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Is My Flex Job a Scam? You NEED To Read This!

By Kyle / April 3, 2017
My Flex Job scam

If you are thinking about signing up for My Flex Job then you might want to think again. They mislead you a lot and fill you up with a bunch of lies that you will soon find out are exactly that… lies.

Is My Flex Job a scam? Yes it is, and in this review I’ll be going over exactly why it is.

So take 5 minutes and read this over. You will be glad you did.

My Flex Job ReviewMy Flex Job Review

  • Name: My Flex Job
  • Website: myflexjob.com
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Price: Could be a lot (I’ll go over this)
  • Recommended?: Absolutely not

The first thing that you should be aware of if you are not already is that “My Flex Job” is not the same as “Flex Jobs”. Flex Jobs is a legitimate business that matches people with flexible telecommuting jobs. Whereas My Flex Job, which is what I am reviewing, is the very deceptive business that pretty much tricks people into signing up with them.

They Are In It For The Money

My Flex Job is the type of business that oversells what they offer. They make it seem much better that how it really is and this leads to major disappointment. They are only in it to get the most money out of you and you will soon figure that out if you decide to go through with this.

The first thing you will notice when you begin the application process for My Flex Job is that you will be required to download software to your computer. The software is computer backup software. Its completely legit and you will be directed to My PC Backup to download it.

But I just cannot understand why you need this software. They claim it is for your own good since you will be working online and this will protect your data, but it doesn’t make much sense.

I have come to the conclusion that the only reason you are downloading this software is so that My Flex Job gets paid from My PC Backup. Because it will cost you $25 to get the software and My Flex Job will earn a commission for referring you.

The Lies They Told You

They Won’t Just Give You Your $25 Back

As I just mentioned, you will have to pay $25 for the software they make you download. And they claim that you will be refunded $25 instantly in your account so its nothing to worry about, but this isn’t really true.

The truth is that they will give you 2500 points in your account, which is worth $25 once you cash out. The catch is that you have to reach 5000 points before you can cash out. And most people don’t end up making it this far, they quit long before they get to this point.

The Testimonials are Fake

All of those wonderful things that you heard the people say in the testimonials are nothing but lies.

Those people have never used My Flex Job. Those are all paid actors and simply made videos praising this program because they were told to do so.

And just to give you an example of this, below I took a screenshot of the one man’s profile on Fiverr, which is an online marketplace where people can pay people to create testimonials for them along with a lot of other things.

As you can see this is clearly the same man as “Ethan” the one My Flex Job testimonial. In fact, he recorded the video in the same room and everything. And by the way… his name isn’t Ethan.

You Won’t Make What They Tell You

They really hype up this program and tell you that you will be making an average of $23.75/hr. I don’t know where they get this number from buy its just not going to happen.

You will understand why this simply isn’t going to happen when I go over how you will be making money.

How You Will Be Making Money

They tell you that they work with fortune 500 companies to help get you employed and that they help match people with part-time & full-time work.. but this isn’t really true.

They do sort of match you with fortune 500 companies but its NOT for a job!

All they do is match you with free trials and offers that fortune 500 companies have.

Its nothing different than what paid survey sites like SwagBucks, Earning Station, and others offer.

Big companies are always offering free trials. And many of these trials you can get paid to sign up for.

Example: Sign up for a free trial of GameFly and earn 100 points. Or sign up for a free trial of Hulu and earn 200 points, etc.

That is all My Flex Job does… It just matches you with free trial offers that you can make some points (which can then be turned into money). Its not like you are working for fortune 500 companies. You are just signing up for their trials!

It is a horrible business model that will never make you much money. And I have seen other scam programs that do exactly this before.

As I Said, They Are Only In It For The Money

The catch to all of this is that with the free trials you will be signing up for, you will have to enter your credit card info. And if you forget to cancel your trial, you will be charged.

My Flex Job is an affiliate for all of these free trail offers that they refer you to. So every time someone forgets to cancel a subscription or legitimately wants to continue with the service they signed up for, My Flex Job earns a commission.

My Flex Job Complaints

If you do some searching around online you will find tons of complaints on My Flex Job.

If you look up My Flex Job on Ripoff Report you will find several…

And if you go to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) you will see that they have a F rating, which is as bad as it gets..

Final Thoughts On This My Flex Job Scam

This is just an absolutely horrible idea. First off you can’t trust this place at all because of the proven lies that they tell you. And secondly… who would want to try to make money off of signing up for trials all day? Your day will revolve around signing up for and canceling free trials.

And the bottom line is that this just isn’t a good way to make money. There are only so many free trials that you can make money from at any given time. And there is no way you could work even close to full time doing this. There just wouldn’t be enough offers.

And not only would you not be able to work very much, but the pay is also not going to be good and you sure as heck shouldn’t expect a $23.75/hr wage.

Overall this program is horrible. Its full of tricks, deception, and ways for My Flex Job to make money off of you.

Comments, questions, concerns?? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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