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Is Points2Shop a Scam? Here’s What I Have To Say

By Kyle / September 2, 2016

is points2shop a scamPoints2Shop is a GPT (Get Paid To) website where you get “paid to do” simple things like take surveys, complete short tasks, etc. If you have ever heard of SwagBucks or GiftHulk, then you know what to expect.

If you are wondering if Points2Shop is a scam or legit, wonder no more. Its definitely not a scam and it can be a fun and easy way to earn a little extra spending money for some people. In this Points2Shop review I’ll be going over what you need to know so you can decide if Points2Shop is right for you.

points2shop reviewPoints2Shop Review

  • Website: points2shop.com
  • Price to Sign Up: Free
  • Rating: 7/10 (Legit. Variety of ways to earn money. LOTS of rewards. Just, like all sites of this kind, they don’t pay much.)

Points2Shop provides market research for big companies. You see, companies are hungry for people’s opinions so that they can sell more products, and they pay big $$$ for people’s opinions. They pay Points2Shop money to get opinions from people like you and I. And then Points2Shop pays you and I some of this money for our opinions.

There are numerous ways in which they get our opinions and you can make money from all of them. I’ll be going over each so you can see what all Points2Shop has to offer.

Ways To Earn Money At Points2Shop

  • Offers
    • At Points2Shop you will find a wide variety of offers, some are free and some you will need a credit card for. You can expect to see free trials, sign up applications, and more here.
    • The free offers where you don’t need your credit card often include signing up for a free site, for example: another survey site. The offers that require your credit card are usually free trial offers. These are annoying because you have to remember to cancel the trial or else you will get charged, but they do pay better.
    • Signing up for a free offer can earn you anywhere from 150 – 250 points, and signing up for a free trail can earn you anywhere from 300 – 500 points, generally.
  • Surveys
    • P2S hosts surveys from companies like Peanut Labs & uSamp. Many other survey sites host from these same providers. These surveys are nothing out of the ordinary. You can expect a 10 – 30 minute survey to earn you 100 – 300 points, with the longer ones earning you on the higher side.
  • Games
    • This is a fun little way to earn points if you are good at gaming. Here you can bet points and play against other members. The winner wins the loser’s points! There are over 100 games to play.
  • Mobile Apps
    • P2S has their own app that you can download. Once you have that app you can open it and see other apps you can get paid to use. You will have to use most of them for a certain amount of time before you get paid, so its not like you can open one and exit out right away.
  • Contests
    • P2S has contests and lotteries where you can earn money. Contests might include who can refer the most people in a certain amount of time or something like that. And lotteries are usually you pay some points to enter to win big.

Earning Money By Referring People

I’m giving this way to earn its own little section because its going to get complicated. I don’t know why P2S had to make it like this, but they did so…

Just like every other GPT site, you can earn money by referring (recruiting) other people to join. Their referral system is a tiered pyramid structure that goes 4 tiers deep and it gets complicated. The amount you make depends on the location of the people you refer.

The first tier are your direct referrals. You will earn 15% of their lifetime earnings. And as a bonus you will earn $1 for each person you refer that is from the United States or the UK.

The second tier are your referrals’ referrals. The people your referrals referred. You will make 3% of their lifetime earnings. As a bonus you can make an additional 21 cents per referral if they are from Australia, Germany, Canada, Spain, France, Netherlands, Norway…etc.

The third tier are your referrals’ referrals’ referrals, if that makes sense. These are the people your referrals’ referrals’ referred. You will make 2% of all their lifetime earnings. And as a bonus you will also be able to make 11 cents per referral that is from United Arab Emirates, Belgium, Austria, Brazil, Finland, Denmark, Chile…etc.

Confusing I know. But referring others is often one of the best ways to make easy money on these sites. If you have a big social media following or something like that and are able to refer loads of people easily, then this would be a great way to earn for you.

Points2Shop Rewards

Of course you want to get paid right? Whats the point of filling out surveys and completing offers if there’s nothing in it for you?

Well P2S offers a range of rewards you can choose from, so you are sure to find something you like.

My personal preference is to exchange my points for Paypal cash because it can be used anywhere. One good thing about Points2Shop is that you can cash out with just $5 worth of points.

One of the things that separates Points2Shop from other sites is their awesome Amazon rewards selection. You can choose from MILLIONS of products on Amazon to redeem your points for. This is the reason they call themselves Points2Shop, because no one provides a shop at this large of a scale with this many products that you are able to redeem your points for.

Is Points2Shop a scam?

Nope! Sure you will find reviews online that are negative and lead you to believe it might be a scam, but you will find that no matter how good something is.

P2S is definitely NOT a scam. They will pay you.

Is Points2Shop Worth Your Time?

It provides the best shopping selection there is and is a very easy way to earn some extra pocket change. But thats just it… its just “extra pocket change”. Like all sites of this kind, you won’t make much of anything.

In my opinion all of these kinds of sites are a waste of time. Your time can better be spend online elsewhere, even if you just have 30 extra minutes here and there. You should check out How I Make a Full-Time Income Online and see if its something you would like to do also. Its something anyone can do, no matter what their background and no matter how much time they can dedicate to it.

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