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Is Survey Spot Legit? And how much money can you earn?

surveyspothomeSurvey Spot is one of many online paid survey sites. Before you sign up you need to know, Is Survey Spot legit? Or is it a waste of time? And what kind of earning potential does it have?

But first, here is a little background on Survey Spot

Survey spot is a branch of Survey Sampling International (SSI) which operates several different consumer opinion websites. SSI is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, which is always a good thing to look at when determining legitimacy, but they do still have a good rating.surveyspot

The reason that they have a good rating here is due to the low number of complaints they have had considering the amount of time they have been in business.

But just because Better Business Bureaus hasn’t received that many complaints doesn’t mean there aren’t that many. A lot of people are just too lazy to take the time to submit a complain. Its easier to just to to a review site like surveypolice.com and submit a quick review. So lets take a look there.

What type of review is it getting?

Looking at surveypolice.com, which is probably the best survey review site there is, it has a pretty bad rating. 2.7 out of 10! and thats with 334 customer reviews.surveyspotreviews

After seeing this initial horrid rating I took a closer look to see what most people were complaining about. I found that the majority of the very low ratings were given due to difficulty qualifying for surveys and extremely low payouts (even compared to other survey sites)

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Can’t qualify for surveys

This is all too common with survey sites. You answer a bunch of questions only to find that you don’t qualify for the survey and you are left with nothing. Here are a few review out of MANY MORE (a lot) that about sum up this problem.surveyspotqualify

Extremely low payouts

Payouts are already low enough in the free online survey world, but Survey Spot is at the lower end of the list. If you get lucky, and I mean really lucky, you will get 100 points for a 20 minute (give or take) survey. But thats NOT the norm here. And I’ll talk about how much a point is worth in terms of dollars in the next section.

But first take a look at these reviews of the low payouts. You will notice that many people are comparing Survey Spot to Opinion Outpost, claiming that they are basically the same site but Opinion Outpost pays better.surveyspotopinionoutpost

I did not even know about Opinion Outpost until I started reading these reviews. So I decided to look into it a little more and it turns out it is run by the same company (Survey Sampling International). I’m not going to get into everything it has to offer, but I did find that it pays better than Survey Spot, so for that I would recommend trying it first.

What do I recommend?

I don’t recommend Survey Spot for anyone that is trying to earn REAL money to pay expenses. Its only good if you are looking to earn a few extra bucks here and there. The payouts are just too low and the fact that you won’t qualify for a lot of surveys just adds to the difficulty you will have making it to cash out.

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