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Is Microsoft Rewards a Scam? A Few Things To Know

By Kyle / July 16, 2017

Microsoft Rewards is a pretty cool program where you can earn rewards (gift cards, discounts etc) for using Microsoft Edge, Bing, and other Microsoft products/services. But is there any catch to this? Is Microsoft Rewards a scam possibly?

If you know me then you know that I love to make extra money online by testing/trying out new things every chance I get. Microsoft Rewards claims to give rewards without any extra effort on my part so it was a no-brainer for me to take look into this program. I did a little investigating to see if this rewards program is any good and in this short review I’ll be going over a few things that everyone should know before they sign up or not.

microsoft rewardsMicrosoft Rewards Review

  • Owner: Microsoft
  • Type: Rewards program
  • Price: Free to join
  • Recommended?: For some; more on this


Microsoft Rewards is a program that was developed by Microsoft to reward people for using their services. If you are familiar with Bing Rewards then you know how this works. Basically Microsoft Rewards is the new Bing Rewards but offers more ways to earn than it did.

With Microsoft Rewards you get rewarded with points when you use the Bing search engine as well as when you use the Microsoft Edge internet browser. These are the 2 main ways to earn points but there are others that I will go over as well.

When you accumulate enough points you can cash them out for things of real value such as gift cards.

The purpose of this rewards program is to give people some incentive to go out and use Microsoft products. Google still dominates as a search engine and Microsoft is really trying to push people to use Bing more.

Ways To Earn

You can earn points when you search the web with Bing, when you use Microsoft Edge, and when you buy things on the Windows and Microsoft Store. Of course you aren’t going to want to go around buying a bunch of stuff just to earn points.

The most popular and easiest ways to earn with this rewards program are by using the Bing search engine and by using the Microsoft Edge internet browser.

Earning Points with Bing

With Bing searching you will earn 5 points for each search. However, you won’t get paid these points on every single search that you perform. There are 2 levels of Microsoft Rewards members and it depends on what level you are on how much you can make.

Level 1

All new members will start out at this level. You will earn 5 points per search using Bing.com, but there is a 50 point daily cap on how much you can earn. Since you can only earn 50 points a day this means you can only get paid for 10 searches maximum.

Level 2

You can get bumped up to level 2 by earning 500 points in one month. You will also have to maintain at least 500 per month to stay there. If you do the math this means you only have to earn a little over 16 points per day which is something that anyone can easily achieve.

Level 2 members also get paid 5 points per search with Bing but they have a daily point cap of 250 points. This would mean that you can get paid for as much as 50 searches a day.

Earning Points With Microsoft Edge

If you want to earn additional points using the Microsoft Edge internet browser you can do so easily.

You will earn 5 points per hour that you are actively browsing and there is a point cap of 150 points per month. However they run specials every once in a while where you can more than this per hour and per month.

Whether you are level 1 or level 2 you will earn the same amount using Microsoft Edge.

The way it works is like this. You open up Edge, you make sure you are logged into your Microsoft account, and you browse the web or do whatever you normally do online. But you must be “active”. And in order to be considered active you must have the browser open and in view on your screen.

Here is an example of what it means to be “active”. The top is not active, the bottom is…

So its not like you can open up Edge and then let it run in the background. You will not get any points if you do that.

How Much Can You Earn?

If you earn maximum points per month browsing the web with Bing and using Microsoft Edge, which are the 2 main ways to earn, you can earn up to 7,900 points.

That is 7,900 points in a single month if you are at level 2 status and you are earning 250 points browsing Bing each day and you are earning your 150 points per month with Microsoft Edge.

But to really understand how much you can earn you have to look at the rewards that you can redeem these points for. Because these points aren’t worth a darn thing until you redeem them for rewards.


There are a lot of rewards you can choose to redeem your points for. They offer all sorts of sweepstakes entries to win computers, tv’s and all sorts of expensive prizes. But the most common rewards are the gift cards.

You can redeem your points for all sorts of gift cards. They have them for all the big restaurants and retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Chipotle, Target, etc.

And as you can see below for a $5 gift card it is going to cost you 5,250 points, and for a $10 one it will cost twice as much.

So this means that for $1 you will need 1,050 points.

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

Overall Microsoft Rewards is definitely not a scam. Its free to sign up for and you literally don’t have to go out of your way at all to earn any points with it.

The reason that some people are calling it a scam is because they are having difficulty redeeming their points for rewards. I have read over some complaints of this problem online but I really don’t think its anything to be concerned about. People often complain about things like this but often have violated the terms of service or not met requirements in some way.

Microsoft is a good company and I trust them. I also know people that are using Microsoft Rewards and they have had no problems with it.

So in my opinion this rewards program is definitely legit. But that doesn’t mean that I necessarily recommend it. The bottom line is that it is only going to make you pocket change. If you are making the maximum of 7,900 points per month this only equates to about $7.50 per month.

I mean $7.50/mo is good for not doing much of anything at all but its nothing special. If you are looking for a way to earn good money online then what I would suggest is to take a look at how I make money online.

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