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Is Online Income Profits a Scam? Not This Again!

By Kyle / March 9, 2017

is online income profits a scamIf you are looking to make money online you may have come across a place called Online Income Profits. But should you trust them? Is Online Income Profits a scam?

I am very familiar with programs like this one. So when I came across it I knew exactly what to expect. But, like they say, you can’t always judge a book by its cover. So with that in mind I decided to review Online Income Profits to see if it is a scam or not.

And let me just say you are lucky that you came across my review, because as I suspected this place is not what they claim to be. Much of what they tell you is misleading and flat out lies.

Online Income Profits Review

  • Name: Online Income Profits System
  • Website: onlineincomeprofits.biz
  • Creator: Derek (this name may have changed)
  • Price: $97 + upsells
  • Rating: Revealed at the end

As I said, Online Income Profits is not what they claim it is. They mislead you a bunch and also lie right to your face. In this review the first thing that I want to bring to your attention are the blatant lies that they tell you. Then I will go over the truth beneath the surface of this program.

Lie #1 – Fake News

You know how they claim this work at home opportunity has been featured on all the big name news outlets?? Ya thats just one of many lies that they tell you.online income profits review

This opportunity has never been featured on any big news outlets. Its pretty easy to prove this one. All you have to do is go to CNN, NBC NEWS, and any of the other outlets’ websites and perform a simple search. You won’t find anything even remotely related to this Online Income Profits system.

This is just one way that the people behind this program are trying to gain your trust, because telling you it was on the news makes it seem more credible.

I would also like to point out that there are some fake news articles that are set up to refer people to this program. One of which appears on a site “onlinemoneybusinessnews.com” and looks like this…

Its a completely fake website that is set up to look like CNN. But if you look around you will realize that none of the buttons are clickable. The menu doesn’t work, nothing does. Its just a simple one page site that is there to direct people to this Online Income Profits program.

Lie #2 – Fake Testimonials

There are testimonials that line the right side of the sales page. The problem here is that they are all fake.

Below is a screenshot taken from the sales page.

And after doing a reverse image search on Google I was able to find that this image is being used on hundreds of different websites. This is because it is a stock photo that anyone can use online.

Lie #3 – Who Created This Program?

Supposedly the persons name is Derek. But this isn’t true at all which I will prove to you.

*The strange part about this  is that the image is of a woman. So idk, maybe Derek is a girl name now??

Here is a screenshot of Derek…online income profits

Ok so that was Derek. And below is a woman named “Bobbie Robinson” that was the creator of an identical program called Work At Home Institute. As you can see the image is exactly the same as well as the story.

And I could go on and on with the lies that they tell you. But you get the point… which is that these people are a bunch of liars.

The Truth Beneath The Surface

The truth is that some of what they tell you is true, but most of it is very misleading.

They tell you that companies are desperate for people like you to post links from your house. And this is true to some extent.online income profits scam

The business model that they are talking about is affiliate marketing. This is when you promote products for big companies and get paid commissions for each person you refer that goes on to buy something.

For example: You are promoting dog leashes on Amazon. So you post links to some dog leash products on Amazon, someone clicks your link, is directed to Amazon, and buys the leash. You then get paid a commission.

But Its Not Like They Tell You

Affiliate marketing is an incredible online business model, and its how I make a full-time income online. Don’t get me wrong, its great and all, but its just not as great as they tell you it is.

They act as if you just go out and spam links everywhere and make a bunch of money. Well let me tell you this. I have been affiliate marketing for over 2 years and if that is the approach you take you will NOT make much money.

They even go as far as to say that you will make $15 for every link you post, which only takes 2 minutes to do. This is absolutely ridiculous.

There is no way to predict the amount of money that a link will make you. Many links will make you $0, and then there are others that can make you $1,000’s. Its impossible to predict accurately and saying that each one will make you $15 is just stupid.

If you want to learn the truth about affiliate marketing and how to get started then click here.

Is Online Income Profits a Scam? Final Rating


This place is absolutely a scam that was made for nothing more than to get your money. They are not here to make you money. There is no way. They lie right to your face and mislead you throughout the entire sales page.

If you sign up and try this system you will absolutely not make money like they tell you. They feed you a fairy tale that doesn’t exist. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online, just not like how they tell you.

Like I mentioned earlier, I work full time (25hrs a week)  as an affiliate marketer online. I know this isn’t going to work out. You can legitimately learn more about affiliate marketing and how to get started here.

What do you think of Online Income Profits? Comments? Questions? Concerns? Leave them below…

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