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Is Speed Feeder a Scam? What They Aren’t Going To Tell You

By Kyle / April 20, 2017

If you are looking into participating and making money with Speed Feeder then you are definitely going to want to read this. Speed Feeder is not what you would call a legitimate way to make money. It is a dangerous gamble and unfortunately most people that invest in this risky business are going to lose out in the long run.

Is Speed Feeder a scam? Heck yes its a scam and I’ll tell you all about it. I have reviewed this program and you will find what I have to say interesting.

Speed Feeder scamSpeed Feeder Review

  • Name: Speed Feeder
  • Website: speedfeeder.net
  • Price: $100 minimum
  • Recommended?: Absolutely Not


Speed Feeder was launched in 2016 by Clay Montgomery. Clay has a history with similar types of programs and is big-time affiliate of both Digital Altitude and Exitus Elite. He claims to have started Speed Feeder for all those out there that are looking for a more affordable alternative to those mentioned.

Speed Feeder claims to be “The Greatest Money Multiplier Ever Devised”, but I beg to differ with this statement. There is no doubt you can make money with this, but I definitely would never advise anyone to do so.

Speed Feeder uses a boarderline illegal method to bring in a cashflow, and it is a risky game to play.

The Cost of Membership

In order to buy into this program it is going to cost you $100. And with this membership you get what they call the Emerald Training Library. This consists of 41 ebooks that cover different aspects of making money online.

But these products aren’t what people buy into this program for. I mean, sure… they are ok, but people get them as more of a bonus, no one is actually buying in for these alone. They are buying in to make money off of the system.

 How You Make Money

Making money is all about recruiting people into this program and making money off of them. Speed Feeder features a 2 x 6 matrix compensations structure, which I will go over how it all works…

Everyone starts out the same way. First you have to buy the Emerald Training Library package for $100, which I just went over above.

That is to get your foot in the door and become a member. After purchasing this you are going to want to use the 2 x 6 matrix to your advantage to make as much money as possible.

To do this you will start by recruiting 2 new members to join Speed Feeder. These 2 members will make up level 1 of your downline.

Next up is level 2. Level 2 has 4 positions that need to be filled. Either you or your level 1 members can recruit people to fill this level. It doesn’t matter who fills the positions, anyone on your team can.

Every level has double the amount of open positions. So level 3 has 8 positions (4 x 2 = 8), level 4 has 16 positions, and so on.

The money comes into play when you hit levels 4 and 6.

When you and your team get 16 people in your matrix you hit level 4. And when you get here you automatically get $100, your sponsor (the person who recruited you) gets $100, and you get $100 to start a new matrix at level 1.

So you can see how this could be lucrative. Because your sponsor is getting a 100% match of what you just earned. And that means if any of your recruits make it to level 4 you get paid $100 from what they earned.

Level 6 works the same way, except you earn a lot more. Once you and your team get 64 people in your matrix you get $1,850, your sponsor gets $1,850, and you get $100 to start a new matrix.

So by the time you make it through all 6 levels of the matrix you will have $1,950 and you will have 2 new matrices to do it all over again.

Buying Multiple Packs

You can also buy a 2-pack, 3-pack, etc. This means you purchase multiple packs and recruit yourself beneath you.

When you do this it will cost you more and you will have to recruit more people, but you will earn more and get 100% match bonuses from yourself.

This Is A Dangerous Game

This about as much of a pyramid scheme as you will find online. And yes it is illegal.

What is a pyramid scheme? It is a business opportunity that relies too heavily on recruitment of members for revenue, rather than selling a product to the general public.

Now Speed Feeder does have a product that they give you. They give you the Emerald Library with all the ebooks. But marketing this product isn’t how members get people to buy the membership. They get people to buy the membership by saying… hey look at all this money you can make if you buy in.

No one cares about the Emerald Library. I mean sure.. it has some value, but this is NOT what the program is about. It is about a giant pyramid scheme transfer of money from newly recruited members buying in to make money doing the same thing.

Proceed At Caution

I can almost guarantee you that the government will step in and shut this pyramid scheme down if it gets too big. This happens all the time and I have seen it happen with programs that are much more legitimate than this one.

The gov doesn’t have time to shut down every little pyramid scheme out there, but once they get big enough they will go after them.

And as far as Speed Feeder goes, they can argue all they want that they rely on product sales for revenue, but the government is going to see right through this.

Final Thoughts

This is just not a good way to make money online. It is not legitimate and is pretty much a big transfer of money from new members with very little value being provided.

I absolutely do not recommend this program.

You can make money yes.. but statistically speaking the majority of people in a pyramid scheme like this WILL LOSE MONEY. That is a fact.

If you are looking to make money legitimately online in a way that actually provides value then I suggest you read my post on how I make a living working online. There are legitimate ways to earn a living through the internet, this Speed Feeder just isn’t one of them.  You can click the link below to learn how I do so legitimately…

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What do you think about Speed Feeder? Comments, questions, concerns??? Leave them below in the comment section…

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