Is Receipt Hog a Scam? What You Need To Know

If you know me then you know I love to make easy money without going out of my way. Even if its just a small amount, I like it. And with Receipt Hog this is possible. Like iBotta and other similar apps, Receipt Hog will give you cashback on your everyday shopping purchases.

It sounds great and all, but there are some things that you should know before you decide to sign up or not. Is Receipts Hog a scam? No, I definitely wouldn’t go as far as to say that, but there are some complaints that you should be aware of that I will be going over in this review…

does receipt hog workReceipt Hog Review

Overall, Receipt Hog is a good app in my opinion. Its still not my favorite cashback app (iBotta is my fave), but it works well and I like it.

But before I get into this review I think its important to know what exactly Receipt Hog is and how this all works

What Is It & How Does This Work?

Receipt Hog is a free app that can be downloaded on any Apple or Android device. It was developed by the market research company InfoScout with the purpose of tracking customer shopping habits.

To give you incentive to go out and use the Receipt Hog app of course they have to reward you some how. And this is why they pay you!

So its a win-win situation in some ways… you get paid to use the free app, and they get to collect data on your shopping habits.

How Do You Make Money

How you make money with Receipt Hog is pretty simple. Its as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1) You Go Shopping

One of the great things about Receipt Hog is that you can shop pretty much anywhere and get rewarded. There are not many apps like this that will allow you to go anywhere. Most of them only reward you for purchases at select stores.

2) You Get A Receipt

You just have to make sure that the store you shop at gives out itemized receipts, meaning receipts that list every item you buy, not just a grand total. Some liquor stores and places like this won’t give out these itemized receipts.

3) You Upload That Receipt

Now all you do is upload the receipt to the app. For it to count you are going to have to make sure you take a picture of the receipt entirely, meaning everything including the store name is included.

Getting Paid

Of course this is the whole point of using Receipt Hog. If you don’t get paid there is no reason to be wasting your time with it. But does it actually pay you? Does Receipt Hog work?

Yes sirs and ma’ams it does work.

But you don’t get paid in real money right away. Like pretty much every app in this industry, you first get paid in their own form of currency, which in this case are coins. These coins can later be redeemed for real money via gift cards and PayPal cash.

But besides uploading receipts, they offer 2 other ways that you can earn coins, which include their online slot machine and sweepstakes entries.

If you win a spin on Hog Slots you could potentially get lucky and earn a lot of coins with just 1 spin. They also give out the value of 1 person’s last shopping trip in coins each day. So if you are that lucky person they thats awesome.

And as for the sweepstakes, you can earn thousands of coins with one draw if you are the lucky winner.

How Much Is A Coin Worth?

To determine the worth of a coin you need to look at the rewards that have real value in which you are redeeming your coins for.

As stated above, you can cash out your coins for cash via PayPal, or you can choose to get gift cards.

You need 1000 coins minimum to be able to cash out, and this will get you $5. So in this case 200 coins would equal a dollar.

But the cool thing about Receipt Hog is that the more coins you have, the more they are worth.

Once you have 1800 coins you can cash out for $10, which means 180 coins are worth $1. And once you have 3200 coins you can cash out for $20, which means 160 coins = $1. And for 4500 coins you can get $30, which means 150 coins = $1.

How Much Can You Expect To Make?

That all depends on the amount of shopping that you do and how much you buy.

Receipt Hog pays you coins based on the totals of your receipts. The more you spend, them more coins they give you.

A $10 receipt can earn you 5 coins, $10-$50 = 10 coins, $50-$100 = 15 coins, $100+ = 20 coins, generally.

So is definitely not much, but you are going to do the shopping regardless. So… what the heck, its all profit.

Receipt Hog Complaints

With over a 4/5 star rating on Google Play and over 49,000 votes, you might think Receipt Hog is a no-brainer… but there are some serious complaints about it going around.receipt hog review

Of course you have people complaining about there accounts being shut down for no reason. But many of these people end up finding out that they have violated Receipt Hog’s terms of service, which I do recommend you read before using this app.

The bigger concern here is that recently there have been a lot of complaints about long-time members’ accounts getting shut down. And I’m talking about people who have been members for years.

In fact if I look at the ratings on Google Play at this very second there are 2 out of the 4 most recent reviews that claim this has happened to them.

I have even heard that some of these high ranking members have received emails saying that their accounts have been terminated because Receipt Hog’s community has grown too large and they can’t afford to pay all the members. So they terminate the higher ranking ones that earn more money.

This is no joke. I don’t have any personal experience with this, but I think it is a real concern that I should bring to your attention.

Final Thoughts… Do I Recommend Receipt Hog?

Honestly, I’m going to say enter at your own risk. Like I mentioned above, I haven’t run into any problems with them and have been able to get paid the money I deserve, but there are a lot of people complaining right now.

One thing that I really like about Receipt Hog is that you can go into just about any store there is and shop like you normally do. Its not like you have to go out of your way to shop and look for certain items. Just shop like you normally do and get paid.

I would however recommend the iBotta cashback app for those who do a lot of grocery shopping however. This is my favorite cashback app. You can read my review on it here if you want.

Just know that with any of these cashback apps you aren’t going to be making much of anything. Its just a way to make some extra pocket change, which is still nice.

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What do think about Receipt Hog? Comments, questions, concerns??? Leave them below in the comment section…

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