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Is Pruvit a Scam? The Business Opportunity Isn’t All That

There is a lot of hype around Pruvit with all the independent distributors out there jumping on board and promoting it. But should you trust everything that you hear about this place? Is it really the incredible business opportunity that you have been waiting for? Or is Pruvit a scam that is going to be nothing more than false dreams and a waste of your time?

I looked into the business opportunity that Pruvit offers to see if its anything special. I have looked into dozens of other similar companies and usually they are way over-hyped and don’t live up to their expectations. So I was definitely a little suspicious going into this “investigation”. In this short review I’ll be going over how this biz op works, the compensation plan, the downside of this business, and more.

PruvitPruvit Business Opportunity Review

  • Name: Pruvit
  • Type: Direct sales business
  • Cost to Join: $37/yr membership + initial product purchase
  • Recommended?: For some; more on this


Pruvit is a company that sells health products based around the benefits of Ketone OS. Recently there has been a lot of media attention given to the newfound health benefits of this compound Ketone OS and Pruvit is capitalizing on this popularity by selling drinks and bars that contain this compound.

They operate under a direct sales business model, which means that these products aren’t sold in stores. Instead, anyone can join the business as an independent distributor and make money selling these products. In addition to this the company also has a mlm compensation structure which means that you can also make money by recruiting new distributors into the business.

Similar mlm’s to this include Zurvita, doTERRA, and Melaleuca 

How You Make Money

When you become a distributor you can make money in 2 main ways… by making sales directly and by recruiting others as I mentioned above.

Direct Sales are great and all but the real money is made with recruitment. Why? Well because with recruitment you are able to move up the ranks and you are also able to earn commissions from the sales that your recruits make. Everyone that makes good money here knows that recruitment is key.

When you recruit another distributor into the business that person becomes part of your “downline” and you will earn a percentage of what they make. They can then go and recruit other distributors and you will also earn a percentage of what they make. This continues to branch out beneath you with small commissions trickling up to you.

In the Pruvit compensation plan there are 10 different ranks. As I mentioned, you are going to want to move up the ranks to be able to take advantage of this comp plan. The higher up the ranks you go the more people beneath you that you will be able to make money off of and the more you can make.

And as you can see below, moving up the ranks is all about recruitment for the most part. If you notice the PQV (Personal Qualifying Volume), which is a the amount of products that you sell personally does not change much as you go up the ranks. You will have to increase your sales somewhat but its nothing major. However… the TV (Team Volume) and GV (Group Volume) go way up as you move up the ranks. This means you are going to a have to recruit like crazy to make it to the top…. as expected.

Below is a screenshot of part of the rank structure…

Is Pruvit a Pyramid Scheme?

This business model is what you call mlm, or multi-level marketing. It resembles a pyramid scheme very much as far as the recruitment commission structure goes. But there isn’t enough for me to call this a pyramid scheme. In order for it to be one it must be overly reliant on recruitment rather than product sales to the general public for its revenues.

One thing that I do find very pyramid scheme-ish is how you can make money off of the initial recruit. You see when you recruit someone in they have to purchase products, and you will actually earn commissions off of these products. Many mlm’s make it so that you can only make money when they make money from future sales, but with Pruvit you make money right off of the recruit.

But still I don’t think there is enough to call this a pyramid scheme. It may be a shady mlm, but doesn’t amount to a pyramid scheme.

The Reality of This Business

Although this business may seem like the most amazing opportunity in the world it is not. Much of what you hear comes from distributors that are looking to build up their downline and make money off of you.

The reality is that the large majority of people in this business are going to fail to ever make good money. And this is the reality for just about any mlm style business out there… the top few reap the rewards from those slaving away beneath them.

I wasn’t able to find an official income disclosure chart to prove this to you but I did find an Income Disclaimer where they tell you that based on projections and industry standards they estimate that the average income annually will be somewhere between $500-$2,000….

Does $500 to $2k a year sound like a good income? The answer is no and this is just a testament to how most people fail.

Businesses like this have extremely high turnover rates because people get involved in them with very unrealistic expectations. Based on the misleading information they are fed they believe that making money here is simple and an opportunity that they must jump on, but the reality is much different.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line here is that making money as a Pruvit distributor is not as easy as many people make you believe. The whole point of this review was to make you and other people aware of this so that you know what you are getting yourself into.

If you think you are an amazing salesperson and can recruit people into this business left & right then this might be an opportunity worth considering. But if you are hesitant and don’t think you have that good salesperson personality then this probably isn’t for you. The entire mlm business structure is just not set up in a way where many people can make good money. Only the top few will while the new recruits and those at the bottom struggle to make much of anything.

If you are like me and are just not the salesperson type, or you want another option for making money with your own business, you should read my post on how I make a living working online (link below). I work for myself online and its a pretty awesome career. In the post I wrote I explain what it is that I do, how it all works, and how others can do the same.

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Comments, questions, concerns??? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon ?

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