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Is Raena Lynn a Scam? – Yup… Here Work From Home Programs Are NOT As Advertised

By Kyle / April 7, 2018

Is Raena Lynn a ScamRaena Lynn claims to be a work at home mom that was once struggling paycheck to paycheck and now makes a nice living working from home… Online. She claims that this program she uses is super easy and that anyone can make $379 per day with it. But is this really true? Is this the dream work at home program that everyone has been waiting for? Unfortunately it is not. Is Raena Lynn a scam? Yes, and in this short post I will be going over why.

I first came across “Raena Lynn” when I was looking into a work from home program called Automated Daily Income. The program was advertised as having limited availability, requiring no experience, and claim that you could make money the first day you started using it. I knew it was a scam right off the bat, and you will see why later in this post, so I decided to write a review on it. Below is a screenshot of what the homepage for this scam looks like…

What Here Program Claims to Be

In a nutshell, the Automated Daily Income program that she promotes is advertised as a super easy way to make money online. Pretty much it has all the makings of your typical online scam.

Easy money? Check. Requires barely any work? Check. You can make boatloads of money with it? Check.

Who Is This Lady?

Of course there is no information whatsoever on Raena Lynn. We don’t even know if she exists or not but I’m guessing that she probably doesn’t because I have looked into many similar scams and most of the time they fabricate a character for the purposes of promoting the scam, instead of using their real name.

If you have any inside information on who this lady really is I would love to know but as far as I can tell you she is a ghost. If you look up Raena Lynn Automated Daily Income on Google all you will find is other reviews like mine here, nothing else about this lady.

Wait… I’ve Seen This Scam Before

I’ve seen this same scam layout about 100 times before with other scam programs like Home Internet Income, Instant Income, Home Jobs Now, etc.. This is why new this whole work at home program she is promoting was a scam from the start. Below you can see some screenshots I’ve taken from the many nearly identical programs I’ve reviewed…

However there is a difference between pretty much all of the other nearly identical scam programs and this one in particular that Raena Lynn is promoting. These other nearly identical scam programs promoted what they called “link posting” where they claimed that people could make $15 per link that they post online, which only takes one minute to post each link.

This program that Raena Lynn is promoting is different. It is a sales funnel that tries to get people to buy into a completely different program.

What You Are Really Buying Into With Here Program

The program that she is trying to get you to buy into is called MOBE, and it is a digital marketing program that provides training and tools for making money online. The training and tools that it provides from what I hear are pretty good, but there is a problem. The problem is that it is basically one of those programs that people buy into looking to make money online and then it pushes them to make money online by promoting the program to other people. So you buy into MOBE to make money and then you make money by promoting MOBE to other people and getting them to buy in.

Sure you can apply the training and everything they give you to any online business but the reality is that the training pushes members to promote the same system.

On top of that the program is extremely expensive. You can buy in for the low price of $49, but this is just the beginning. MOBE is what you call a “high ticket” program, meaning that it is extremely expensive.

The good thing about it being expensive is that when you sell it to other people you can earn big commissions, but the bad thing about it being so expensive is of course you have to pay the price. MOBE uses a licensing rights business model that requires you to first purchase their products before you can promote them to other people and make money doing so. Their core products include their Silver, Gold, Titanium, Platinum, and their Diamond tiers of membership, which as you can see get insanely expensive going all the way up to $29,997…

There are a lot of other programs out there like MOBE. In fact, there was a big one called Aspire that recently got shut down by the government. Will MOBE get shut down? I don’t know, but it is less likely to because it does not have an extravagant MLM commission structure like Aspire did. But it does do the same thing where it pushes members to promote the company and requires them to first purchase the products before they can earn commissions promoting them.

Conclusion on These Work at Home Scams

You can form your own opinion but in my opinion Raena Lynn is definitely a scam. There is nothing about her Automated Daily Income program that leads me to believe she is actually a real person in any way. I mean sure there are people with the same name as her but this particular Raena Lynn does not exist, and I’m about 99% sure of that.

Her program is also a big old scam. It lures people in with the hopes and dreams of making super easy money online and makes them believe that it’s not going to cost much to be able to do so. The reality is that it is going to cost a small fortune to make good money with MOBE, if you follow the program and decide to promote it as they will push you to do. I’m not saying that you can’t make money with MOBE, and I’m sure some people make a lot with it, I’m just saying that the Automated Daily Income fake program was filled with a bunch of lies and misleading information and that anyone who bought into MOBE through the sales funnel is more than likely going to be very disappointed in feel like they have been scammed.

You definitely have to be careful out there in the online world especially when you are looking for different ways to make money. That is where you really start to run into a lot of scams.If you are looking for a legitimate program that I actually recommend then I would suggest taking a look at Wealthy Affiliate. This is the program I use to make money online and you can read my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

Please leave any of your questions or comments below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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