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Is My Home Job Connection a Scam? Sorry, But It Is!

By Kyle / April 13, 2017

My Home Job Connection claims to match you with legitimate work from home opportunities in your area, but can you trust this place? Or is My Home Job Connection a scam that you need to stay far far away from.

I have reviewed this online job finder and unfortunately they really mislead you. I mean, most of the “jobs” they match you with will make you nothing even close to what they lead you to believe. If you were considering using this site you definitely want to read my review first or else you are probably going to end up wasting a bunch of time for nothing.

MyHomeJobConnection.com reviewMy Home Job Connection Review

  • Website: myhomejobconnection.com
  • Type: Home-based Job Matching
  • Recommended?: Absolutely Not

My Home Job Connection claims to match you up with great work from home jobs in your area. But this isn’t true at all. This website is not trying to help you find jobs. It is nothing more than a scam website that is nearly identical to My Home Job Search, which is a scam I reviewed in the past.

But before I get into the job opportunities that this website is referring you too and why they will absolutely NOT work out like they tell you. I first want to go over a few red flags that I found on their homepage that have scam written all over them.

Red Flag #1 Fake Facebook Likes

At the top of the website they show that 455,232 people have liked this page on Facebook. But this isn’t true.

That is nothing more than an image they uploaded to the website. Anyone can do this in order to fake social proof.

The reason I know this is fake is because if you click to share or like this nothing will happen.

Red Flag #2 Fake Testimonials

If you scroll down the page you will see some testimonials from people that claim My Home Job Connection is the real deal. The problem is all these are fake.

Remember this lady?

That image can be found on stock photo websites online, such as BigStockPhoto.com. This means that anyone can buy this photo and use it online.

Red Flag #3 This Program Was Never In The News

They try to make it seem like My Home Job Connection has been featured in the news but it hasn’t and this is very misleading. They don’t come out and tell you directly that it has in a blatant lie, but they definitely try to make you believe that it has.

You can look up My Home Job Connection on any of the news outlets it shows above, Forbes, New York Times, CNN Money, etc. and you won’t find anything related to this scam website.

The Work at Home Opportunities That It Refers You Too

On the homepage you will be asked to enter your zipcode to find jobs in your area. You will then take a short survey that asks you questions like “Choose your desired weekly income”, “How many hours can you work per week?” and so on.

At the end of the short survey, you will then be asked for your name, email, and phone number to set up your account. You will also be asked what type of work at home job you are looking for. 

But it doesn’t matter what you choose. I have went through this several times and no matter which category you choose it will direct you to the same jobs.

It will take you to this page…

$100 In Just 24 Hours??!! That’s NOT Going To Happen

The opportunities that they refer you to are never going to make you anything even close to this.

They first refer you to 3 paid survey sites and tell you to sign up for them. These include Harris Poll, Survey Junkie, and MySurvey. You will make MUCH less than minimum wage with all 3 of these sites without a doubt. Paid survey sites like this just don’t pay much of anything.

If you continue to step 2, they will talk about a website that people are using to make over $3,000 a week. Sounds pretty incredible right?

I mean on Step 1, those survey sites aren’t going to pay you much at all. But $3,000 a week. Now we are talking.


Too Bad It’s a Scam

The program they refer you too is called EZ Money Team.

Its been such a popular scam going around that I actually wrote a full review on EZ Money Team just to try to get the word out and help people avoid it.

The Truth Behind EZ Money Team

They tell you that you can easily earn hundreds of dollars per day posting links from home. All you have to do is pay $67 for their done-for-you websites and their training.

And this is true to some extent. Just about every company out there will pay individuals to promote their products online via “link posting”.

The real name for this is affiliate marketing. This is when you promote products online via affiliate links, people click your links, they are directed to the sellers website, they buy the product, and you get paid commissions for referring them.

Example: You like dogs, you promote dog collars on your blog with affiliate links, people visit your blog and click on your links, they are directed to Amazon.com, they buy the collar, you get paid money from Amazon for referring them.

Affiliate marketing is a legit opportunity and I make a living doing this online. It really like it and love the business model.

But… Its Not As Easy As They Tell You

You don’t just post some links and get paid hundreds of dollars. There is much more too it than that. If you go about spamming links everywhere you will never make any money.

Its just not how it works. If it were that easy everybody would be doing it.

If you want to learn how to legitimately get started in affiliate marketing you can do so by clicking the link below…

==> click here to learn more about affiliate marketing and how I suggest for beginners to get started

Final Thoughts on My Home Job Connection

This site is obviously a scam. And it is NOT trying to help you find work at home opportunities.

The real reason for this site is to make the owners money. You see, you can make commissions from referring people to every site that they try to refer you too. The paid survey sites you can make a little money by referring people. But the main reason for My Home Job Connection scam is to refer you to EZ Money Team. That is where the people behind this scam are going to be making the real money.

Anyway, I hope you found this review helpful and I hope I saved you from these scams before you wasted any time or paid any money!

What do you think about My Home Job Connection? Comments, questions, concerns??? Leave them below in the comment section…

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