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Is Six Figure Mentors a Scam? – What You Need to Know

By Kyle / September 14, 2017

Is Six Figure Mentors really as good as it claims to be? Is making money online going to be a breeze with this program? Or is Six Figure Mentors a scam that is just going to lead you on with high hopes but bring about no real reward? If you join will you just end up more broke than when you started?

These are all questions that need answered and this is why I decided to throw together this review. I know there are a lot of people out there looking into this program but are a little suspicious of the claims made. This review is for you guys and gals. I’ll be going over the cost, what you get, what I don’t like and more.

The Six Figure MentorsThe Six Figure Mentors Review

  • Website: thesixfigurementors.com
  • Creators: Stuart Ross, Jay Kubassek
  • Cost: $25/mo – $2,500/yr
  • Recommended?: Not really; more on this

Six Figure Mentors, aka SFM, was launched in 2010 by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek. And what this place is, is an online marketing platform that provides tools and training for online business.

This “system”, if you want to call it that, can be beneficial to people that are complete newbies to online business and people that already have an online business.

It is a rather expensive program and costs anywhere from $25/mo to $2,500/yr depending on what membership you choose.

If you are familiar with programs like MOBE or Aspire then you pretty much already know what this program is going to be like. It reminds me of them very much.

The Cost

As mentioned, this program can get very expensive. If you are just looking to promote it as an affiliate then you can join for free, but if you actually want to get the program itself then you are going to need to pay.

There are 3 memberships offered at Six Figure Mentors. These include…

  1. Student -$25/mo
  2. Essential – $297 sign up fee + $97/mo
  3. Elite – $2,500/yr

The Elite membership is what you call an “add on”, meaning that you can’t purchase it by itself. You must first have the Essential membership and then you can purchase the Elite on top of that.

As you can imagine the more expensive memberships give you a lot more. I’ll be going over what all you can get here….

What You Get

As a Student member you will get access to all of the affiliate promotional things. You will get pre-made sales funnels, promotional banners, sales pages, and things that are made for you to promote SFM to other people. You will also get access to some of the courses that are on their “Digital Skills Platform”. These include courses of all kinds ranging from teachings on blogging, to Facebook, to Google+, to Google Adwords and more.

As an Essential or Elite member you will get all of this plus step by step business setup blueprints, weekly live training webinar access, access to a private community of members, and access to live events.

What This Is Good For

SFM provides a lot of good training and some very professional tools + other resources that you will be able to work with. You can apply what you learn here to help increase sales with any online business really. However, there seems to be a push to get members to promote the system.

This is why it reminds me so much of MOBE and Aspire, because they really seem to nudge you to go out and promote SFM to others rather than push you to pursue online business in your own specialty niche.

Much of the training, the pre-made sales pages, etc… its all to get people to promote SFM.

The MLM Part of It

Six Figure Mentors claims not to be a mlm but I’m still calling them a mlm because they are one. This has the same basic compensation structure as MOBE.

Some people call them a “2 tier affiliate program” but this is just another name for a small mlm. Sure they don’t have many levels but nonetheless they do have “multiple” levels, and after all…. mlm stands for multi-level marketing.

Basically how their affiliate program works is like this:

As an affiliate you will earn commissions on the memberships and other SFM products that you get people to buy. The higher membership level you personally have the higher commissions you will earn, but this varies depending on the actual product you get someone to buy.

So you make commission off of the people that you directly bring into SFM….. AND you will also make commissions off of the money that they make. So if they go out and bring other people into SFM and make money, you will earn commissions from that too.

Its true that this is a very modest mlm but it is still a mlm.

The Reason I Don’t Like MLM’s

MLM’s just make it more difficult to make money. They siphon money away from the newbies that are just starting out and use it to pay off those above them that have been around longer. Most mlm’s have severely uneven income distributions because of this.

Fortunately, because SFM is barely a mlm, the income opportunity should be pretty much the same for those starting and those that have been members for a while. But unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any sort of income disclosure chart to show this.

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

The Six Figure Mentors program is not a scam. It provides a lot of good quality training and tools. I’m sure there are people out there that are really benefiting from this program and making some good money online.

However, I wouldn’t particularly recommend this program for beginners that are on a tight budget. It is too costly and there are better options out there.

What I would suggest is to take a look at my no. 1 recommended program. This is what I started out with in 2015 and I’m still a member there. It is much more affordable and it is more realistic for the “average Joe” to make money with what this program offers.

==> No. 1 Recommended Program Here

By the way, I make a living online and its pretty much all thanks to what I learned and was provided with in this program.

Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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