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Is Millionaire Cash Code A Scam? Here Is What You NEED To Know

By Kyle / February 6, 2017

is millionaire cash code a scamIf you are thinking about signing up and buying into this Millionaire Cash Code program, you might want to think again. Millionaire Cash Code is not what it seems. Jeff (the guy talking in the video) misleads you more than you may know and he also tells you blatant lies right to your face.

Is Millionaire Cash Code a scam? I have not purchased this program nor do I have any desire to do so, so I can’t give you inside information But what I can do is go over this program for you from an outside view and point out some lies, misleading information, and other reasons why I do believe this program to be a scam.

Millionaire Cash Code Review

  • Website: millionairecashcode.com
  • Creator: Jeff
  • Price: $34 + ? = $97
  • Rating: Revealed at the end

Millionaire Cash Code isn’t exactly a program that comes across as trustworthy. You are told several obvious lies that really make this whole thing come off as untrustworthy. I will be going over these as well as what this program is really about.

But let me cover the lies first…

The Lies You Are Told…

Will You Really Get Paid $543.67?

Millionaire Cash Code is more than likely a big old scam. Jeff tells you lie after lie and it just really effects his credibility and makes me think he is in this only to get in your wallet.

He starts off by telling you that he will deposit deposit $543.67 into your bank account just for watching the video, but this proves to be nothing more than a lie. If you end up making it through the entire video you will find this out. It turns out that you have to buy into this program for $34  before you can get your hands on this cash as he promises.

But I sure as heck wouldn’t count on that money.

Jeff Claims He Isn’t Going To Sell You A Thing…

millionaire cash code scam

Obviously this isn’t true. Like I just mentioned he tries to sell you on this program for $97. So this couldn’t be any more of a blatant lie.

If you noticed in the video he claimed that he would only charge you $34, which would be the fee for hosting your online business on their servers.

The strange thing is that when you click on the button to buy into this program below the video it magically turns into $97 as you can see from the screenshot I took below…

There is no explanation as to why the price jumps up to $97. So that is pretty suspicious in of itself.

Is This Some Magical Software???

Jeff tells you that “has nothing to do with magic software and nothing to do with forex trading”. Yet he goes on a little later in the video to say that he has spent $34,000 to develop this software and is now going to give it to you for free.

He directly contradicts himself. I don’t see how you could possibly make an obvious mistake like this if this were really a legitimate program.

What Is This Program Really? The Scam Behind It

Like I’ve said earlier, I have not bought into this program so I cannot give you inside details. But from what I can see on the outside and from the hundreds of scams that I have looked into and reviewed, I am 99% sure this is indeed a scam.

What You Will Probably Get With This Program…

The $97 charge for buying this program is more than likely just the beginning. I would bet that it is nothing more than an initial payment that will soon be accompanied by several very high priced upsells.

You will probably receive training when you purchase this. So when I say its a scam, I am not saying it is a “complete” scam, because you are actually receiving a product. But this product and the training is going to more than likely be terrible. It more than likely going to leave something to be desired. Something will be missing so that you have to purchase more upsells in order for it to work out.

But even when you do purchase these upsells there is no guarantee that they are going to be any good.

Like Jeff from the video said, this is not some magical software, yet he went on to say that it is a software that he has spent $34,000 developing. Jeff makes absolutely no sense and doesn’t give you a clear picture of what this program really is.

He just gives you a bunch of roundabout answers that don’t tell you much of anything other than that you are going to be making super easy money.

Final Rating & Thoughts


I have to give this program a 3 out of 10 for the simple fact that I have not tried it. So I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt although I should probably give it a lesser rating.

The bottom line is that you cannot trust anything about this program. Jeff tells you that you will make over $500 just for watching the video, but then you find out that you have to buy this program. He tells you that it only costs $34, but you then find out that it actually costs $97 and there is no explanation as to why. And he also tells you that it is not some magical software, yet he goes on to say that he spent $34,000 developing the software that he is about to give you.

The amount of lies this guy tells you is actually somewhat comical now that I summarize it all together.

With this program you might get some training but I can tell you that it more than likely is going to leave you hanging and force you to buy upsells that also probably won’t do you any good.

If you are looking to make money online then I suggest you check out how I make money online and see if its something that you would like. Its nothing overly complicated but its also not some fantasy system like this that makes you money without doing anything. And it is something you can make a full-time income doing.

What do you think about Millionaire Cash Code? Do you have anything to add to this review? Comments, questions, concerns? Leave them below in the comment section…

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