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Is Methodox 2.0 a Scam? You Might Want To See This

By Kyle / September 26, 2016

Before you buy into this new Methodox 2.0 trading software, you might want to read this. Methodox 2.0 is NOT what they claim. And in this Methodox 2.0 review I’ll be covering what you need to know before you go out there and make your decision.

The most important question might be “Is Methodox 2.0 a scam?” and this is one question that I will give you a definitive answer for in this review. So without further ado, let me get into this..

methodox-2-0-reviewMethodox 2.0 Review

  • Website: methodox.co
  • Founder: Scott Sholes & Mark
  • Price: Free, but you have to invest money
  • Rating: 1/10 (Scam software, it will steal your money. Can’t give it a 0 because I don’t rate anything a 0)

Scott Sholes, the guy in the video is the creator of Methodox 2.0. He claims that this new “2.0” version is a new and improved version that is over 2 years in the making.

Methodox “1.0”, if thats what you want to call it, has been in testing with a group of beta testers for 2 years. It has been improved and revamped and now the Methodox 2.0 app is ready for the public.

Outrageous Claims

He claims that traders can easily make $632 a day with this automated software. Yes, its automated, and all you have to do is click a few buttons and sit on your butt all day.

But thats not the outrageous part. The outrageous part is that he claims the profit margin for Methodox 2.0 users stands at 96%! Thats crazy. And that all comes from an accuracy rate of 84%. Truthfully, the accuracy rate isn’t unbelievable. Its not too high and could possibly be achieved.

And guess what…. you get to use Methodox for FREE. Wow.. This is awesome (not really).

Thats right. They are letting you use it for free because some “well known banks that you have probably heard of”, which they never actually name, are willing to pay them tons of money for the software, but first they want additional testing. Thats where you come in. You are on of the additional people that Scott is letting use Methodox 2.0 for additional testing.

But can this really be true? Should you trust this?

Probably not. First of all, they lie about how long Methodox has been around.

Methodox Has NOT Been Around For 2 Years Like They Say

They claim that Methodox 1.0 has been around for the past 2 years in its testing phase, but this simply isn’t true.

By performing a simple whois search of the methodox.co domain, I was able to find that this website was just created in February of 2016, which means that at the time of me writing this (09/26/16) it is just 7 months old.

This is a blatant lie and you can see a screenshot I took of the whois search below…methodox-co-scam

And besides this obvious lie, how do you know you can trust these people? The truth is you can’t.

Can You Trust Scott Sholes & Mark

First off, there is no information I can find on Scott Sholes anywhere that has anything to do with Binary Options trading or anything even remotely similar. He is a ghost.

But more realistically he is probably a made up name, and the guy in the video is probably just an actor.

Think about it.. Should you trust someone and invest in their program if they have no background??? Heck no! You want to know their story, their accomplishments, and what makes them so great.

But this guy has nothing. There is nothing to his name because its probably fake,

And what about Mark? Scott keeps talking about the other co-founder Mark, yet thats about all you get to know about him. You don’t get to see him, you don’t get to know his last name, you don’t get to know anything.

These facts in of themselves don’t necessarily mean that Methodox 2.0 is a scam, but they sure as heck give me some suspicion  Anyway, moving on…

Are The Testimonials Fake?

I was not able to find the testimonial images anywhere else online, which means they are not stock photos, which means they are potentially real.

But just because they are real photos doesn’t mean that the actual testimonials themselves aren’t fake. My guess is that the testimonials are completely fabricated. I don’t have any proof of this, but I have seen enough scams to assume that these corny testimonials are fake.

But even this doesn’t necessarily mean that Methodox 2.0 is a scam. But this next thing sure will. Check this out.

Scam Broker!!! Starling Capital

After signing up for Methodox 2.0 and creating an account, I was then redirected to one of their “trusted” brokers. And this was what really tells me that this place is like 99% likely a scam.

They redirected me to Starling Capital, as you can see here…starling-capital-scam

The problem with this is that this place is completely unregulated. I am very hesitant to trust brokers from overseas. I am not saying that there aren’t any good brokers over there, but I am saying that there are tons of scam brokers over there and you have to be careful.

This place is not a licensed broker by any major institution like the SEC, FTC, or anything. They do what they want however they want. They follow their own rules.

Even though I don’t have 100% proof that they are a scam broker, and I don’t intend to invest and find out, I can pretty confidently say they are.

This Starling Capital broker is also one of the ones that people are directed to through NEO2 and the Push Money App, which are two other scam binary trading softwares.

How They Steal Your Money

So you may be thinking, how is this a scam if they are giving it away for free? How can they possibly scam you?

The answer is simple. In order to make money you have to invest money. So that initial money that you invest is where they will scam you. And I think the minimum investment is $250.

Final Thoughts On This Methodox 2.0 Scam

So is Methodox 2.0 a scam? I think its pretty conclusive that it is indeed. There are too many lies told and not enough concrete information given.

Everything that Scott tells you is very vague and can’t be trusted. He tells you that the software has been around for 2 years when it really only has for 8 months. He tells you that some of the biggest banks in the world are knocking at their door to buy the software but doesn’t say which banks. He is full of crap.

And the broker they point you to is a very new broker that is unregulated and is involved in several other scams.

So I think its pretty obvious that you should stay away from Methodox 2.0 unless you want to lose money.

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