Is Paparazzi Accessories a Scam? What You Should Know

If you are thinking about a consultant for Paparazzi Accessories there are a few things you should know first. Their work at home business opportunity isn’t as good as what many members may lead you to believe it is. There is a lot of misinformation out there from people just looking to recruit you in and make money off of you.

I’ll just straight to the point of this review… is Paparazzi Accessories a scam? Not its not… HOWEVER, its not all its hyped up to be and in this review I’ll be covering some of the more important things that you should know before you decide whether or not to get started. I’ll be going over the things that many people, especially other consultants, aren’t going to tell you and I hope to paint a clearer picture in your head of what you may or may not be getting yourself into.

paparazzi accessories consultant reviewPaparazzi Accessories Consultant Review

  • Name: Paparazzi Accessories
  • Website:
  • Cost: $99 minimum to start out
  • Recommended?: Not for everyone, more on this later

Just to be clear here, I am reviewing the work at home consultant opportunity that Paparazzi Accessories offers. I will not be reviewing the products themselves.


Paparazzi Accessories was founded by sisters Misty and Chani.

It is a direct sales business that sells jewelry, specifically affordable trendy type jewelry.

With a direct sales business model anyone can sign up and join the business, working from home and selling their jewelry as a consultant. Consultants will purchase jewelry and other products from Paparazzi Accessories at wholesale prices and then sell these products to people at a markup price, which means they get to keep the difference.

Another important aspect of this business model is that it has a mlm structure, which means that consultants can recruit other members into the business and receive commissions from their recruits’ efforts.

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Starting Out As a Consultant

When you sign up to be a consultant the first thing you will have to do is purchase a Starter Kit. These kits are put together to get new consultants’ businesses up and running as fast and as easily as possible. They consist of business supplies along with hair accessories and jewelry which you will be selling.

There are 3 different starter kits that you can choose to purchase when getting started. At a minimum you have to spend $99 on the “Preview Pack”.

With the Starter Kits you will make more profit then any other retail sales. Since you are just starting out Paparazzi Accessories lets you buy these kits at low prices so that you can make up to 100% profit once you sell the items they contain to customers.

But after you sell your starter kit and purchase more wholesale products you won’t earn quite as much profit, which I will get into below…

The 3 Ways To Make Money

Their are 3 ways that you can make money as a consultant. These include direct sales, ecommerce, and recruitment.

Direct Sales

Direct sales is when you directly sell Paparazzi Accessories products to customers. You will be able to receive 45% commissions on sales that you make. This is a pretty good commission percentage, but then again what you are selling isn’t very expensive.


Consultant can get their own Paparazzi Accessories website where people can purchase products. They will also earn 45% commissions on these website purchases as well.

This may sound awesome, which it is, but it is not easy. I run an ecommerce business of my own and it is not easy. There is a lot to it.

Recruiting New Members

Recruiting new members is like the holy grail of this business, as with any mlm. When you recruit new consultants to join in you can receive commissions from their efforts. If you are able to recruit a lot of consultants in you can earn good money without doing any selling yourself.

This is going to be the big money maker out of all the ways to earn that I just went over. And because of this I am going to go over the MLM structure a little more.

The MLM Structure

MLM stands for multi-level marketing. And what this means is that there is a pyramid compensation structure with different levels. With a mlm you make money from the levels beneath you that are made up of the people you recruit in, the people that they recruit in, and so on.

With Paparazzi Accessories all the money is made from consultants buying products at wholesale prices. Every time one of the consultants you recruited buys more products that they are then going to go out and sell, you can earn commission.

The amount of levels you can earn commissions from depends on your rank. There are 14 ranks in Paparazzi Accessories and as you move up those ranks you earn more money from more levels beneath you on the pyramid structure.

I’m not going to get into all of the ranks. All you need to know is that when you start out you won’t make much at all. You won’t earn any commissions from other people. But as you recruit more people in and increase your sales, you will naturally move up the ranks, unlocking more levels that you can earn commissions on beneath you.

Below I took a screenshot of part of the compensation structure. This is only part of it and only includes 7 of the 14 ranks. But as you can see you will start out as a Consultant. Then you can move up to Star Consultant and on from there.

And by the way.. no Paparazzi Jewelry is not a pyramid scheme. Its a legit mlm.

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The Reality Of This Business

The reality of this mlm business is that you are going to have to be a recruitment machine in order to make good money here. The people that are making good money in this business all know this.

You need to get a lot of people beneath you so that you can earn money from what they do. If you are able to recruit like crazy and climb up the ranks then you can be successful. But as for those that have trouble recruiting, you will have a very hard time in this business and will likely not make much.

If you have been recruited into the business you have likely been fed misleading information by a consultant just to try to get you to join in beneath them. The reality here is that this business is darn hard to make money in and that it has a very high turnover rate because of this.

Final Thoughts & Do I Recommend This Business?

First off, Paparazzi Accessories is not a scam. They are a legit mlm company and you can make money with them.

But personally I am not a fan of mlm’s because you have to be very good at recruiting other people generally. It seems that people with that salesperson personality are the ones that do well, and I just don’t have that in me.

On top of that, one thing that I didn’t mention is that one of the main ways that consultants are pushed to sell their merchandise is by hosting house parties where they will display their jewelry and try to get people to buy it.

I am not a fan of this at all and I know its a turn off for many people. Fortunately Paparazzi Accessories does not provide websites for people which allows them to get more away from the whole house party thing.

But still, the bottom line is that to make good money you are going to need to take advantage of the mlm structure and recruit like crazy to make good money. So I will recommend it to those of you that have a passion for jewelry and thing you have what it takes to make it in this business. If you are unsure, then its likely going to be very hard for you and I would say enter at your own risk.

If you are like me and are just not the salesperson type, and you want another option for making money with your own business, you should read my post on how I make a living working online (link below). I work for myself online and its a pretty awesome career. In the post I wrote I explain what it is that I do, how it all works, and how others can do the same.

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