Is MindSwarms a Scam? Here Is My Review

MindSwarms offers a relatively new way of paid survey taking. There are some things I really like about them and some things I don’t. In this review I’ll be going over how MindSwarms works, how you get paid, and the goods and bads.

And for those of you who don’t feel like reading my full review here is a spoiler for you… is MindSwarms a scam? Absolutely not! But like I said, there are some things I don’t like.

is MindSwarms a scamMindSwarms Review

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  • Rating: 8/10 (Nice opportunity to make extra money, they pay well, just not a lot of opportunity)


There really aren’t many websites that offer you the ability to take surveys via webcam. Most survey sites that conduct market research do so via written surveys, paid tasks, and such. But MindSwarms is different. They want your opinion and they want it fast, and conducting surveys via webcam gets the job done.

They conduct video surveys because its fast, and very efficient. They can get a lot of information out of people in very little time, as compared to written surveys. And the good part about it is that these surveys pay pretty darn good as well.

How MindSwarms Works

Step 1: Sign Up

Of course the first thing you will have to do is sign up for Mindswarms. If you have a desktop or laptop computer you can sign up through their site, You must have a webcam available for use. And if you have a smartphone you can just download their app.

Anyone can sign up for MindSwarms if you have the necessary technology. Once you sign up you will have to record a short video in order to be approved. This is just so they can make sure that your webcam and audio works good. Its nothing hard and anyone should be able to be approved.

After getting approved you will have to set up your profile. This is important because the better MindSwarms knows you the better they can match you with appropriate surveys.

Step 2: Apply To Take Surveys

When you login to your account or open up the app you will see a list of studies that are going on that you are able to potentially participate in. Now what you have to do is apply.

Applying is very simple. All you have to do is answer a few multiple choice questions and you will be notified if you are approved shortly.

Step 3: Take The Survey

The surveys you are given are composed of 4-7 questions. Each question requires a response of 45 seconds to 1 minute. So its not too bad.

The companies that are conducting these surveys are looking for honest opinions, so its important to be honest. If you have a negative review then tell them exactly that. They want to hear it.

Conducting good surveys leads to good feedback for you as a surveytaker and this means you will potentially get more surveys available to you.

Step 4: Get Paid For Your Opinions

Finally what you have been waiting for… the money!

You will get paid within 24 hours if your recording is approved. You shouldn’t have a problem getting it approved as long as you answer the questions they give you appropriately and you have a good webcam and audio.

If it is approved you will get paid $50 instantly upon approval. Pretty good pay for a 5 minute (give or take) video right?

How You Get Paid

Payment is simple and instant. All you need is a PayPal account, which is completely free and it only takes a couple of minutes to sign up for. Once you have a PayPal account you can hook it up to your bank account. So pretty much PayPal acts as the middleman, taking the money from MindSwarms and then giving it to your bank account.

Like I mentioned above, you get paid instantly upon the approval of your video submission. As long as its up to their standards you will get paid. If its not, they will let you know.

How To Make Sure Your Video Is Approved

On the MindSwarms website they actually give you tips on how to make good videos. Besides having a good quality webcam along with good audio recording, they tell you that the following are important when shooting a video…

  1. Use The Full Minute To Respond – Its not that hard to come up with stuff to say for 1 minute. Use it and say everything you can think of that is important.
  2. Light Your Face – Its important to be able to see your facial expressions so a good lighting is a must.
  3. Frame Your Head – Make sure your whole head is in the shot. No one wants to see half of your face for the whole video.
  4. Get Comfortable – Relax, sit in a comfortable seat, wear comfortable clothes. This isn’t court hearing, be comfortable and act natural.
  5. Eliminate Background Noise – You should know this already.
  6. Show Them If You Can – MindSwarms: “If you want to talk about your shoes, show us the shoes on the video.” Seeing something is worth so much more than just words, so if you can, show them.
  7. “Shoot From The Hip” – Don’t script what you are going to say. Say things naturally as they come to mind. This doesn’t have to be a rehearsed video. Its okay if you mess up, they want to hear your real, unchanged opinion.
  8. Be Honest – If something sucks, say it sucks. If something is good, say it is good. And of course elaborate on both of those. They are looking for honest answers, negative feedback is important just as positive is.
  9. Emotions Are A Good Thing – Like I’ve said, be natural. Let your emotions out. This all adds to your video survey and is more than just words.

These are all tips for a good recording. But don’t get worried about everything you see here. Its very easy and anyone can make a good video.

MindSwarms Complaints

As with anything, you are going to have complaints, it doesn’t matter how good something is, this is inevitable. MindThe most common complaint I have found is…

Not Enough Surveys Available

Could you imagine if there were unlimited surveys available to complete? Making $50 per short video survey you could turn this into a full time job easily. Unfortunately there just aren’t. It is not uncommon for you to go several days without even having a survey available for you.

And on top of that you have to then complete the few multiple choice questions to qualify, so that will narrow it down even less. It seems that most of the complaints about this come from not being accepted after trying to qualify. People get frustrated by this. But at least you don’t waste much time trying to qualify in the first place.

Generally I would say you can expect a couple of surveys available to you per week (before trying to qualify). But this seems to get better as you do more reviews and they start to see that you are a good honest and worthy reviewer.

Is MindSwarms a Scam? Final Thoughts

MindSwarms is definitely not a scam. They are a legitimate company that conducts market research via the relatively new way of video surveys. Everything is free for you to do at MindSwarms, all you need is a webcam along with audio recording technology.

MindSwarms pays darn good for the surveys that you complete, with a $50 payout. That is a heck of a good deal for the amount of time that you put in. But unfortunately you will spend extra time trying to qualify for surveys and not being able. Its frustrating but MindSwarms only has so many spots available per survey and they only can accept so many people.

Overall, I think MindSwarms is a great place to earns some extra cash every once in a while. Just don’t get your expectations up on how much you will be receiving. You are bound to get denied many surveys that you attempt to qualify for.

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