Is Paid Surveys and More a Scam? Sure Is

Paid Surveys and More presents itself as an incredible opportunity to make thousands of dollars per month taking online surveys… but should you trust this information? Is Paid Surveys and More a scam?

The answer to this is that NO you should not trust this place and that YES Paid Surveys and More is a scam. There is absolutely no way you are going to be making the amount of money that they lead you to believe you will with the information they provide, although you can make some money.

In this review I’ll be going over a few things you should know about this opportunity.

Paid Surveys and MorePaid Surveys and More Review

  • Name: Paid Surveys and More
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  • Price: Varies
  • Recommended?: No, and I’ll go over why


Paid Surveys and More claims to offer you and opportunity to cash in on the large demand for consumers’ opinions.

Market research companies get paid big money from all the big companies to go out and gather people’s opinions on various topics. And these market research companies often gather opinions via paid surveys. They pay people money to take short surveys so that they can get their opinions.

And what Paid Surveys and More claims to do is match you with the best opportunities out there so you can make a lot of money. They also match you with other similar market research opportunities where you can get paid, for example focus groups, previewing movie trailers, and testing new products out.

The Cold Hard Truth About This

The fact of the matter is that you WILL NOT make the money they lead you to believe that you will.

I know that on the sales page there are some pretty outrageous claims of this being your ticket to financial freedom, but that just isn’t going to happen. In one part the sales page she even says that her friends and family now go on vacation and buy whatever they want, all thanks to the paid surveys she has helped them find.

This is so ridiculous. This just isn’t going to work.

This program isn’t going to find you any amazing surveys, they are going to be normal surveys from normal paid survey sites. I have reviewed dozens of paid survey sites and they are all the same… they pay you very little. You will be lucky to make $5/hr taking surveys like this.

Survey sites that you can expect to be referred to with this program include MySurvey, SwagBucks, i-Say, Opinion Outpost, GrabPoints, and others. They are all your average survey sites and nothing special. So if you do want to make less than minimum wage taking paid surveys online, why not just to to SwagBucks, MySurvey, etc and sign up directly instead of buying into this scam program?

The One good Thing About Paid Surveys and More

There isn’t much good I can say about this program, but there is one thing I actually like. And that is that they recommend Roboform.

Roboform is a service that store information so that you can fill out forms faster. For example, it will auto-fill areas of forms like your name, address, and common things like that.

With the paid survey sites that you will be referred to with this program you will be filling out a lot of forms so this would definitely be helpful.

The downside is that you will have to pay for Roboform, and overall there is no way it is worth it with the very little amount of money you will be making taking paid surveys.

The Bonuses are NOT Bonuses

On the sales page one of the ways that they entice you to buy into this program is by saying that if you buy it right now you will get bonuses…

But the thing is that these are not bonuses. They are just another way for Paid Surveys and More to make money off of you.

You might think that you are getting all this free stuff with these bonuses, but in actuality they are just trying to sell you additional products and refer you to additional programs.

The Reason For This Program

The reason that Paid Surveys and More exists is not to help you achieve financial freedom and it is not to help you make money. It is so that the people behind this program can make money.

With every survey site and program they refer you to, they get paid.

Most survey sites offer a referral bonus for referring other people. And the same goes for the other products they refer you to, such as Roboform. They get paid a commission for each person they get to buy Roboform’s services.

The people behind this program lie to you and trick you into buying in, then they sell you additional products to get every last penny out of you.

Paid Surveys Don’t Make You Good Money

Online paid surveys just don’t pay good. They never paid that great, but in the more recent years they are getting worse than ever.

The pay that you will make will vary because there are a lot of different market research companies out there and they will pay whatever they see fit. But with most paid surveys you can expect anywhere from $1 – $3 for a 10-30 minute survey.

And the thing is that you aren’t going to be taking survey after survey. There is a lot of time spent just qualifying for the surveys you will be taking. You won’t qualify for every survey that you start taking. It is not unusual to start a survey, spend 5 minutes answering questions, and then get kicked out because you “are not what they are looking for”.

The amount of time that you spend taking paid surveys online when compared to the money that you make is less than minimum wage.

Final Thoughts

Paid Surveys and More is without a doubt a scam. They lie to you and trick you just to make some money. You will absolutely NOT make good money if you buy this program.

Paid surveys are a legit way to make money online. But I would only recommend them to people looking to make some extra pocket change in their spare time. Its an easy and brainless way to make a few extra bucks.

But honestly I will never go back to taking online surveys. Your time can better be spent elsewhere. If you are interested in making good money online then you can read about how I make a living online by clicking the link below. I have already written a post on it and I go over what I do, how it all works, and how others can get started doing the same if they are interested.

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