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Is SnapCash Binary a Scam? Yes it is!!! Don’t Listen To Everyone Else

By Kyle / October 17, 2016

SnapCash Binary is NOT what everyone is making it out to be. Its a scam and you better read this before you deposit your money only to be sucked in and never seen again by this group of scammers. In this SnapCashBinary review I’ll be going over a few things that you should know and that will show you this place cannot be trusted.

And I know that there are a lot of blogs online promoting this place saying that its finally a place that can be trusted. But what they are saying simply isn’t true. They are saying this to get you to sign up through them so that they can make a commission off of the money you deposit.

Any experienced trader with some credibility and trustworthiness will tell you that this is a sure scam.

SnapCashBinary ReviewSnapCash Binary Review

  • Name: SnapCash Binary
  • Creator: Austin Ford
  • Price: Free, but have to make initial deposit
  • Rating: 1/10 (Is SnapCash Binary a scam? Heck yes! Scam all the way. I only put a 1 out of 10 because I haven’t actually invested in this to find out)

The creator of SnapCash Binary, Austin Ford, claims its the next greatest thing in binary options trading. It (allegedly) can generate thousands of dollars a day easily for people with absolutely no experience in trading. Its completely automated and you pretty much don’t have to do a dang thing.

I know that sounds pretty crazy and you have probably heard stories like this in the past. But could this possibly be true? Could SnapCash Binary be the software that actually works and starts raking in the money for you???

NOPE!!! Its a scam just like the rest of them! And its not difficult to disprove at all.

The first problem that proves to me that this is a scam is the win percentage that Austin claims it has.

A Win Rate of 96%!!?? What a Bunch of BS

One of the most obvious red flags that I came across in the sales video at snapcashbinary.com is the win rate that Austin claims. He claims that over the past 1 and a half years of testing, the SnapCash Binary software has won 96% of the trades it makes.

96%!!! Thats damn near perfect. This is far from possible with any automated system like this. Anything over 90% is ridiculous and 96% is just plain crazy.

This is absolutely impossible to achieve with automated software. There are SO MANY VARIABLES that go into the fluctuating market prices that there is no way in hell it can predict price outcomes correctly 96% of the time. There are variables that no one can predict. Such as natural disasters for example, which have huge effects on market prices.

A 96% win rate is just impossible, thats all there is to it. Claiming a win rate this high was a big mistake for these scammers. Anyone with the slightest knowledge in binary options trading would be able to pick up on this and realize its a scam. But the problem is that they are targeting people who know nothing of binary options trading here. Thats why they tell you all about how you don’t need any experience or knowlege and you don’t have to do anything really.

SnapCash Binary is a scamWhat?? This guy claims a 73% win rate?

Ok. Its a little strange, but the one testimonial they place below the sales video by a guy name Hans claims it has a 73% win rate.

A 73% win rate is believable. Its nothing great and there is no doubt an automated software can achieve that. But in the sales video Austin claims it had a 96% win rate.

So why the big difference? Thats a difference of 23%, which is huge.

This is a major inconsistency and definitely makes me more suspicious.

The Testimonials Are Fake!!

I guess it doesn’t really matter what the testimonials say becuase they are all fake anyhow.

How do I know this? Well… I have proof. Check this out. So here are the testimonials as they are shown on snapcashbinary.comSnapCash Binary is a scam

And then look at this. I was able to find the same image of “Adam Meijer” (the guy in the middle) online. The problem is that this guy’s name isn’t Adam and this picture was taken from another picture.nano-c82-google-chrome-2016-10-17-07-04-08

This picture is the original. And this guys name is supposedly Wojtek.

This photo was taken for a testimonial for a car product called Nano-C82. Not that it matters but its a protective coating to protect the paint of cars.

All the scammers at SnapCash Binary did was took a screenshot of this guy’s head and put it as the testimonial image for Adam.

I wasn’t able to deterimine for certain if the other 2 images were fake but as far as I’m concerned they are.

The Disclaimer They Don’t Want You To See

If you go to the very bottom of the snapcashbinary.com page you will see a link to their disclaimer page. They have to have this for legal purposes, but its no doubt that they want to keep this hidden from you.

They admit to using actors in the sales video and say that it is “fictitious”. They also say that success and earnings are not guaranteed. You can see this from the screenshot I took below…SnapCash Binary disclaimer

You see with this disclaimer they are able to scam you legally. They can say all the fake lies that they want in the sales video. As long as they have a disclaimer that you can access like this they are doing it legally.

I know its a bunch of crap because most people aren’t going to see this disclaimer, but thats the way it is.

How They Scam You

But how can SnapCash Binary scam me? Its free?

This is how they get you. I know it sounds awesome because the software is free. But the fact of the matter is that you will have to fund your trading account to get started. And the minimum deposit is $250.

And good luck ever seeing that money back.

Final Thoughts.. SnapCash Binary is a Scam Without a Doubt

Ok so let me summarize all that I’ve went over. SnapCash Binary claims that it has some amazing code that can accurately predict the market and give you a win rate of 96%, then there is a testimonial that claims a win rate of 73% which is very inconsistent, but it doesn’t matter because the testimonials are fake as can be anyhow, and lastly the disclaimer says right on it that the whole video is fake and that there is no guarantee of success or making money.

This place has scam written all over it and although I have not invested in it I know its a scam. There are literally hundreds more of these types of scams, many of which I have reviewed including Gemini 2, Instant Cash Club, Scalper Bot 1000, Quantum Code, and more. These are just some of the recent binary options scams that have come out.

Anyway, do yourself a favor and DO NOT INVEST in this.

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