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Is My eBiz Coach a Scam? You Might Want To Read This..

By Kyle / October 4, 2016

myebizcoach-com-reviewMy eBiz Coach is NOT what the Australian guy in the video (Brett) makes it seem like. And in this My eBiz Coach review I’ll be spilling the beans on what this program really is and whether or not My eBiz Coach is a scam or legit.

My eBiz Coach Review

  • Website: myebizcoach.com
  • Creator: Brett (so he says)is-my-ebiz-coach-a-scam
  • Price: $1 for a 14 day trial
  • Rating: 1.5/10 (Tries to get you to buy into a well known shady MLM scheme. I do NOT recommend this)

You may have felt convinced by the buy in the video, but you have to take a step back and think things over before you decide to purchase this program he is selling.

You can’t fall for his sob story about living paycheck to paycheck, being $60,000 in dept, and losing his job. Having a heat attack and all that crap. Its all a lie.

The whole automated system that he is talking about is a lie. It certainly will NOT make you $100,000 in 90 days and he is very aware of that. This guy is a scam artist and these people disgust me.

Anyway.. the scam that he is trying to get you to buy into has been around for a while and I am very familiar with it, having reviewed it several times.

The Scam Behind My eBiz Coach

myebizcoach-is-a-scamIf you make it through the painfully long video of with the Australian guy talking, you might have clicked to buy this program for $1, which is a massive discount from the regular price which they claim to be $497, which is a lie by the way.

The program that they are trying to get you to buy into is $37/month. But anyway, thats not here nor there.

The Program They Are Selling You Is A SCAM!

If you click to add to cart, you will be redirected to this page…my-ebiz-coach-scam

As you can see the program they are trying to get you to buy is called ASPIRE Walker. And you better believe it when I say IT IS A SCAM and I’ll go over why.

BTW, if you have heard of paidlikemack.com, imnotarapper.com, or paidwithcash.net, don’t fall for them. They are all promoting this same ASPIRE scam.

Moving on, what is ASPIRE and why is it a scam?

Before I get into what ASPIRE includes and what its all about, I want to give you a brief history on the guy and the company behind the product.

A Little History Lesson

Aspire is a product made by the company called Digital Altitude, and their website is digitalaltitude.co.

Digital Altitude was founded by a guy named Michael Force, who was one of the top producers for a massive MLM (multi-level marketing) scam called Empower Network. There are plenty of reviews about Empower Network that you can Google, but I’ll tell you whats important.

Like I said, Empower Network was a massive MLM scam that had over 200,000 members at its peak. Unfortunately, this scam fell apart and around 97% of those 200,000 members lost money.

So right off the bat you should be suspicious of ASPIRE because the man behind it has a past of being involved in scams. And you would be right to be suspicious of this because ASPIRE is very similar.

So What The Heck Is ASPIRE?

Its a MLM scam very similar to Empower Network.

ASPIRE is an internet marketing program that teaches you some of the many ways to make money online. I’m not going to lie to you, this is a scam but not a complete scam. They do provide some decent training and products in some areas. Some of the things you get when you sign up for the ASPIRE membership are…

  • Business Training Videos
    • How to start your business and promote it
  • Private Coaching
    • You have coaches that you can contact 1 on 1
  • Sales Funnels
    • You get pre-made sales funnel templates you can use to funnel your traffic
  • Traffic Solutions
    • Training in traffic generating techniques
  • And more…

But don’t get all excited about this. The private coaching is an absolute joke. Your coach will be your recruiter and the only thing that he/she will coach you on is buying an upsell so that he/she can get every bit of commissions out of you that he/she can.

And it gets worse, much worse…

pyramid schemeIts a shady MLM scheme. The main goal of this program and its recruiters is to recruit more and more people into the system. And usually they recruit by talking about all the commissions they make with the program. This means that they are not going out there recruiting people and making money from them signing up. Thats it. They are not marketing their own products or doing things like that.

The overwhelming focus of the program is put on getting recruits, not the actual products that ASPIRE has. This makes it what I call a “shady” MLM scheme because it leans away from the legitimate side of things and more towards the pyramid scheme side of things. (Pyramid schemes are solely focused on recruiting others and having them invest into the scheme rather than buy actual products)

ASPIRE has a payout system that ranges from 1 tier to 3 tiers, depending on your membership. The $37/month that I mentioned earlier is for the ASPIRE Walker membership. But along with that are the ASPIRE Hiker membership for $67/month and the ASPIRE Climber membership for $127/month.

Of course the ASPIRE Climber membership has the highest payout, which is 3 tiers deep, meaning you get commissions from your recruits, and your recruits’ recruits, and your recruits’ recruits’ recruits, if you can follow that.

There Are Extremely High Upsell Products

If you thought that those 3 memberships were it, then you thought wrong. They have products that they will try to upsell you on that range from $595 to $27,997. Yes you read that number correctly.

The main reason for you to buy these products is because once you buy them you then get the rights to sell them to other people. The people selling these know that they are not even close to worth the money. They are selling them so they can make big commissions.

By buying these ASPIRE products you can buy your way up the pyramid into the upper levels where you can make more commissions.

These products are listed below. They are called “Memberships”, but they are different from the memberships I mentioned above.

  • The Base Membership – $595 one time payment
    • Has 12 training modules in 3 sections
    • Mostly has to do with getting customers and setting up sales funnels
  • The Rise Membership – $1,997 one time payment
    • Training with 19 modules in 5 sections
    • Basically teaches you how to sucker people into buying from you
  • The Ascend Membership – $9,997 one time payment
    • Gives you a 3 day retreat in Las Vegas for you and a partner
    • Also gives you some more training on things like scaling your traffic and building a team of sellers beneath you
  • The Peak Membership – $16,997
    • Here you get a bunch of high level stuff like…
      •  Creating more efficiency in your business, adding more value to the products, and autopilot retirement
  • The Apex Membership – $27,997
    • And this is it, the top of the top. You can get to the top of this pyramid scheme, all you need is an extra $27,997 laying around to spend.
    • Here you get a 7 day retreat in Las Vegas for 2 people along with training
    • But thats not the main thing you get. The main thing you get is the ability to be at the top and look down at all the gullible people that have been screwed over and are desperately trying to make money on a system that only works for those at the top.

Why ASPIRE is a Scam

The main reason that ASPIRE is a scam is simply because it WILL NOT WORK like all of these phony promoters claim it will.

For the average Joe this will definitely not work out for you.

The problem with schemes like this is that the MAJORITY of people LOSE MONEY. That is a statistical fact. Only the very top of the pyramid will be able to make good money for the amount that they are spending.

The only way you can make money is if you are able to recruit tons of gullible people. And….. you are really going to need to recruit a lot. Because you only make money if they make money, and most of them are probably going to end up quitting and cutting their loses after they find out its just a scam.

Final Thoughts – My eBiz Coach is a Scam

Ok so let me summarize all of this.. My Ebiz Coach is just a place that refers you to a scam named ASPIRE. And ASPIRE is a shady MLM that some might call a pyramid scheme. ASPIRE’s main focus is on sucking you into the program and getting you to try to promote it to other people.

It will absolutely NOT work out for the majority of people out there. Unless you have a massive social media following or a website that gets loads of traffic, then don’t count on it working.

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