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Is Product Testing UK a Scam? – What You Should Know

By Kyle / May 30, 2018

Is Product Testing UK a Scam

Product Testing UK claims to give away products in return for your review. But the reason everyone is wondering if Product Testing UK is a scam or not is because of the value of the products they claim to give away. They aren’t just giving away sample sized laundry detergent and cleaning products…. they claims to give away everything from smartphones and tablets to grills, cameras, baby strollers and Xbox’s. 

How can this possibly be real? How can they stay in business and give away expensive products like this? What is the catch? There is always a catch right?

Unfortunately there is a catch as you will see in this review. Product Testing UK does give away free products as they claim to, but this opportunity is not nearly as amazing as it seems to be at first. In this review I will be going over how this site works, the reality of it, common complaints and more.

Product Testing UK Review

So PTUK (Product Testing UK @ producttesting.uk.com) is a company that operates in the UK as well as other countries and has bee naround since 2012. Product testing is what most people know them for, which is as I explained above, when they send out free products in return for a good review. This is nothing new. Many paid survey sites, such as Mindfield Online Surveys and Angus Reid Forum do this, however with much less expensive products.

But besides product testing, they also pay peole to go mystery shopping and secret dining. Here they will give people gift cards or vouchers to go shop at a store or eat at a restaurant in return for a review.

Companies and stores pay research gathering agencies, like PTUK, to provide information like this. They want to know what everyday consumers think of thier products and/or services so that they can improve on things and do better business.

HOWEVER… there is a “catch” to this all that you will see shortly. It is not like you just sign up to receive a products and you are going to get it. First off… more than likely will not receive the product you sign up to get, and second…well, you will see shortly like I said.

How It Works

1) Sign Up for The Product You Want

On their website you will be able to see all the different offers they have listed and will be able to sign up for them. Its pretty simple and straightforward here… you will enter personal information such as your name, email, etc.

2) Complete Questionaire (go through offers)

After signing up you will be taken through a questionaire in which a bunch of other offers will be thrown in your face. This is pretty uneccesary but it is required.

3) Receive The Product

if selected then they will ship you the product by mail. You will be contacted by them via email if you are selected.

They claim to randomly select the testers from the list of people registered and it is very unlikley that you will actually get selected. They don’t state how often they select people or what your odds of winning are, but I know it is very unlikely.

4) Test The Product

After receiving the product you are supposed to test it out. So if its an Xbox then you play it. If its a grill then you cook with it, and so on.

5) Leave a Review

If you are lucky enough to get selected you should be more than willing to leave a good review. I’m not sure what they would do if you didn’t, since you already have the product, but anyways… just leave a good review like you are supposed to.

6) Keep It

You get to keep the producs they send out. Consider yourself lucky if you do get selected.


Some of the top complaints I have come across include the following. Many of these complaints I found on their Facebook page.

Will get spammed like crazy 

One thing that you might not realize is that when you sign up for an offer and submit your personal information you are actually also agreeing to be contacted with other offers and promotions. So be prepared to delete spam emails from your inbox on a daily basis. 

And also be prepared to recieve phone calls. There are many complaints about this. I have even read some from people claiming that they have been receiving calls for offers that were on the questionaire portion, which comes after the initial signup, which they declined.

Slim chance you will actaully be selected to test a product

People have been on their list for years without ever being selected to test out a product. 

Like I said, I have no idea what the odds of you being selected are, because they company provides no details on this, but I do know that they are slim to none.

One guy claims he has been on their list for 7 years and has never been selected. The only thing he has received from this all is a bunch of phone calls and emails that he never wanted in the first place. This usually seems to be the case.

What’s Really Going On Here

The main operation here seems to be personal data harvesting. They entice people with hopes and dreams of getting free products and have them enter their personal details which they then sell to other companies for marketing purposes. I really don’t think they make much money at all from the actual reviews that they get from people testing the products/services.

The large majority of the money this place is making appears to be coming from selling personal information for marketing purposes. This is a big business. Therer are companies out there that are willing to pay big money for people’s contact information because with this they can potentially make good money by throwing a bunch of promotional offers their way.

Now of course this is all my opinion. I really don’t know how much money Product Testing UK makes and where it comes from, but from what I have observed it seems to be the case that most of it comes from selling personal information.

Final Thoughts – Scam or Not?

I would not call Product Testing UK a scam. This company does really give away products for free in return for reviews, just as they tell you that they do. However… I would say that they do somewhat mislead people into thinking that this opportunity is better than it really is and they definitely could be more straighforward with letting people know that they will be selling their personal information for marketing purposes.

That said, sign up for their offers if you want to. There is a chance that you will get selected so there is still hope. If you consider this a scam then you would have to consider the lottery a scam as well… but then again the lottery doesn’t spam you with a bunch of emails and calls to try to get you to buy things..

Anyway… I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful. Please feel free to leave any comments, questions, or concerns below and I will get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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