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Is Opinion Outpost Legit or a Scam? And How Much Can You Make?

opinionoutpostIs Opinion Outpost legit or a scam? In this review I will be answering this very important question. I will also be going over how much money you can expect to make if you become a member.

So let me get started

First off, Opinion Outpost is definitely legit

They are one of several online survey sites that are owned by Survey Sampling surveyspotInternational (SSI). SSI is a credible business and although not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), it still gets an A+ rating by them. This is based on the relatively low number of complaints that have been filed.

But just because they are a legitimate business doesn’t mean they are worth your time. What you really need to be concerned with is the amount of money that you can make. So lets take a look.

Making Money on Opinion Outpost

Like most survey sites, the earning potential is LOW. From completing surveys you will be rewarded in points. And each point is worth $0.10. You will have to get 100 points to be able to cash out (with paypal), and that will give you $10. Other ways to cash out include Amazon gift cards (50 points for $5 card) and MilagePlus award miles (105 points for 300 miles).

Opinion Outpost will email you a couple surveys each day which isn’t much, but there are also more available on their website. The amount of points that you can expect to get from them ranges from 5 to 30 points.

There are a lot of short surveys that you will find that will take an estimated 5 minutes and you will be rewarded with 5 points. Thats pretty bad. The longer surveys tend to be a lot better. You will find 10 minute surveys that offer around 12 points, and 15 minute surveys that offer around 18 points. But the amounts vary, not all surveys are the same and the reward amounts change.

How much money is this really?

Lets take the 10 minute survey for 12 points for example because its common and pays better than the 5 minute ones. You could take 6 of these 10 minute ones per hour and you would get a sum of 72 points.

So that equals out to $7.20 per hour, which is actually not bad. But theres a catch.

The downfall

One of the biggest problems is that there isn’t enough surveys available. There is no way you can take 6 surveys like this per hour or more.

Remember how I said you will get a couple surveys per day emailed to you? Well the ones you get emailed to you are generally better paying than the ones you can access on opinionoutpost.com. And thats not a lot of opportunity.

And…… You will NOT qualify for all of them.

Some people have terrible luck with this and others don’t get it so bad. But what happens is you will start to take a survey and then all of a sudden you will be notified that you don’t qualify. The time you just spent will basically be a waste and you won’t receive any points.

It is not unusual to not qualify for over 50% of the surveys you try. If you are lucky you will be able to qualify for higher, like 75-85%, but don’t even dread about qualifying for more than that.

Not qualifying is probably the most common complaint for Opinion Outpost. If you go to surveypolice.com, which is a survey review site where anyone can post a review, there are many such complaints. Here are just a few of MANYopinionoutpostreviews

At SurveyPolice the overall rating of Opinion Outpost is 3.4/10 and thats with 983 reviews! Now 3.4 doesn’t sound like much at all, but believe it or not thats actually on the higher end when it comes to online paid survey sites.

Is Opinion Outpost worth trying?

I think it is IF AND ONLY IF you are looking to earn a few extra bucks here and there. Its legit and they will pay you, but it will take a lot of time to earn money. This can be a nice little activity to do when you are bored or something.

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