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Is Scalper Bot 1000 a Scam? What You NEED To Know

By Kyle / September 28, 2016

Kyle here, and today I’m bringing you this Scalper Bot 1000 Review. Why? Well because its NOT what they claim it is and you could end up losing a lot of money.

In this review I’ll be going over a few things that you should know about Scalper Bot as well as answering the question that everyone needs to know… Is Scalper Bot 1000 a scam?

Scalper Bot 1000 Review

  • scalper-bot-1000-reviewWebsite: scalperbot1000.co
  • Creator: Kevin Bright
  • Price: Free to use, but you have to make initial investment
  • Rating: 0.5/10 (Scam software, I’ll prove it, they will steal your money)

Scalper Bot 1000 claims to be an automated binary options trading software that make it a piece of cake for anyone to make upwards of $1,000 per day. Thats right, they claim it can easily make you $1,000 per day! And guess what.. its free to use.

Allegedly Kevin Bright and his team have developed some amazing algorithm in which the Scalper Bot uses. It makes 100 trades per day and the minimum gained from each trade is $10, so thats a $1000 payday minimum per day.

Smells like a scam doesn’t it? Dang right it does, thats because Scalper Bot 1000 is a SCAM! And you will see why.

Kevin Bright Is NOT REAL

Yup, you heard me right. This guy is a paid actor and anyone can hire him. I’ll prove it to you.

Ok, so here is a screenshot of him from the sales video on scalperbot1000.cokevin-bright-scam

And here is a screenshot of this actor’s profile on Fiverrcreate-a-professional-spokesperson-video-_-fiverr-google-chrome-2016-09-28-17-56-10

I’ll admit it, this guy is a pretty good actor compared to a lot of other scams I have came across. He is a very smooth talker and you can tell he is intelligent. So don’t feel bad if he fooled you. I mean, after all, he is a level 2 seller on Fiverr.

But anyway… Now you know Kevin Bright is a fake. And you can’t trust this place. But it gets even worse than just this.

The Testimonials Are Fake!

If you scroll down below the video you will see some testimonials from people who supposedly have used Scalper Bot 1000 and love it. Unfortunately… these are completely fake and made up.

To find this out I took screenshots of the testimonial images, uploaded them to Google, and searched for identical images that are being used online.

Check this out. Here is “Adal Klose” from the testimonials on the Scalper Bot 1000 sales page.scalper-bot-1000-is-a-scam

stock-photo-of-business-woman-smiling-with-arms-crossed-isolated-over-csp8704954-search-stock-images-photographs-pictures-and-clipart-photos-google-chrome-2016-09-28-16-05-20And guess what? Here she is again.. This time on CanStockPhoto.com. This photo is a stock photo and anyone can buy it and use it online. These scammers simply bought it and put in as a testimonial to try to add credibility to their scam product. Its a shame.

And it doesn’t end there. All of the testimonial images are as fake as can be. I’ll show you another.


Here is a testimonial from “Steve Barber” as they say…scalper-bot-1000-fake

And after screenshotting this image and uploading it to Google for a search, this is what I found. Steve Barber must be a really popular guy.google-search-google-chrome-2016-09-28-16-11-21

I couldn’t find the exact stock photo site where this image came from, but seeing the same image on 30+ other sites is good enough for me to call it a fake.

And as if this isn’t bad enough to get you to stop from investing with this software, they make 1 very important claim that is absolutely impossible.

Outrageous & Impossible Claim

The craziest thing that this guy says is that this “one of a kind” trading bot has 100% accuracy. ARE YOU FU*&ing kidding me?? That is so far fetched its unbelievable.

The binary options trading market is an extremely volatile market and 100% accuracy is far from possible. There are SO MANY VARIABLES that affect the prices of assets being traded in the binary option market. It is IMPOSSIBLE to accurately predict the fluctuations and changes of the pricing of these assets, and for that reason it is impossible to achieve 100% accuracy.

After hearing Kevin say that it has 100% accuracy I knew this software was a definite scam.

They Direct You to an Unregulated Broker

Now I’m not saying that an unregulated broker is necessarily a scam, but I am saying that the chance of it being a scam is much greater. Without any major authority regulating and monitoring the broker’s activity, they are pretty much free to operate as they choose.

After signing up and creating an account with Scalper Bot 1000 you need a broker. And their recommended broker is a place called CTOption. And this place is located in England.

Them being unregulated means that they either didn’t want to pay regulation fees, or they are involved in scam activity and can’t meet regulation standards.

Now I will say that I did a whois search of ctoption.com and it shows that the domain has been around since 2012. The fact that it is 4 years old does add credibility to it in my opinion, but its still not enough.

Is CTOption a scam? Judging from a good number of complaints about CTOption on Binary Option forum, along with the fact that they are unregulated, I can conclude that they should not be easily trusted, but I’m not sure about them being a scam.

Either way, I would definitely NOT invest through them.

Final Thoughts… Scalper Bot 1000 Is A SCAM!!!

This one is a pretty obvious scam. The spokesperson, Kevin Bright, is a proven fake, the testimonials are proven fakes, the claims made about the software are impossible, and the broker they send you to is unregulated and can’t be trusted.

So unless you are an extreme daredevil and love risking your hard earned money on phony scams like this, I would suggest you stay the heck away from here. Its a pure scam.

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