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Is PaidSocialMediaJobs.com a Scam? What You Should Know

By Kyle / July 16, 2017

Paid Social Media Jobs claims to be able to hook you up with easy and high paying social media jobs where you perform simple tasks like posting updates on FB, tweeting special offers, commenting on Youtube videos, etc. But can you really trust this place with all of the many scams out there? Or is PaidSocialMediaJobs.com a scam that is going to be nothing more than a waste of your time?

I have received several questions about the legitimacy of this site recently so I decided to do a little investigating and see what its all about. In this short review I’ll be going over a few things that you need to know that they do not tell you as well as some other important info.

Paid Social Media JobsPaidSocialMediaJobs.com Review

  • Website: paidsocialmediajobs.com
  • Type: Job finder
  • Cost: Varies
  • Recommended?: No, there are better and cheaper alternatives that do the same thing

Its understandable that you are skeptical about this Paid Social Media Jobs place. They do come off as somewhat “scammy” in the sales pitches they throw at you and it seems a little too good to be true.

And the truth is that it is too good to be true. The information that they tell you, although true, is somewhat misleading and paints the wrong picture in the minds of the readers.

What Is This Place?

PaidSocialMediaJobs.com is a job finder type website that helps you find social media management jobs. They help match you up with companies that are looking to hire people to manage their social media accounts and perform various tasks.

This is basically a copy of the freelance site called Fiverr if you have ever heard of them…. just its not near as good.

What This Place Is Not

This place is not going to find you a social media job all on their own like they lead you to believe. Its going to be up to you to land a job in this very competitive market and this is no easy task.

In the promotional video that I watched for Paid Social Media Jobs they acted as if all you do is sign up and pay $37 for their service and they will automatically match you up with a job. But this is NOT true and I’ll explain how it really works now…

How This All Works

Ok, so I mentioned that Paid Social Media Jobs is basically like a ripoff of Fiverr. And for those who don’t know, Fiverr is a freelance marketplace where freelancers can go to post their job skills and then companies and individuals can hire them through the platform.

This is pretty much what Paid Social Media Jobs is. YOU will have to post your profile and skills so that companies can see and they will have to hire you. But the hard work is all on you. This is no easy market and their is a lot of competition from other freelancers looking to land social media jobs like this.

Companies and individuals that are looking to hire people can also post jobs in which you can apply. The same principle applies here.. its a competitive market and just not as easy as they make it sound. Below is a sample of job postings that you could expect to see on this site…

Paid Social Media Jobs will help teach you how to create your resume, set up a good profile, and market yourself so that companies will hire you… but its just not that simple.

How Much Can You Make?

Ok, so in the promo video that I watched they said that you can make up to $25 – $35/hr doing this. And while this is definitely true it is once again very misleading.

I mean sure… you can make that much but will you? Probably not! And sure as heck not when you just start out.

More than likely when you just start out you are going to be getting nothing more than small gig type of work. Maybe you will get a one-time job of creating a Twitter account and tweeting a bit and short jobs like that but nothing major. The competition in this line of work cannot be overlooked.

Another thing to consider is where your competition is coming from. Much of the freelancers on this site and others like this come from countries like India, Malaysia, etc… These are developing countries where there is great talent and they will work for little money.

Is Paid Social Media Jobs Worth It?

I really don’t like what I see with Paid Social Media Jobs. They come of as somewhat deceptive in their sales pitch and don’t give you the cold hard truth.

I also just don’t really get the point of buying into this place when there are places like Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, and others that are much more reputable, safe, and have a lot more opportunity.

There are a lot of good freelance sites out there where ordinary people can land social media jobs but Paid Social Media Jobs just isn’t one of them.

The only “good” thing that this site offers as far as I see it is some training. They have some training on how to go about marketing yourself to land a job, but its nothing special by any means. You can easily find much better for free on Google and Youtube.

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

Overall I wouldn’t say that this place is a scam but its nothing great either. I will not be recommending Paid Social Media Jobs because I don’t like the way that they present themselves and I just don’t see the opportunity that they offer as being all that great compared to the other freelance sites that I mentioned.

You can make decent money managing social media accounts and I know that there are people that do, but this isn’t easy as they make it seem. Its a very competitive market and quite frankly that is the reason I never ventured into this area of online work.

I actually make a living working for myself online and have been doing so since 2015. I’ve looked into social media work before but it just doesn’t seem that great to me.

Anyway, if you are interested in seeing how I make money online you can check out a post I wrote here. I go over what it is that I do, how it all works, and how other people can get started making money doing the same. Its an awesome career and I enjoy it.

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