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Is My Online Business Machine a Scam? Heck YES IT IS!

By Kyle / September 18, 2016


  • Name: My Online Business Machine
  • Website: myonlinebusinessmachine.com
  • Creator: Matt Starr (probably a fake name)
  • Rating: 1/10 (Massive scam that has been around for a while)

Ok, so what is My Online Business Machine and is My Online Business Machine a Scam? First off, heck yes its a big fat scam, there is no doubt about it. Believe me, you will realize what a scam it is after you read this little My Online Business Machine review I’m providing for you.

Claims That They Make

Matt, the guy in the video, is in no way conservative when he talks about the amount of money that you can make with this “secret system”. I mean, gosh, he is talking about giving you private access to a system that can generate over $10,000 a day for you! Thats ridiculous.

He also claims that it is impossible to lose money with this system. Those are some serious bold claims and my scam sensors where going crazy at this point.

And to top it off, he claims that its super easy to start making this kind of money. There are 6 Simple Steps, and these steps can be mastered in a weeks time. And once you master them you can work as little as one hour a day!!! Sheesh.

Oh ya, and then he guarantees you a $500 reward for watching the whole video, which is a bunch of crap because at the end of the video he then says that he will give you $500 if you don’t make money within the first 30 days of trying out his secret system. Next he will be saying he will give you the money after 2 months, then 3 months, and so on. Its a lie.

And lets be honest here, those testimonial videos where pretty awful. I wonder where this guy got those actors from.

Can You Trust The Guy Speaking In The Video?

About 5 or 6 minutes into the video on the myonlinebusinessmachine.com homepage, the guy speaking finally reveals his name. my-online-business-machine-is-a-scam

He says his name is Matt Starr and that he lives in New Castle,
Pennsylvania. He then shows a picture of himself and his girlfriend as you can see in this screenshot I took to the right…

Anytime there is a program that smells like a scam as much as this one, I always do a little research into the creator of the program.

And sure enough this “Matt Starr” guy, which probably isn’t his real name by the way, is a LIAR.

Take a look at what I found below.

So I took this screenshot of Matt Starr and his girlfriend and uploaded it to Google to search for similar images. And what did I find you ask?????myonlinebusinessmachine-com-scam

LOOK AT THIS =======>

Does that look familiar? Its the exact image as the one that Matt Starr claims to be him and his girlfriend.

But this image is a stock photo that you can buy on ShutterStock. You can check it out here.

The guy in the video is hiding his real identity and bought an image online and is using it as if it is really him. This is not the first time I have seen this. I actually do image searches all the time on products that I suspect to be scams and its really not all that uncommon. Scammers of course don’t want you to know who they are because if you do you might hunt them down. So they fake their identity.

If this product was really as good as “Matt Starr” claims he would be more than happy to show his face because people would love him. But its not, its a scam.

And you can easily tell this just by giving it a second thought.

Just Think About How This Works… It Doesn’t Make Sense

Before I get into what this scam REALLY is I  want you to just think about everything Matt is telling you here. You can easily spot scams just by giving them a second thought.

In the video Matt vaguely goes over how the whole process works and how you will be making your money. What he says is that you will be partnering up with a large publicly funded company. And they will be paying you $1,000 to $10,000 in commissions just for sending them small amounts of traffic.

The company knows how to sell extremely expensive products, all you have to do is send some very wealthy people to their website and they will do the rest. And guess what? You will be getting an entire sales team at your side 24/7 to help you make sales along with a personal millionaire mentor.

So pretty much everything is about as simple as it could possibly be. All you have to do is drive small amounts of traffic to a website. And you really don’t have to do much of anything because your sales team is going to be doing everything for you.

But if this is all true, then…

Why The Hell Would They Pay You So Much!!???

I mean seriously? Paying 10,000 commission checks a day for you barely doing any work. Thats so ridiculous.

Since its a simple job that anyone could do with no experience, they could easily hire someone and pay them $10 or $20 an hour to do the work. Why would they choose you and pay you $10,000 when they could save a lot of money hiring someone else? Its not like you are special and have some extraordinary online marketing skill set or anything.

The point is that the amount you would make does not make any sense. And thats because its a scam. And now I’ll be going over what My Online Business Machine REALLY is…

What Is My Online Business Machine REALLY?

If you don’t turn away by now and you end up making it to the sales page to buy this program for $49, you will see this…is-my-online-business-machine-a-scam

As you can see it says Online Business Machine – $49.00 but above it you can see it says MOBE.

And what is MOBE.. its a scam thats been around for years. It stands for My Online Business Empire. This My Online Business Machine is really just referring you to purchase MOBE.

The Truth About MOBE

MOBE is a massive MLM scam that you could rightly classify as a pyramid scheme.

MOBE was created by another guy named Matt, Matt Lloyd. You can find plenty of complaints at Ripoff Report about this guy. He is a grade A scammer.

The MOBE program is a  21 step internet marketing product. When you buy it, you then get the “rights” to sell that same product to other people. And within Matt’s 21 steps the main focus is going to be on exactly that, building your own online business that is focused on selling this same product to other people.

So the main thing they are teaching you is to recruit others to buy this product from you. When you go out and sell the MOBE product you are essentially recruiting others that are going to be taught to go out and do the same thing you did, sell to other people.

And as your recruits make money, you will receive percentages of the monpyramid schemeey that they make. So if you have a lot of recruits underneath you, you can make money by doing nothing.

The reason this type I say you could righly classify this as a pyramid scheme instead of a legitimate MLM opportunity is because the main focus is overwhelmingly on recruiting others to sell the same product to others.


It might sound like a good idea to you, just get some recruits under you and let them do the work while you sit back and make money off them. But its not that great.

You will find it much harder to recruit than you think. And statistically speaking, the large majority of people involved in pyramid schemes like this LOSE money. Its a fact.

Final Thoughts On My Online Business Machine

Ok, so to recap all this My Online Business Machine website does is tries to get you to buy MOBE, which is My Online Business Empire.

And what is MOBE… its a scam of course. You can Google MOBE scam and you will get plenty of results if you don’t believe me.

Its nothing more than a pyramid scheme that a very select few people at the very top are getting extremely rich off of from gullible people buying into it thinking they will make big bucks.

My advice… get the heck away from it before it sucks you in and you end up loosing tons of money.

By the way: There are reports of people losing 10’s of thousands of dollars from MOBE. Its a pretty serious scam.

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