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Is shopathome.com A Scam? A Must Read Review

By Kyle / December 16, 2016

ShopAtHome.com is one of many cashback portals that pay you to shop basically. Its similar to Ibotta if you have ever heard of them.

But is this place worth your time? Before you sign up of course the first thing you need to know is whether shopathome.com is a scam or not. In this review I’ll be going over exactly that. I’ll also be going over the rules for earning cashback, how much you can make, and how you get paid.

ShopAtHome.com scamMy ShopAtHome.com Review

  • Website: shopathome.com
  • Type: Cashback Shopping
  • Price to Join: Free
  • Rating: 7/10 (Pay is good, lots of stores to shop at, just the payment method is below par)

First and foremost, shopathome.com is definitely not a scam. Sure there are some complaints that I have but I just like to complain and can find something wrong with everything. There is also a lot to like about shopathome.com and here I’ll be going over the good and the bad.

First off, let me go over how it all works…

How To Make Money With ShopAtHome.com

1) Find A Store You Want To Shop At

They are partnered with over 3,000 stores in which you can get cashback for shopping at so there is no reason why anyone shouldn’t be able to make some money shopping with this portal.

So first you just need to click on a store from their long list. You are also able to look stores up if you don’t feel like going through them all.

Once you pick a store you will see all the offers that are available for shopping there. You will see coupons, cashback rates, and any restrictions that there might one what items qualify for these.

2) Go Shopping

Nothing fancy here, just go shopping like you normally do. And this is all online shopping by the way. So when you see a deal you like on the shopathome.com portal, just click on it and it will take you to the online store to shop at.

Buy the items like you normally would.

3) Earn Money

After you make the purchase when you go back to your dashboard at shopathome.com you will see the cashback amount you just earned as “pending”. And within a week that money will be yours to keep.

How To Get Your Money

When I say the money will be yours to keep.. thats not entirely true. Before you are able to actually receive the money you have to get your account balance up to a $20 minimum. This is a common practice for cashback programs and I guess its because these companies don’t want to be doing a billion transactions for every dollar someone makes. Its something that I don’t like, but I do see it as necessary.

Once you reach the $20 threshold its time to get your money. And this actually brings me to one of my complaints… you only can get paid by check!

Sites like Ibotta and eBates offer you a bunch of ways to get paid, for example by gift cards, PayPal, direct deposit etc. But shopathome.com doesn’t do this and I’m not a fan of it.

ShopAtHome.com Complaints

Takes Forever To Get Paid

The fact that this place only pays by check definitely is one of the more common complaints that people have. And besides the time that it takes for a check to arrive, which is around a week, it also takes forever for them to actually send out the check.

They have procedure where they don’t actually send out your check until 60 days after you reach the $20 cash out threshold. So you have to wait for over 2 months for your check which I think is very ridiculous.

Where Is My Cash Back?

You will also find complaints of people saying that they didn’t receive their deserved cash back from their purchases. This is just something thats going to happen very rarely and it happens with all cash back sites.

Sometimes the cookies that track your orders get messed up and don’t track you correctly so you don’t get credit for your order. Again, this is very rare.

Is ShopAtHome.com Worth It?

This place pays decent, but there isn’t much difference in the pay with a lot of the cash back sites. Based on the fact that it takes forever to receive your money from shopathome.com I wouldn’t recommend it and would suggest Mr. Rebates instead.

If you are looking for a great “in-store” cashback shopping app then you should read about Ibotta here. It is my favorite of all cashback programs and I make about $15 a week (give or take) just doing my normal grocery shopping.

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