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Is SnagShout a Scam? What You Should Know About It

By Kyle / May 21, 2017

After coming across SnagShout I was pretty suspicious of their claims. They claim to offer discounts on Amazon products of up to 90% or higher. But can you really trust this place. Or is SnagShout a scam like many other similar sites?

After hearing about this site for while I finally decided to take a look into it to see if it lives up to the hype. And while I cat assure you that this is not a scam, there are some downsides to it all that you should be aware of before you sign up. In this review I’m going to go over what you should know.

snagshoutSnagShout Review

  • Name: SnagShout
  • Website: SnagShout.com
  • Cost: Free to Join
  • Recommended?: For some people, more on this


SnagShout is one of many websites what offers discounts on Amazon products in exchange for your review. They are free to sign up for and easy to use.

You can generally expect to see deals ranging anywhere from 50-85% off, but will occasionally find deals in the 90%+ range.

I know that this all sounds crazy that they can offer these deals and that this can possibly be legitimate but I will go over how it all works and it will make sense to you.

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How SnagShout Works

SnagShout is not in anyway affiliated or endorsed by Amazon. They don’t deal with Amazon directly. Instead, they partner with Top Sellers and merchants that sell on Amazon.

The reason they have so many good deals is because the merchants that they partner with offer these good deals in order to get people like you to review their products. It is beneficial for merchants to do this because products are proven to sell much better when they have good reviews.

So even though the merchant might be selling products at a very low cost and making close to nothing, it can help them in the long run.

Usually merchants will offer these kinds of deals when they first put a product for sale on Amazon. Once they get enough reviews they don’t need this service.

Basically SnagShout is just a middle man that provides these deals to people like you and I.

So simply put….  Merchants on Amazon want reviews >> They give discounts on products for these reviews & partner with SnagShout >> SnagShout finds people to review products by offering these discounts.

How You Can Get These Deals

The process is pretty simple and doesn’t take any effort really.

1) Sign Up

Signing up for SnagShout is free to do and doesn’t take long. All you need is your name and email and you are good to go. You can also choose to signup with your Facebook account.

2) Snag a Deal

Once signed up you will be able to browse all of the current deals. You can search in specific categories and for specific items if you want. You can also choose to get email updates on all the new deals that come out.

These deals are limited. They often say “only 2 left” or “3 days left” or something like this. So if you wait too long you might miss out.

3) Buy on Amazon

Once you find a deal you want you will be able to click a link that will take you to the product on Amazon. Along with this you will get a coupon code that you can enter at checkout to receive the discount.

You will just buy as normal along with entering the coupon code.

4) Leave a Review

And not just any review, but an honest review. Honesty is key here. If you don’t like something about a product you got then say so.

You also need to try to write a more descriptive and in-depth review than you probably normally would. One sentence isn’t going to cut it. Give it a little more though.

What Type of Products Can You Get?

There is no telling what products you will find here. But they are never too expensive. They all tend to fall into the affordable and cheaper category.

Some popular item types include fitness/health products, phone accessories, pet accessories, and more. And just to give you an example, here are some of the many deals that are available at this very second as I write this…


Overall, SnagShout is one of the better Amazon product discount sites out there in my opinion. But as with anything, no matter how good it is, there are going to be complaints. There really weren’t very many at all with this site though, so that’s good news.

Limited To Purchase Quantity

You are limited in the amount you can purchase. You are only allowed to “snag” one of each item. You also can only “snag” a certain amount of item each week.

Recently they also changed their policy to only allow 3 snags at a time.

This Isn’t Free

You are going to have to pay for these products. I know that is a downside and all but I can’t really complain too much here. The deals are good deals. But apparently some people still complain about this.

Also, if you aren’t an Amazon Prime member you are likely going to have to pay for shipping which might not be worth it.

Final Thoughts & Do I Recommend SnagShout?

I think SnagShout is a pretty great site that is mutually beneficial to both sellers and buyers. It helps out sellers by getting product reviews to act as  social proof to help them sell more, and it helps out buyers because it saves them money! Its a great idea and I like what I see.

Overall, I absolutely recommend SnagShout. There are a handful of these types of websites out there but SnagShout definitely ranks near the top in my book.

Just don’t expect to make money off of these products. You are not supposed to resell them.

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