Is a Scam? – Review has been around for a while. It went online in 2001 by the National Family mysurveyOpinion (NFO), which is an organization that collects consumer opinions. This organization has a rich history dating back to 1946. Since then, in the early 2000’s, it was acquired by Lightspeed Research. It has a long history which makes it seem legit, but still, is a scam?

There are many different types of scam activity that could be going on when it comes to online surveys. Many similar sites lure you in boasting of their high payouts and easy money. Then they end up paying out cents and thats if they even pay you.The online survey business is without a doubt heavily saturated by fraud businesses trying to scam people

So lets take a look at and see if it is legit or a scam, but first lets go over what its all about briefly.

How Does It Work

After signing up you will be invited to take surveys depending on your qualifications. The more experience you get at mysurvey the more invitations to participate in surveys you will receive.

After the completion of each survey you are awarded either sweepstakes entries or reward points. With the sweepstakes, there 10 different drawings per month with 10 different members selected to win. If you win you receive 10,000 points!

Once you have enough points you are able to redeem them for money (through paypal), gift cards (to many different stores), charity donations, and much more.

How much can you earn per survey?

The amount of points and money you are able to earn depends on the length of the surveys. Of course you earn more for surveys that take longer. For a small survey you can expect to spend about 10-20 minutes taking it and earn anywhere from 30-50 points. Then there are larger surveys that can take you 30-45 minutes to complete and you are able to earn up to 300 points.

With the varying lengths and points earned you can expect anywhere from $0.50 to $1.25 per survey.

Where does the money come from?

This is always an important question when you are looking into a business and determining whether or not it is a scam. You have to look at the business model and ask yourself whether it makes sense or not.

In’s case Yes it makes sense. Each year thousands of companies worldwide invest billions of dollars into marketing research. They want to know what customers think so that they can increase profits. is the middle man in this operation. Companies pay to get people to take surveys. You (the member) are paid a small percentage of this pay.

So there is nothing strange or unusual going on with this. The business model is legit and the cash flow is real.

Is it WORTH your time?

Honestly, I would never waste my time making $0.50 for 10-20 minutes. Its such a small payout its just not worth it to me.

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As if the money isn’t already bad enough there are other problems. And A LOT of them.

Customer Complaints

The number one complaint is, as you could imagine, the payouts are TOO low. In order to reach the minimum “cashout” amount of $10 it takes way too long. The surveys don’t pay out much of anything and there are just not that many surveys available because you are only able to participate in surveys you are invited to.

There are also complaints by some that claim you can’t even go above $10 per month. So your max payout per month is $10 no matter how many surveys you complete.

Those complaints are bad but they are still legitimate. Lets get on to the activity that you can label SCAM.

Scam Activity

“screened out”

Sometimes you will get “screened out” of a survey as soon as you finish it. Being “screened out” means that you are determined ineligible to take the survey so they kick you off.

The problem is that you have already completed (or came very close) the survey. This activity is without a doubt fraudulent. They are using your opinion and time and not paying you for it.

I have encountered problems similar to this on other survey sites (like fusioncash) where you will not receive credit for completed surveys. There are many way that different sites do this but its all for the same reason, GREED. Here are a couple review:


Inactivating Account

Reading through reviews I have came across this same problem a lot. What happens is if you are earning too many points your account will mysteriously go inactive. The amount of people that are experiencing this problem is just too high for me to think its just a coincidence.  It is likely due to keep from having to pay out to its members.

Just a few:

Screenshot (73)

Other than being “screened out” and closing down accounts, there are quite a bit of complaints about not paying out. Is it really that difficult for them to payout $10? Usually this is due to some bogus “terms of service” rule that you did not meet.

If you want to see more reviews I suggest visiting SurveyPolice. They have over 300 customer reviews of Mysurvey, totaling 3/5 stars.

It Maybe used to be a good place to make extra cash but not anymore

I have found this to be true a lot in the online paid survey world. What once was a good place to make some extra money has turned into a place that pays is members as little as possible.


By not inviting you to take surveys, paying out very little money, limiting the money you can earn per month, “screening out” people, closing accounts, and sometimes not even paying out, is losing its ground because it is just not worth anyone’s time. You can spend your time better elsewhere to make money online.

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