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Is Secret Facebook Income Club a Scam? You Might Want To See This

By Kyle / November 3, 2016

is Secret Facebook Income Club a scamWhile searching around online you might have come across Secret Facebook Income Club. They claim you can make an easy $397 per day, but is this true?? In this short review I’ll be exposing this for what it really is.

Spoiler: Yes it is a scam

Secret Facebook Income Club Review

Secret Facebook Income Club is nothing more than a front. It is being promoted on many different sites, 2 of which are secretincomeclub.net and secretincomeclub.org. But its nothing more than a flashy new product that doesn’t exist. If you click to “get started now” with the Secret Facebook Income Club you will be redirected to a scam called Work At Home EDU.

The page you get to will look like this…WAH EDU scam

And if you enter you information to see if there are positions available in your area, of course you find out that there are! There are a limited number left so you have to hurry.

But you really can’t trust this place and I’ll show you why before I get into the underlying scam here.

Bobbie Robinson Is Fake


Remember seeing this lady to the right??

She goes by the name Bobbie Robinson here, but I really don’t think thats here name.

As you can see below she goes by a different name…

Check it out. Here is a picture of her and this lady goes by the name of Michelle Robinson. This is from ultimate-home-profits.com Could this be Bobbie’s identical twin? I think not.ultimate-home-profits-google-chrome-2016-11-03-06-50-02

And there is more where this came from. This same image along with the same description of being desperately in need of money and finding this secret method to making money online is use on a number of sites, many of which change her name.

But it doesn’t matter too much because they all are trying to pull off the same scam.

How Bobbie Says You Can Make Money

Posting links for companies! Its called affiliate marketing and its what I specialize in online, so I know all about it and thats why I know for sure this is a scam.

But what she tells you is that companies want you to go out and post links to their products in order to help sell more. And when someone clicks that link and buys the product you get paid a commission. This is 100% true and legitimate. This is how I make my money online.

The Lies She Tells You

She misleads you a lot in this sales page. There is an income calculator in which you are supposed to see how much you can make, but it is nothing but a lie.wah-edu-wahedu-com-google-chrome-2016-11-03-07-13-38

There is NO way of guessing how much money a link can make you. Its IMPOSSIBLE. It depends on the amount of people who click that link and the amount who actually continue to purchase the product. Many links you post will earn you a big fat $0. And others could earn you thousands… It all depends and can vary greatly.

She makes it seem way to easy. I mean look at the calculator above. It says that I can make $300 a day just by posting 15 links. And they tell you it only takes a couple of minutes per link. So pretty much I just spent 30 minutes to an hour posting links and I’m going to make $300!!!!

Ya right. This is such a load of BS. If it were this easy everyone would be doing it. But its now. I know this.

Bobbie Robinson Is Fake & So Is Her Scam

Bobbie Robinson is fake, I proved that to you. And this whole program is a lie. She tries to sucker you in by telling you exactly what you want to hear… that its a piece of cake to make money online. But the truth is that its not that easy.

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