Is Point Club a Scam? What You Should Know

Point Club is a pretty cool site where you can earn money for doing simple things like taking surveys. However… there are a few things that you should definitely know about this site before you decide whether or not to sign up.

Is Point Club a scam? No, I would absolutely not go as far as to say that. Its a decent opportunity to make a bit of extra money but its just not for everyone and there are some negative sides to it. In this short review of Point Club I’ll be going over what you should know, the good and the bad.

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PointClub is a paid survey site that is run by Innovative Market Research. They get paid to collect people’s opinions via surveys for market research purposes and they pass a small portion of that money on to people like you and I for taking the surveys.

Its a pretty cool way to make money online but it has its downsides too.

Some of the more popular paid survey sites include SwagBucks, Inbox Dollars, and Feature Points.

How It Works

The process of how it all works is pretty simple.

1) Sign Up

The first step would be to create an account at PointClub (hold off on this for now). This is free to do and only takes a second. All you need to do is enter your name, email, and create a password. Alternatively you can sign up with your Facebook account.

Once inside you will be asked to fill out a bit more, such as your gender and zip code.

2) Complete Your Profile Survey

Once you join you will be given a short survey right away. This survey is so that PointClub can create a profile for you and get to know who you are. It will ask you questions like what race are you? what is your yearly income? relationship status? and so on. You will earn points for this.

3) Take Surveys

Now you can pick and choose surveys to take. You will be offered surveys that are relevant to you based on the information that you filled out in your initial profile survey.

You will earn points for taking these surveys.

4) Redeem Points

Once you collect enough points you will be able to redeem your points for gift cards or PayPal cash.

How Much Will You Make?

Unfortunately you won’t make much. And to give you an example of this take a look at some current survey offerings that are available to me as I write this…

The highest paying survey out of all of these is offering 4,500 points and will take an estimated 20 minutes to complete.

Each point is worth $0.001 so that means 1,000 points = $1. So this survey would make me $4.50 in 20 minutes, which is actually pretty good. That would be above minimum wage per hour if you could take these back to back. But this is the problem… you won’t be able to take survey after survey.

You won’t qualify for every survey that you try to take. Its not uncommon to start taking a survey, spend 3 minutes or so answering questions, and then getting disqualified because you aren’t what they are looking for. Survey providers can be picky and when they are it often means they will waste your time.

How You Get Paid

As I mentioned, you first get paid in points which you can then redeem for things of real cash value, such as gift cards and PayPal money.

You can redeem your points when you have 10,000 in your account for gift cards but for PayPal cash you are going to need 25,000 which will get you $25.

What I Like About PointClub

One big problem that I find with paid survey sites is that they just lack opportunity, meaning that they just don’t provide enough surveys and there are often times where there are no surveys for you to complete.

Fortunately, PointClub provides a good bit of surveys for you to choose from. They definitely rank on the higher side when it comes to the opportunity that they provide.

When I signed up they had a list of 32 surveys that I could participate in. Now of course I probably wouldn’t qualify for every one, but that is still impressive.

However, not everyone will get the results that I have. The surveys that you are offered depends on your profile. Some demographics will not have as many available.


Overall I don’t have many complaints about PointClub. But these 2 below are probably the most common, which you are going to have with any paid survey site…

Kicked Out

Getting screened out of surveys is one of the biggest pains there is and one of the top complaints. Unfortunately this is going to happen on any paid survey site although some seem to be better than others.

One tip I can give you is to make sure you accurately fill out your profile survey. If you don’t you will get more irrelevant surveys that you won’t qualify for.

Little Pay

You won’t get paid much for your time. The example I gave above was the highest paying survey available and isn’t all that common. And once you factor in all the time wasted trying to qualify for surveys you really aren’t making much at all.

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

Overall, PointClub is a decent paid surveys site and its definitely not a scam. However, it also isn’t that great of an opportunity to make money and I would only recommend it for those looking to make a few extra bucks here and there.

Unfortunately its become the norm for survey sites to pay very little and this is because it is very easy for them to get people’s opinion’s nowadays. They have no reason to pay more.

Although taking surveys at PointClub is a legit way to make money online I will be passing on this opportunity. Its just not really worth it to me and there are better ways to make money in your spare time from the internet.

I actually make a living working online and I sure as heck am not going around taking paid surveys. I have written a post on what I do to make money online, how it all works, and how others can do the same. You can click the link below to read about it if you want to.

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