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Is Product Testing USA a Scam? – What You Should Know

By Kyle / May 31, 2018

Product Testing USA Review

Product Testing USA gives away expensive problems such as iPhones, tablets, watches, as well as gift cards to restaurants, exchange for your review. But what’s the catch? They can just give devices that cost hundreds of dollars like this and stay in business… Can they?

To be honest, it sounds way too good to be true and you may be wondering “is Product Testing USA a scam?” There are actually a fair number of people out there calling this place a scam and for good reason. While I would not call a scam, will say that this site does lure people in with false hope only to make money off of them.

In this review I will be going over what you really need to know about this site beforehand. If you’re thinking about joining you are going to want to think again about this and read my review here first.

What Is Product Testing USA?

Product Testing USA claims to be a site that is mainly driven by product testing. What they do is give out free products in exchange for reviews of the product. They also give a gift cards and cash vouchers for restaurants and stores in exchange for reviews as well, which is called secret shopping and secret dining.

However, it is quite obvious that there is more going on here than meets the eye. If they were really that interested in receiving reviews for product testing as well as secret shopping/dining, then they would be picking more reviewers than they currently do. As of now they are only selecting one reviewer for one product each day.

So how can they possibly be making enough money to stay in business by only receiving one review per day? And why are they constantly accepting new testers? They always are trying to get more and more testers to sign up, saying that they need them, when they really have plenty of testers available for their measly one review per day.

A normal product testing business will want many reviews. They don’t just want a single review of a product from a single person. They want to get many people’s opinions because that is what the companies paying them want. Getting a single review per day isn’t cutting it. This would not help companies improve their products/services much at all based on consumer opinions.

The Real Purpose Of This Site

So what’s in it for them? What would the point be of luring people in with expensive products like this that they could “win”? If the real purpose isn’t product testing like they lead you to believe then what is it?

Well the truth is that the main purpose of this site’s existence is to capture peoples personal data so that they can make money off of it. They are in the business of personal data harvesting and just want you to sign up so that they can sell your contact details for marketing purposes, which is why if you have signed up then you know darn well your inbox gets flooded with spam and you probably have even received many sales calls from this all.

How It Works

So on the homepage of their website they have all their current offers listed that you can choose to sign up for…

As an example I clicked on the offer for the Amazon Echo Spot. After clicking the red Sign Up button I was directed to this page that tells me what it is and has another button that I have to click in order to sign up.

But what I am interested in here is the text below the button. When you sign up there is a pre-ticked box that says you agree to be contacted by their sponsors by email, text message, and phone. You have to actively un-tick this box if you don’t want to be contacted and since most people probably don’t read these sorts of things then they are agreeing to be contacted with sales promotions without even knowing it…

I reviewed the Product Testing UK site recently, which is the UK version of this, and they provide a link so that you can see who their sponsors are. On that site they are basically just a bunch of random companies so I’m guessing its the same type of deal here.

In addition to agreeing to be spammed with tons of junk email and have sales calls annoying you on a daily basis, there is more to it all. After the initial signup you will move on to step 2, which is offers-based questionnaire. This questionnaire is just filled with promotions trying to get you to sign up for more offers.

They make it seem as if this questionnaire has the purpose of gathering information for product testing purposes but really its just another ploy to try to make money off of you.

And then of course the 3rd step is to receive the product, which likely will never happen.

What Are Your Chances Of Getting To Review a Product?

I wish I could give you some sort of statistic here but I really can’t. I don’t know what exactly your odds are of being selected but I do know that they are very very slim.

As I’ve mentioned, this place only selects 1 person to review 1 product per day. How do I know this? Well because on their site you can view a list of all the latest reviewers and you can see that only 1 person per day is selected. And who knows how many thousands and thousands of people they have signed up to select from.

They are taking all the signups they can get and the more people that sign up the less chance you have of being selected.


Spam Email & Annoying Sales Calls

Pretty much everyone is complaining about this. Their “sponsors” that will be contacting you are sure to annoy the heck out of you. I wouldn’t even sign up for this place, but if I did I would definitely use an email that is not very important because it will be getting lots of promotional offers filling the inbox.

Slim Chance of Winning

I have read reviews from people claiming that they have been a member for years and haven’t been selected still, one guy claiming he has been trying to get selected for 7 years now, still with no avail.

You could compare your chances of getting selected to the lottery only the downside is that you get spammed with promotional offers like crazy whereas with the lottery you will not.

You can read through a lot of reviews and find many complaints on their Facebook page if you are interested.

Final Thoughts – Should You Sign Up?

First off I would like to say that I don’t really consider this site to be a scam, however I would like to see them be more straightforward with their operations. They should stop leading people to believe that they have a good chance of being selected to review and keep a good product and start making it more known that they are selling people’s personal data for marketing purposes.

Product testing is not the main purpose of this site. The whole product testing/ free giveaway thing is just a lure to get people to join in and enter their personal details.

If you have your own review of this site I would appreciate it, and I’m sure others reading this would too, if you left it below in the comment section. You can also leave any questions, comments, or concerns down there and I Will get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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