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Is Pinecone Research a Scam? My Honest Pinecone Research Review

pinecone research reviewBefore you sign up for Pinecone Research of course you want to know “is Pinecone Research a scam?” And I’m going to answer exactly that in this insider review.

Pinecone Research is a little different than most survey sites. Their market research tends to be more focused on the product & consumption side of things. They also only admit new members on an invitation only  basis. So you can’t just to to their site and sign up. However, you can go to SurveyPolice and click the join button they have.

What I Think About Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research’s survey panel is by far one of the better ones that I have tried (and I’ve tried 10’s of them).

Of course you are going to find bad reviews on them, but thats something you will find with any survey panel. There are going to be people who get screwed over for one reason or another and they will end up leaving nasty reviews.

From my experience with Pinecone Research they are most definitely not a scam. They pay better than most, they have lots or rewards, and they offer more than just surveys.

Pinecone Research Pays Pretty Well (for a survey panel that is)

Compared to most other survey sites, Pinecone Research pays a good bit. For an average survey you can expect to earn around 300 points, give or take. And each point is worth 1 cent. So this average survey of 300 points would equate to $3. Not to shabby!

And its not like the surveys are longer than others. You can expect the average survey to take somewhere between 15-30 minutes to complete.

So how much are you really making?

Lets take the average $3 survey and say that it takes 30 minutes to complete (on the longer side of things). If you take a survey like this back to back you will make $6/hr. And if you take a $3 survey in just 15 minutes and take 4 surveys back to back, you will make $12/hr.

So you can expect to make between $6-$12/hr if you are taking these surveys continuously, which is WAY BETTER than most survey sites. Unfortunately this expectation of taking surveys continuously is unrealistic and I’ll get into why in a minute.

Pinecone Research Has A Lot To Offer

Usually I just go with Paypal cash if the survey site offers it, but just in case you like to get rewards in different manners, Pinecone Research offers many different rewards.

You can redeem your points for:

  • Cash via check
  • Cash via paypal
  • Amazon gift card
  • Restaurant gift card
  • Visa prepaid card
  • Merchandise
  • and more…

There is no reason that you can’t find a reward you would like to redeem your points for. There are plenty of options.

You Can Earn In Other Ways, Not Just Surveys

You don’t need to take surveys to earn money. You can also earn by testing out products and providing reviews.

Generally the products you will be able to test out are household products such as cleaning products.

Personally I like to test out sample products and provide reviews. I find it more enjoyable that just taking surveys.

There Is No Cash Out Threshold

One thing thats really awesome about Pinecone Research is that there is no minimum amount you need to cash out.

Usually survey sites trick you and set a high cash out threshold that is nearly impossible to reach. This leads to many people giving up and the survey site lucks out. But Pinecone Research isn’t like that.

How Much Money Can You Really Make?

The common problem with a lot of survey sites is that they simply don’t give you enough survey opportunities. This is unfortunately the case with Pinecone Research. So the $6-$12/hr that I mentioned you can make at the top isn’t very realistic. Because it would be highly unlikely that you would be able to take surveys non-stop for hours on end.

Final Thoughts

Is Pinecone Research a scam? Absolutely not!

They pay better than most sites and that’s what counts most in my opinion. And yes, they really do pay out and not try to scam you.

But I really don’t get why people waste time with these paid survey sites like this. There are way better ways to make money online in your spare time. I make a full-time income online and I can work whenever and however much I want.

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