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Is My PC Backup a Scam? I Wouldn’t Trust Them

By Kyle / April 20, 2017

Whether you are looking for cloud storage space on your own, or you have been referred to My PC Backup by someone, you need to know whether this place is legitimate. If you do end up signing up with them you are going to have to put a lot of trust in them because they are going to be handling all your data, some of which you might consider very important.

But can you trust them? Or is My PC Backup a scam? I have been referred to sign up with this company on several occasions and I have always declined to do so due to suspicion that I have had. The reason that really raised my suspicion with this program was the fact that some of the places that referred me to it are major scams (most recent being My Flex Job).

So with this in mind I figured it was finally time to review this program and find out once and for all whether or not its a scam. This way people in similar situations can get some true insight on this place.

MyPCBackup reviewMy PC Backup Review

  • Name: My PC Backup
  • Website: www.mypcbackup.com
  • Price: Cheapest plan is $10.69/month
  • Recommended?: I’ll go over this at the end


My PC Backup is a desktop application that you can download to backup your data to cloud storage. It can operate in the background of your computer without you even knowing it is working.

There are many similar services out there and this is used as a sort of “safe net” in case something were to happen and all your data were erased from your computer.

They offer several different storage plans as well as a range of additional services.

Plans & Pricing

There are three different storage plans you can choose from based on the amount of data you are looking to backup. They include…

  • Home/ Pro Plan
    • 75GB
    • $10.69/month
  • Premium Plan
    • 250GB
    • $11.94/month
  • Ultimate Plan
    • 1TB
    • $14.44/month

And on top of this they offer additional services like Network Drive Support, Hourly Backup, Priority Support, and more.

My PC Backup Complaints

There are A LOT of complaints about this place. And honestly, this alone should be enough to get you to turn away from using this cloud storage service. Some of the more common complaints I have found include…


Canceling your subscription seems to be quite the task. There are numerous complains online about having serious trouble trying to get the necessary help to cancel a membership. It seems that My PC Backup will give you the run-around and try everything to keep you from canceling.

There are also many cases of being able to cancel an account, yet for some reason continuing to be charged. Some customers having been overcharged multiple times after complaining multiple times and thinking that the problem was fixed multiple times.


There are many complaints about this software tricking people into paying for it. Apparently it will appear as being free but then require a payment when it comes time to actually run.

This is nothing extreme when it comes to softwares like this, but still, its deceptive and I don’t care for things like this.


You can also find numerous complaints about My PC Backup downloading viruses to people’s computers. You think its protecting your computer and keeping it safe from data loss, but then it ends up infecting your computer and making things go haywire.

Downloads Without Authority 

My PC Backup comes as a “bundle” when you download various other programs to your computer, such as video streaming software, pdf creators, and other things of this nature. Computer users often are totally unaware that it is even installing because there is no attempt to really make the user aware of it.

Why So Many Promote My PC Backup

So why would someone promote this software? It has some horrible reviews when compared to other cloud storage services and isn’t even close to being the smartest pick.

The reason is because of one thing…. MONEY. People that promote My PC Backup are in it for the money the way that I see it. Because its obviously not for the honesty, transparency, and trustworthiness.

My PC Backup has an affiliate program where you get paid for every person that you get to download this software. Affiliates get paid $5 for each person they get to sign up for the free trial and $120 for each paid account sign up.

This means they can make a lot of money, and a lot more than with other cloud storage services. Most others don’t have very lucrative affiliate programs. Instead they offer free storage for you if you get people to join.

The reason that My PC Backup is able to offer their affiliates so much money for getting people to sign up is probably because of all the overcharging that they are doing.

My PC Backup’s Reputation

Obviously this software has a horrible reputation. You can find plenty of complaints online about it and can even find complaints on Ripoff Report and Pissed Consumer.

Their standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is also pretty bad. They are not rated, but they do have a fairly high number of complaints and no good reviews whatsoever.

Final Thoughts… Don’t Do It!

Whatever you do don’t download this software. Its just not worth it. My PC Backup has a horrible reputation and has nothing that great to offer. There are plenty of reputable and legitimate cloud storage services that you can use that are better choices (I use Drop Box).

My PC Backup’s reputation is so bad that you can find multiple articles online that are specifically written to instruct people on how to remove My PC Backup from their computer.

The bottom line is that you can’t trust this place with your data. And that there is no need to because there are better services out there.

People are promoting this service to make money. My Flex Job is a big scam and one of the places that are referring people to this software. They do it for the money and the money alone I’m telling you.

What do you think about My PC Backup? Comments, questions, concerns?? Leave them below in the comment section…

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