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Is OfferVault a Scam? – What To Know Beforehand

Is OfferVault a Scam

Is OfferVault a scam? Should you trust this place? Will you really get paid for promoting the offers listed on this site? Is OfferVault worth your time?

These are all questions that need to be answered, or at least it should be answered, before becoming a member of a site like this and using it for what it is supposed to be used for, which is finding offers. In this review I’ll be going over what exactly OfferVault it is, how it all works and how you can use it, who it is best for, whether or not it is a scam and more.

And I’ll tell you what… I’ll get straight to the point here and tell you that No OfferVault it is not a scam. But I’ll give more details on this later.

What Is OfferVault?

OfferVault is basically a big database of CPA offers. OfferVault has an abundance of CPA offers from dozens of different ad networks and this gives you the ability to search through tons of offers in one place. It makes it easy for you to find CPA offers, and not just that, but also makes it easy for you to find targeted offers that you are looking for.

You see businesses advertise their CPA offers and OfferVault gives you the ability to sift through all of these offers conveniently in one place. All the different ad networks that have offers listed here on the site pay OfferVault for their listings. It is a win/win for both parties… OfferVault makes it easier for affiliates to find offers and brings the networks more marketers, which means more business, and in doing so OfferVault makes money.

And then of course is also great for those of us doing affiliate marketing out there because it makes things a little bit easier when it comes to finding good offers to promote. It could potentially save you hours of work researching for that perfect offer for your mailing list, that fitness app you really want to promote on your fitness niche site, etc.

Using OfferVault

When you land on the website one of the first things you will see is the search box. Here you can type in any sort of keyword you want to find relevant offers. The more specific you are with your keywords, the less offers you will find but the more targeted they will be.

You can also search offers within specific ad networks by clicking on the particular network from the drop down menu below the search box. What is also nice is that you can set search preferences, do advanced searches, and set your country. Being able to pick your country is a big deal. Many offers are only available in particular locations so this can save you a lot of time by finding you offers that are available to you from the get-go.

If you know what type of offer you are looking for then you are going to want to use the search box. But if not you can just scroll down beneath that you can view all of the offers. You can scroll through the various ad networks out there, view mobile only offers, pay-per call offers, traffic offers, new offers and the featured offers.

And if you do use the search box to search for a particular type of offer you will end up getting the same type of results layout seen below… The offer name will be displayed, the payout, the type, category, network, and when it was last updated…

What is really nice about the layout here is that it makes it easy to compare similar offers from various different ad networks so that you can find the highest paying offer out there… Which I am assuming is what you are looking for.

  • Offer Name: Of course this is the name of the offer… Not much explanation needed here.
  • Payout: This is the payout you will receive when you refer a customer, get someone to sign up for a mailing list, or whatever it is that the offers paying you to do. This might be a set dollar amount or it could be a percentage.
  • Type: This is the type of offer, meaning whether it is a pay-per sale offer, a pay-per click offer, a pay-per lead offer, etc.
  • Category: This is the category that the offer falls into. There are numerous different categories and as you can see above in the screenshot I took, some of them include web, health, sweepstakes, travel & tourism, mobile subscriptions, finance, etc.
  • Nework: This just tells you what ad network the offer is coming from.
  • Updated: This tells you when the offer was last updated. Generally you are going to want to find offers that have been updated fairly recently. Some older offers might not be available but could still be listed on the site.

Over on the right hand side of the page you will also see a section called the Offer Spotlight which will show you some good offers that are going around. You might find something that you are interested in year, but there is a good chance you want because these are not targeted. They are just some featured offers that ad networks are paying OfferVault more to promote. You will also see below that a Trending Searches section that will show you some of the top searches going on right now. I don’t use this but this could potentially be of help.

Free Webinars

One nice thing about OfferVault is that they provide more than just a big database of offers. In addition to giving people free access to this database, they also hold free weekly webinars to their members. These webinars could be about promoting CPA offers (of course), SEO, building an email list, and so on. Lots of different topics could potentially be covered here and there is definitely some valuable information given, which should be particularly good if you are somewhat of a newbie.

Who OfferVault Is For

OfferVault this for anyone that is looking to promote products and make money, and who has the means to do so. So if you are into affiliate marketing, or looking to start, then this is potentially for you.

If you have a niche website, or a blogger, have a mailing list…then this is a resource that could potentially be a big help to you.

There are so many different offers out there to promote and finding ones that are targeted in fit your particular situation is the difficult part. Well I guess it is easy to find targeted offers, but fighting the best targeted offers is the hard part. OfferVault makes this easy because you can compare thousands of different offers all in one place.

Promoting Offers

If you our planning on using this database to promote offers then you should know that you will have to sign up for each network whose offer you are looking to promote. You can’t just become a member of OfferVault and then automatically be signed up for all these different networks. That would be nice… Really nice if you could just create a single account, but this is not how it works.

You will have to sign up for the individual ad networks and this can be a hassle. These networks have their own requirements and it is possible that you might not get approved for some.

Scam?… Definitely Not

OfferVault is definitely not a scam… And no way, shape, or form.

That said… I guess it is possible that you could be scammed. Confusing right? Well here’s what I mean:OfferVault is just a database or a search engine of sorts. They just help you find the offers and have nothing to do with actually paying you for promoting the offers. It is the individual networks that are responsible for that.

Now the networks that OfferVault as listed on their site or legitimate. It is not like they just list every and anything, but I’m sure some people have been “scammed” or at least have felt scammed for one reason or another. It’s bound to happen… Maybe they promoted an offer in a prohibited way and their pay was refused, maybe they violated the Terms of Service, there are many possibilities here that could lead to someone not getting paid and feeling scammed, although it was probably their fault.

Final Thoughts – Should You Use This Place?

So should you use OfferVault? Well… Let’s think about this for a second. It is a free service that provides you with thousands of different offers coming from dozens of ad networks, all in one easy to view place… Making things easy to compare and it very easy to find the best offers out there that pay the most and are targeted.

Sounds like something everyone should be using, doesn’t it?

OfferVault is a great site and one that I am definitely a fan of. If you were thinking about joining and using it then go for it. It is definitely not a scam and can be a huge benefit to you.

For Beginners:

If you are a beginner looking to just get started in affiliate marketing then a better path take (in my opinion) would be Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing training program that provides step-by-step training along with tools needed as an affiliate marketer. I joined back in 2015 when I was first looking for ways to make money online. I knew nothing of the time and fast forward to today… I’m making a living doing this stuff online, which goes to show that it does work.

==> Full Wealthy Affiliate Review Here

Questions or comments? Please leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂 Also, feel free to leave your own review of OfferVault below. I am sure other readers would appreciate that.

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