Is Swagbucks Worth My Time?

swagbucksSo you are wondering is Swagbucks worth the time? Theres no doubt that Swagbucks is a legit site and one of the most trusted survey/market research sites out there. But that doesn’t mean you should try it. You might be able to spend your time better elsewhere.

And if you are looking for a lot of money this IS NOT for you. No one earns a log on

Lets see if SB is worth any of your time at all.

First lets look at the “swagbuck” and how much its worth

A swagbuck isn’t worth anything until you redeem it for something of value. The giftcards that you are able to redeem vary in their swagbuck value.

For example, right now on my swagbuck account I see that I can redeem an Amazon $5 giftcard for 500 swagbucks. But I know that in the past these were redeemable for around 450 swagbucks. There is also a Walmart $5 giftcard for 500 SB and a Nike $5 giftcard for 430 SB.

Most of the $5 giftcards I see right now go for about 500 SB so lets see what the swagbuck value is. If you take 500 SB divided by $5 you end up with $0.01/SB. Each swagbuck is worth only a penny! Sounds worthless right?

How much can you earn per survey?

Well of course the longer time the survey takes the more SB you tend to earn. I commonly see shorter surveys that take around 10 minutes with the earning potential of 10 SB. The amount of swagbucks vary depending on the survey but 10 SB for 10 minutes seems to be normal.

So in the 10 minutes you spend on the survey you earn an equivalent of 10 cents. If you were to work for an hour with this wage you would make 60 cents. Thats $0.60 per hour. Pretty good wage right??

But really. Thats terrible. There are some surveys that you might find that pay a good bit more though. For example. Right now I have a survey offer that requires 5 minutes to complete and I can get 60 SB out of it! Thats a nice offer! If you do the math that averages out to $7.20/hr. But believe me that is not the norm at Swagbucks.

It is absolutely insane to waste your time TRYING to earn swagbucks like this. Maybe every now and then when you feel like doing a survey you can but to make time for survey taking is just ridiculous. And notice how I say “trying” to earn SB, because I earn swagbucks without trying.

How I earn SwagBucks without trying

SEARCHING! Did you know that you can earn SB just by using Swagbucks as a search engine. You will find the search bar at the top of your Swagbucks account page.swagbucks

So just start using Swagbucks instead of Google or Yahoo and start earning for your searches. You are going to search either way, so why not earn?

Its not like you are going to be making a lot, but its still nice to get a $5 or $10 gift card every month or two. It all depends on how actively you search around online.

Comparing the searching to Google or Yahoo is difficult. I don’t know exactly how much worse of a search engine Swagbucks is, but I must say I was surprised when I first started using it. It works better than I thought it would have and I feel that it does a good job.Sign Up At SwagBucks Here

So is it worth your time?

Definitely not if you are going out of your way to earn swagbucks. I have seen people do this and cannot for the life of me understand why. Is it that they have not done the math? Are they just bored? I don’t know the reason, but your time can DEFINITELY be spent at better places.

If you want to earn money online, and I’m talking real money, then check out my #1 recommendation.

As for Swagbucks. I think you should do as I do, and used their surf engine. You will not have to do anything differently online. Use their search engine when you would normally use Google, and earn a few swagbucks here and there.

Being able to treat yourself to a gift with one of their giftcards is always nice.




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