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Is Online Profits Breakthrough a Scam? You Should Know This

By Kyle / March 7, 2017

is Online Profits Breakthrough a scam If you are looking to make money online and you can across Online Profits Breakthrough you may be wondering.. is this place legit? Or is Online Profits Breakthrough a scam? You are smart to ask this and take the time to do some research because it definitely does sound too good to be true.

I have reviewed this program for you and if you are looking to buy into it you might want to think again. Much of what they tell you is very misleading. Is it a scam? Yes and no, and you will see what I mean later.

Online Profits Breakthrough Review

  • Name: Online Profits Breakthrough
  • Website: onlineprofitsbreakthrough.com
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Rating: Revealed at the end

In the sales video they really hype this program up. They tell you to go and smash your alarm clock because you just won the lottery (lol). And they actually show a video of a hammer smashing an alarm clock which I found comical.

Along with that they tell you all about the insane money you can make with this program, showing customer testimonials of people claiming they are making $10,000+ per day.

But should you trust all the things they are saying. The answer is no. And I’ll prove why you can’t.

Fake Scarcity

Above the sales video they are going to tell you that there are only a few spots left in your area, but this is not true. It doesn’t matter where you live, it will say there are only limited spots left. In my case, it says 3.

I know for a fact that there are not limited spots because I know what this program actually is (I’ll go over it) and I know that they want as many people to join as possible.

Fake Testimonials

Would you trust a place that pays people to create fake testimonials where they talk about how great a program is? Probably not!

And unfortunately, Online Profits Breakthrough does exactly this. All of the testimonials of the people claiming they are making all kinds of money are completely fake and I’ll prove it.

Remember this guy from the testimonials? (If you don’t you can re-watch the sales video). Online Profits Breakthrough scam

Anyone can hire this guy on Fiverr and have him make a testimonial for their product or service. He has made hundreds of testimonials without even trying out what he talks about. They pay him and he says what they want him to say.

As you can see from the Fiverr profile below, its the same guy. The room might appear a little different due to the lighting but the same window, bookshelf, and everything are still there.

All of the testimonials that are on the sales video are fake as can be. But I think that showing you the proof for this one is enough.

What Is Online Profits Breakthrough Really?

Online Profits Breakthrough is just a front-end part of a funnel system to try to get you to buy into a certain program called MOBE or My Own Business Education.

MOBE is an affiliate marketing training course where people learn how to promote products and get paid commissions to do so. They also have a good compensation plan where many of their trainees end up going out and promoting MOBE to other people.

And that’s all Online Profits Breakthrough is. Its a sales funnel that MOBE affiliates have made to funnel people into the MOBE program so that they can earn commissions.

If you click on the Income Disclosure at the bottom of the onlineprofitsbreakthrough.com page, you will see this…

So I know that it is an MOBE promotion site without having to buy into it. And I also know all about MOBE and have reviewed it multiple times in the past.

What You Need To Know About MOBE

The MOBE program itself is not really a scam. Although extremely overpriced in some situations, it provides legitimately good training in online marketing. The problem with MOBE is its affiliates, like the ones that make this Online Profits Breakthrough site. They are going out and lying to people just trying to suck them in and make some money off them.

The truth of the matter is that MOBE is no “secret formula” or anything of that nature. It sure as heck isn’t going to have you earning thousands or even hundreds of dollars overnight. What MOBE teaches takes time. You can’t just go out and make tons of money right off the bat.

Sure, there are people making $10,000+ a day promoting MOBE, but these people have been doing this for years. They know what they are doing and they have built their online business up to that point. But they sure as heck didn’t start there.

Is Online Profits Breakthrough a Scam?

Rating: 1/10

Yes Online Profits Breakthrough is most definitely a scam. The people behind this lie right to your face and tell you everything that you want to hear… that this simple system will have you earning thousands of dollars every single day with little effort. But its all a bunch of BS to try to get you to buy into it.

They also have paid people to make fake testimonials about all the money that they are making. I don’t know about you, but this alone would make me not trust anything these people say.

The bottom line is this.. Online Profits Breakthrough is a scam, but the underlying program MOBE, is not. The reason Online Profits Breakthrough is a scam is because of the very unethical ways that the people behind it try to sell you on MOBE, by lying to you and such.

As with any legitimate business model, what MOBE teaches you will take time. You will not earn lots of money right out of the gate.

What do you think of Online Profits Breakthrough? Comments, questions, concerns? Leave them below…

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