program your promoting.

So for example, if you are promoting XYZ opportunity then Team Mansell my give you sales funnels that he has made to promote XYZ, email templates to send out to leads, etc.

What’s In It For Him?

Is he really helping you out so that you can make money? Well, I’ll take him at his word but what you should know is that he is also making money when people join his team. Since he is promoting MLM type opportunities, he earns commissions when you buy in to the opportunities that he is promoting, just as you will earn commissions when you go out and recruit other people in.

Not As Easy As It Seems

I really wish that he provided some sort of earnings history for his team members but can’t find anything like this. I am very interested to know if his team members do better than ordinary members of these programs because I know that most members they get involved in these high ticket MLM programs that revolve around reselling memberships actually lose out and fail to recoup their initial investment.

Team Mansell will help you out for sure, you will get access to some of his marketing material and have help recruiting others in, but there is no way for me actually know how successful members on his team are.

Final Thoughts – Scam or Worth Joining?

Team Mansell definitely would make it easier for you to make money with these high ticket MLM opportunities and Michael Mansell really might be in it to help others out, but the bottom line is that these programs that he is promoting are largely classified as scams.

Just think about it… Digital Altitude, which was one of his biggest promotions at one time, was shut down by the FTC in 2018 for being a scam. Tons of people lost their money in this nasty scam and that is what happens with these high ticket programs that sucker members and for low prices, force them into expensive up sells, and then get them to go out and recruit others in.

You can do whatever you want, it is your money, but personally I am going to avoid this. And this is my recommendation for you as well.

An Opportunity I Actually Recommend

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Please leave any questions, comments, or concerns below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂 Also, leave your opinion down below of what you think about Team Mansell. I am sure other readers could benefit from it.

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