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Is Survey Compare a Scam? A Few Things You Should Know

If you are looking to make some extra money online with Survey Compare I have a few things you are going to want to hear. This is not exactly the great opportunity that it may seem and I would actually advise against signing up for this site.

Is Survey Compare a scam? No, I wouldn’t go that far as to say that. But what I will say is that it is pretty much a pointless site and there is no real good reason for anyone to join it. In this review I will be going over how it all works and why I do NOT recommend it.

Survey CompareSurvey Compare Review

  • Name: Survey Compare
  • Website: surveycompare.net
  • Price: Free
  • Recommended?: No, more on this later


Survey Compare is a paid survey website that is different from your average.

If you are unfamiliar with paid survey sites… these are sites that you can make small amounts of money by taking surveys, completing small tasks etc.

The reason these sites exist is for market research purposes. Big companies pay out a lot of money to know the opinions/thoughts of consumers and paid surveys is one of the ways for research companies to get these opinions/thoughts.

Survey Compare doesn’t actually have surveys of their own. Instead, they host surveys from other companies. This is good and bad for some reasons.

Another important thing to note is that Survey Compare is only available for people living in the UK.

How Survey Compare Works

As I mentioned above, all Survey Compare does is refer you to surveys from other survey sites. They don’t actually have any surveys of their own.

So when you sign up for Survey Compare you will be presented with a screen that looks like this one…

It tells you to select all the survey websites that you would like to sign up for. The sites it listed for me included Toluna, Opinion Outpost, InboxPounds (UK version of InboxDollars), Global Test Market, MySurvey, i-Say, and others.

It tells you that you should select all of them to have more opportunity to make money.

After you select the ones that you want you will then get emails from all of the different sites you select and you will have to sign up for each one individually.

How You Make Money

Obviously you are going to be taking surveys. And most of these survey sites offer you other ways to make small amounts of money such as by playing games, searching the web, signing up for offers, etc.

But the point that I want to make here is that you are going to be making money from OTHER SITES. You aren’t going to be getting paid from SurveyCompare directly.

All of you payments are going to be broken up from what you make on all the sites you signed up for and this could be a problem.

The Good & The Bad

The Good

The only good thing that I can think of when it comes to Survey Compare is that they give you more opportunity than if you were to go and sign up for just one paid survey site.

When you sign up for Survey Compare you then sign up for a bunch of different survey sites, as mentioned, and this gives you the opportunity to take surveys from all of those sites.

Running out of surveys is a common thing when it comes to online survey taking. If you are just a member of one site then you are definitely going to run out of opportunity. Its not like you can sit there and just take survey after survey. I have never came across a survey site where that was possible.

The Bad

The bad is that all of your payments are going to be broken down with all the survey sites you sign up for. And all of these sites are going to have a “cash out” limit, meaning that you first need to make a certain amount of money in order to be able to withdrawal that money.

Some sites might have this limit at 10 pounds, others at 5 pounds… it varies. But this means that you are going to have very small amounts coming in across a range of different survey sites and it is GOING TO TAKE FOREVER to cash out.

How Much Money Can You Make?

The answer is VERY LITTLE. And this is why its really going to take you forever to cash out.

I have personally tried many survey sites and reviewed dozens. They are all the same… pay is much less than minimum wage.

What I do like though is how Survey Compare doesn’t exaggerate what you will be making. They tell you that you won’t make much. 

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

Honestly I don’t see much of the point to signing up with Survey Compare. I get that you will have more online survey opportunity because you will have signed up for many companies, but I don’t see the point in the first place.


You are not going to make good money no matter how many survey sites you sign up for. So if you are looking to sign up for Survey Compare to make decent money then you are in the wrong place.

What I recommend if you are looking to earn just a little extra pocket change is to just go straight to the source. Go directly to MySurvey, InboxDollars, etc and sign up. Don’t waste your time going through this Survey Compare site.

But all in all, I don’t see much of any point in taking surveys online. There are better ways to make money online where your time can be rewarded with much more than just pocket change.

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