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Is Lotto Destroyer a Scam? – Yes Sir It Sure Is

By Kyle / January 4, 2017

If you are wondering if Lotto Destroyer is a scam or not, you might want to read this. It is not what it is claimed to be. If you purchase it for $147 you supposedly get some “secret formula” that can accurately predict lottery numbers. But this is simply not true and I have heard this same claim over and over again.

This Lotto Destroyer system scam has got to stop and I hope to help you avoid it with this short review in which I’ll show you how its a scam.

Lotto Destroyer system scamLotto Destroyer System Review

  • Website: lotto-destroyer.org
  • Creator: Jared P.
  • Price: $147
  • Rating: 1.5/10 (Scam for sure. Will not work out like he tells you)

One of the first things that I noticed when I came across Lotto Destroyer is that something seemed awfully familiar. Sure enough I was right… I had seen this same scam before!

Old Scam, New Name

Thats right, this is an older scam with a new name. This Lotto Destroyer System scam is pretty much identical to an older scam called Lotto Crusher.  They have the same exact sales page setup, with a video playing over top of a newspaper background. They both start out with ridiculous introductions:Lotto Destroyer’s sales video starts out with the guy telling you about how he got chased out of a gas station by the owner and his 3 Pakistani brothers, and Lotto Crusher starts out with the guy saying he was held at gunpoint at the local QuickMart. Both claim these events were due to winning the lottery so much.

But perhaps the strangest similarity between these two scams is the creator of them. The guy who created Lotto Destroyer claims his name is Jared, and the guy from Lotto Crusher claims his name is Everette. Two totally different names, yet they have the EXACT same voice.

You can still watch Lotto Crusher’s sales video at lotto-crusher.net if you want. But believe me, they are identical. More than likely the spokesperson for both sales pitches was paid to read the script.

Countdown Timer Is Fake

One common scam tactic is a sense of urgency. On the Lotto Destroyer sales page there is a countdown timer that claims you only have a certain amount of time before this offer goes away for ever. This simply isn’t true.

This can easily be proven. I know for a fact that it is a fake sense of urgency because I was on this site yesterday and it was telling me there was only a couple hours left.

Now it is close to 24 hours late and it is still up.

Scammers use this tactic to try to get you to buy their product as soon as possible. The less time you take to think about it, the less time you have to realize its actually a scam.

Fake Testimonials

Thats right, the testimonials that are displayed on the sales video of people claiming they have won all sorts of money with this system are completely fake.

Remember this guy? Who’s name in the sales video is Daniel B of Sarasota Florida.

Ya thats not his name. This man was featured in the news as you can see below. And his name is Steve, not Daniel.

All of the testimonials are fake in the sales video. I think proving that one is fake is enough. But if you want to see if the other ones are too you can easily do a reverse Google image search for the testimonial images and you will find that these scammers have stolen these images from other sites.

How To Use The Lotto Destroyer System.. What A Joke

He really tries to drill into your brain the simplicity of this system. He claims that the most you will have to do is add and divide a few numbers and that its so easy an 8 year old can do it.

How it supposedly works is like this…

  1. You track the winning numbers of the most recent 7 draws for any lottery game
  2. You plug these numbers into the formula
  3. The formula gives you the numbers with the highest percentage of winning potential and you go out and play those numbers

WOW that is so easy an 8 year old can do it. I have hurry up and buy this product before it goes away! … Wait a minute.. This seems a little bit too easy I think.

This System CANNOT Work

First off, it can’t work because this guy has no idea about anything to do with mathematics nor statistics. I say this because if you noticed he confused the two professions, calling himself a statistician at some points and a mathematician at other times. Of course he could be both in reality, but it doesn’t really matter, this can’t work.

Lotteries are random and this guy is a moron. It doesn’t make any sense to analyze the past winning numbers because they have nothing to do with the numbers that will be picked next. This is the truth of the matter.

And as for the group in which he referenced of MIT students that won $8 million several years ago from a loophole they found. I researched this and found out that it is true, however, it had to do with how the money was divided up into small portions if there was no winner. It didn’t have to do with the actual lottery numbers themselves. So this story does not support his “secret formula” at all.

Read The Disclaimer!

If you go to the bottom of the sales page you will see a tab you can click on to view the disclaimer. Click on that and you will see this…Lotto Destroyer is fake

It states that the sales video doesn’t express or imply any warranties as to lottery winnings even though pretty much the entire sales video was about all the money you will be winning if you buy into this Lotto Destroyer system.

This is how scammers can legally get away with things like this. They can tell you all the lies they want as long as they say that they were lying in the disclaimer.

Final Thoughts

A nearly identical scam, a fake countdown timer, fake testimonials, a formula that won’t work, and a disclaimer that goes against everything said in the sales video…. If you still don’t think this is a scam then I don’t know what to tell you.

This isn’t going to work out like they tell you. You will lose money.

Anyway, I really hope you didn’t invest in this system yet and I hope you found my review helpful.

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What do you think about Lotto Destroyer? Questions? Comments? Leave them below…
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